Today, he’d be able to finish what he failed to do in the duke’s castle.

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When he thought of that, his complicated mind was cleared up and he felt a little refreshed.

“Benibeni, come out! It’s competition time!”

The instructors returned to the prison and released Benimus’ restraints.

As his body staggered, he inadvertently grabbed the bouquet.

It was a mistake. 

The swaying violets were smashed into a nuisance.
So easily.

Benimus licked his lips and dropped the bouquet of flowers by his feet.

Then he took out the princess’ handkerchief from his arms and threw it over it.

Didn’t he already know it? Everything is ruined when he lays his hands on it.

Because he’s an imperfect monster.

After today, even the girl who resembles a summer rose would hate him.

Yes, the last supper fantasies are all over.

He chose to be a monster.

So he had to let go of all human emotions below the ground before going up.

A handkerchief was stomped on by his bare feet as he left prison.

The white cloth was dyed with violets.
The sweet scent was now bittersweet.


‘It’s bitter!’ 

I almost spit the tea in my mouth.

I swallowed it with all my might, but I still had one drink left.

“I brought it out especially for today.”

Hugo continued to drink the same herbal tea with a nonchalant expression and then poured another cup.

“Don’t you feel healthier just by drinking it?”

Is it not to die early because you’re stressed by the bitterness?

“We, spirits, live longer than others, so we need to take care of our health in advance.
Prevention is better than cure.” 

That was an incredible statement for a 15-year-old.

I thought that if you are guaranteed to live a long life, you wouldn’t care about your health, but surprisingly, it was the other way around.

“Come on, have this too.” 

Hugo pulled out a small pouch from his robe.

When the ribbon was untied, the seeds of Satan came out. 

“Healthy biscuits with 50 herbal ingredients.”

“I’m… I’m full.”

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“All right.
So, would you like some candy that’s good for your stomach and liver?”

Have you ever heard of being full? No matter how hard I shook my head, he kept recommending tasteless snacks.

‘Did Benny eat well…?’

I thought I’d bring some food with a bouquet of flowers.

Anyhow, after everything has passed, I will regret it. 

“It’s cheap, it’s cheap! The magic juice that explodes in your mouth when you drink it is just five Flora coins!” 

Just at that moment, a merchant with a stall passed by.

All the people sitting in the general audience were drinking the drink the merchant sold.

Slurp, slurp. 

I was jealous of the cheerful sound, so I felt like I was going crazy.

Hugo shook his head as if it was the end of the world.

“Eating something like that makes human lifespans so short.
What did he mean it’s bursting in your mouth… it might shock your vocal cords and you may never be able to speak again.”

It was also his ability to spread his imagination as much as he does with junk food.

“Brother, everyone is drinking well.”

“But there’s one exception in everything.”

“Can’t you just taste it once and decide? Brother Hugo might like it…”

“Lily, do you want to drink it that much?”

Hehe, I got caught. 

Hugo sighed as if he had lost.

Just in case, I’ll take a sip first and see if it’s safe.”


I accidentally turned Hugo into a lab rat, but it’d be fine. 

Because he’s not going to die.

Hugo rummaged through the robe again.

The wide sleeves spit out everything as if they were magic pockets.

“Hey, can I have a drink that looks harmful…?”

My eyes got bigger without even realizing it.

As soon as I saw the object coming out of the robe, I threw myself to cover Hugo’s hand.

‘How can you take this out of here!’

Hugo took a coin from his sleeve.
It was fine until then.
But of all things… It was gold. 

Not plain copper, but shiny gold coins.

I whispered as low as I could.

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“Brother Hugo, these are gold coins…!”

“Is there a problem?”

Hugo seemed to have no idea what the problem was.

Instead of raising my voice, I pointed to the palm of a passing merchant.

Just then, the merchant was counting the five copper coins he had just received.

“Ah, I was mistaken.”

Phew, luckily, he was quick to catch. 

As expected, he’s an archmage.

“It seems that there is a separate type of coin used in the stadium.
I will find a money changer and change it.”

How the hell did you get the title of Archmage?

“Brother… Don’t you usually write in your own budget management book as well? One Flora coin.
Have you never heard of it?”

“I’ve never taken the change.
Is that the actual transaction amount?” 

‘He’s hopeless.’

If you took out sparkling gold coins in a place like this, all the merchants walking around would flock like sparrows that had been released.

It seemed that it would be faster to somehow get the ‘coin’ in my own way than to make Hugo understand that fact.

“Well, what if the game starts while you’re going to the money changer?”

I took Hugo’s hand and squatted down in front of the chair.

Isn’t there something like a stick somewhere?”

“A… stick?”

Hugo tilted his head and raised his ruffled robe.

White boots with heels were exposed under the hem.

He put two long fingers on the heel of the boot and chanted a spell.

The smell of the stadium’s unique oil became mixed with the scent of fragrant lily flowers.

“Oh, Brother?”

I looked around in bewilderment. 

We secretly promised not to use magic while leaving the castle.

It’s okay.
No one is looking.” 

As if asking me not to worry, Hugo took his fingers off the heels and put his index finger to his mouth.

A square, flat ray of light slowly came out.

When the length was just right, he snapped his finger.

The connection between light and boots crumbled like sugar cookies.

A glowing stick appeared.

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It was a little cold when I held it in both hands as if to hide it.

“Is this enough?”

“Uh… yes.”

I recently discovered that Hugo’s boots were magic tools.

To be more precise, he said that the heel contained the petals of the World Tree, like the building of the Academy.

‘Of course, I imagined a stick when it comes to magic tools, but I heard it’s easy to lose or be stolen.
If it’s a Hugo, it’s probably because it’s heavy to carry around…’ 

I grabbed the stick right away and fanned the underside of the stadium chair.

I could see what I was looking for through a pile of dust and rubbish that came with it.

“One, two… Oh, there’s also a big coin.
Oh it  would be rather useful.” 

I picked up the dirty coin and wiped it on the hem of the robe.

Then Hugo opened his eyes. 

I was even more surprised by the extreme reaction.

“Lily, you’re really smart.”

“It’s nothing.”

“No, you’re a genius.
As expected, you’re my angel.”

How can I get rid of that name? 

Every time I heard it, it was awkward and I felt like I’m going crazy.

Anyway, thanks to the great magic of the Archmage, we were able to buy a glass of magic juice.

I put in two straws and sat down. 

Hugo took a sip with a serious expression on his face.

Thump thump, please don’t throw it away.


“How is it?”

“My throat stings.”

‘The wild white mouse is looking for food.’

It was like an indifferent narration.

“He said it was magic juice, but I can’t feel the magic at all.
It just stings.”

“Brother… people drink it because of that stinging taste in their throat.” 

Hugo tilted his head.

“Are you enjoying the pain? I’ve heard of people like that, but…”

“Isn’t it delicious?”

“Well, I’m fine with it, but I don’t know if Lily’s delicate throat can withstand this shock.”

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In the end, I couldn’t stand it and sucked my straw hard.

A tangy sweetness spreads in my mouth.

A laugh came out loud. 

As expected, junk food tastes better because it’s processed.

“Lily, are you okay? Does your throat hurt a lot?”

“Not at all.”

“Hey, it looks delicious.”

“Yes, that’s right.
It’s very tasty…”

Huh? That was not Hugo’s voice. 

Two big guys sat next to Hugo and I, who sat next to each other.

Even just a look at it, there was written ‘I’m a gangster’ on their foreheads.

“There weren’t any seats, so my friend and I decided to sit across the street.
But I didn’t know that I would meet such a good neighbor next to us.”

Not because you purposely sit apart to harass the couple? Although you probably didn’t know we are siblings.

“Older brother, I saw what you took out earlier.”

What? Did he see magic?

“You must be quite rich, carrying the yellow one.”

Ah, you were aiming for gold coins. 

Without realizing it, I breathed a sigh of relief, and the long-haired thug sitting next to me looked at me with strange eyes.

The thugs soon began to bully Hugo.

“Why won’t you share? Let us have some juice, too.” 

“I don’t have a lot of coins left, are you okay?”

Oh, my. 

Without realizing it, I put my hand on my forehead.

Hugo didn’t seem to know what the situation was.

Indeed, I can’t believe they’re trying to rip-off the young master, the second son of the House Bauner, this wouldn’t have happened even if he was bullied at the academy.

I spoke to him carefully.

“Brother Hugo, we’re being ripped off right now.”


“We’re being robbed.
These people don’t want to drink juice.”

Hugo’s expression turned serious in an instant.

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