His To Ruin

4. Dinner with the Elrods


He did not make love feel easy….


”Oh God what is that noise.. ” I groan and place my pillow over my ears, but the annoying noise doesn stop. I can still hear it! ”Mum! Turn it off please! ” God even my own voice hurts to listen to.

I open my eyes gently trying to take in my surroundings, oh good Im half naked.

Im never taking alcohol again.

I lie with my back on the bed staring at the ceiling, moving my hands around i search for my phone, turn to my side and face my night stand.

Theres aspirin and a cup of water on it.

I know fully well my parents don care enough to do this for me.

”Oh my God! ” My eyes widen in realization ad happiness. I get up from my bed and quickly put on the first shirt and joggers i could find before i run out the door, ignoring my throbbing head, i run to my brothers room.

Im hit with dissapointment after i push his door open only to find his room completely empty, just the way he left it.

”Oh ” I sigh loudly as i fall with a thud on his bed.

Im tired, Im **ing tired! Im all alone in this house, literally. I have two parents that live with me but are never here. My brother has been gone for almost five years with the promise of ”Ill come back ”

My parents are only focused on money even with all they have, instead of just paying attention for once! To their nineteen year old daughter.

They didn even remember my birthday. I scoff

God why am i thinking and crying so **ing much! I hate alcohol!

I get up and leave the room to head to mine. I open the door and see my dad coming out of his room.

”Oh hey Nova, Im sure your mum forgot to tell you, the Elrods are coming over for dinner. ” He smiled widely ”The dad and i hit this huge deal at work and….anyway we decided to celebrate over dinner ” his smile broadens with pride


”Dad… Deshawn and i broke up. Im not going to be comfortable with him around, not to talk of his entire family here ” I crossed my arms over my chest

He looked down at his phone typing on it ”Oh sorry ” He raised his head to look at me ”don worry Im sure its just like any young love feud, yall gonna get over it ” he smiled patting my head

My hands fall to my side ”Wha-what? Im telling you I broke up with him and you
e saying that? Dad he humiliated me in front of alot of people…. ” I run my hands across my face in frustration

He laughs ”Oh baby, that just shows he loves you don worry Im sure you guys will work it out tonight ” he smiles and walks away

Oh my God…

I go into my room and lock the doors behind me before grabbing the aspirin and water completely forgetting that i was worried about who placed it there.

”God i hate my life! ” I exclaim out loud, to myself.

The will to cry and scream is so strong, but they don deserve it not at all

I can wait to leave this **ing place, this house, this town just leave everything and dissapear, i have nothing here anyway.

Absolutely nothing to lose.

I look around and pick my phone up. No calls or text from Jason.

What did you expect you
e not even friends…

True. We met on a school group chat.

He sent a broadcast message, i guess my number appeared there mistakenly because he didn have an idea who i was, no one does.

Well they do now, after my humiliation party.

I check out the rest of my notifications and see one from my uber app. How i got home last night is extremely blurry. I remember paying the uber guy and him rejecting it… i cant really make out the rest its all kinda scrambled.

So this, is what alcohol does to people.

I click on the uber notifications and Im surprised when it reads that my ride was cancelled.

I sit up on my bed ”what do you mean cancelled, i got in the uber ” I click on the drivers profile, hes names Tyler.

I don really remember anything from last night concerning his name.

His profile picture is what takes me aback… Why does Tyler from last night not look like his uber profile?

It could be the alcohol right? Is this what people call a black out because i can barely remember shit I don even know if the Tyler i met is the right Tyler.


I remember that word! I quickly go to Google translate to check the word out.

Okay Im pretty sure the name Tyler is not Italian.

Tesoro is an Italian term of endearment.

”I give up ” I sigh in defeat as i throw my phone on the bed beside me

Im to drunk to be acting like i detective anyway. I can barely even remember shit to help me solve whatever this is.

God my life is a mess! I groan loudly and pick up my phone again. I have no idea what to even do, its not like i have anyone Im talking to.

The only things I ever use my phone for are tiktok and youtube…. Yeah, Im that big of a loner.

I sigh again. Ive been doing that alot today

Watch porn

My subconscious chirps at me.

I mean Ive never actually watched porn, but Ive seen alot of movies and read alot of novels with smut in them, but watching people do it?…. its never even crossed my mind.

I pick up my phone and go to google, my hands are hovering over the keyboard and i have no idea why Im delaying. Theres no one here so nothings holding me back.

Fuck it! Im too inquisitive to stop now.

I type in the word porn into the search bar. I bite my lips nervously as i wait patiently for it to load.


2,406 results! And more!

Who acts that much pornography? And the names, oh my god the names of this videos. I scroll slowly as i search for anyone that might captivate my attention, but none.

Im still scrolling when i come across a video with the name ”Girl masturbating on live cam ” and i click on it.

I watch as the dots on the screen go around repeatedly like two times before a girl, completely naked and in front of her camera with her legs spread apart.

She grabs one of her breasts and moans before taking her second hand down between her legs and rubbing her clit slowly.

She continues the movement slowly and after some time she increases her pace. Her moans are becoming loud and its really hard for me to even tell if shes actually enjoying whatever shes doing or not.

I continue to watch her and my hand moves slowly to the waistband of my joggers before sliding underneath. I copy everything she does, my hand moves past my underwear waistline and directly to my vagina.

I can feel the wetness all over my vagina as i run my fingers over It, up and down before settling on my clit.

I look at my phone again and see how shes touching herself.

She takes two fingers and puts them inside her… my eyes immediately widen at that action.

I don think Ill be doing that part.

I take my hand and start rubbing my clit slowly…. It actually feels… Good.

She takes her fingers out and starts rubbing her clit again in a circular motion, so i do it.

I drop the phone horizontally on the stand beside me that way i can still see it.

Rubbing my clit slowly, i use my other free hand to play with my nipples. I can feel them harden immediately.

I try to focus on what Im feeling right now, the sensations in my body, the build up Im feeling in my stomach, its far but i can feel it drawing nearer.

So I increase my pace, my toes curl at the end of the bed as i lift my waist of the bed a little bit.

”Oh my God! ” I moan out. I quickly take my hands off my breast to cover my mouth but i don stop rubbing. I turn my head sideways towards the phone and watch the movement of what the girl on the screen is doing.

As if on cue, with my eyes still on her, her legs begins to shake as she cums all over her fingers not long after I follow behind.

Oh my God.

My breathing is heavy, my chest is heaving very fast and i can still feel my legs and belly tingling from the experience

”Wow ” I exclaim after I come down from my high.

My first orgasm.

My legs collapse unto the bed as i try to catch my breathe and rest before I shower.

After resting for a little while, Nova gets up and heads into her bathroom to shower unknown to her that she had just entertained him.

Also given him a boner.

●His To Ruin●


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