Chapter 5: Reverse Robbery

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After the sunset, a pot of fragrant chicken mushroom stew was ready.

Li Yu could not wait and took a bite of the chicken. He instantly felt his soul sublimate.?Awesome! Awesome!

This chicken was not ordinary. The texture of the meat was unmatched, and its taste was heavenly.

It was a pity that his cheap father and junior brother did not have the good fortune to enjoy it.

His junior brother, Tang Chi, had left the mountain a few days ago to visit his family. Li Yu felt that this fellow was probably thinking of escaping.

Meanwhile, his father went out to earn money. According to his plan, he would complete the repair and expansion of the Daoist temple this year while recruiting 100 disciples.

They needed money, and more importantly, disciples.

However, his father planned but would never see it through year after year.

Li Yu was used to it.

If not for the fact that the system had suddenly issued a mission a few days ago, he could not be bothered to expand his sect and recruit any new disciples.

He would rather stay away from prying eyes and unnecessary troubles.

The peace the three of them had is enough.

A large pot of fragrant chicken mushroom stew was quickly finished by Li Yu.

If there was anything special about this body, it was that he could really eat—the type who could not live without meat.

Of course, food was the source of his strength.

Li Yu, who had relied on the system to kill monsters and level up, was not part of the Qi Refinement system, nor was he part of the Body Refinement system.

Anyway, it was a particularly unique existence.

He did not have any magic power or internal energy in his body, but he had a strange energy.

He could not unleash the spells and divine arts of various cultivators, but the power of a single sword could destroy the world.

Therefore, he could not be bothered with what system he belonged to. All that mattered was that he was powerful!

Li Yu was satisfied as he sat under the scholar tree in the courtyard. He picked his teeth while opening the system interface.

The first thing that appeared was his personal information interface.

Name: Li Yu (automatically generated)

Age: 17 years old (automatically generated)

Gender: Male (automatically generated)

Owners Sect: Thats Quite A Large Sect (automatically generated)

Constitution: Human Body (filled in manually)

Bloodline: Type A (filled in manually)

Weapon: An ordinary-looking sword (filled in manually)

Magical Power: Basic Attack Sword Art (filled in manually)

Special Skill: Serious Slash (filled in manually)

Mount: Bus 11 (filled in manually)

There was a lot of information on the mission interface.

Essentially, it was a minor mission to develop a sect into the number one sect in the Great Xia Dynasty.

For example, to recruit a thousand disciples in a year, at least ten of them must have excellent talent.

There was a disciple management module in the system that could administer disciples. It had comprehensive functions.

The system would also automatically evaluate the talent of the disciples, which was somewhat user-friendly.

In addition to that, there are other requirements to meet: collecting cultivation techniques and building a Skill Pavilion; collecting divine weapons and building the Divine Weapon Pavilion; collecting medicinal pills, pill formulas, pill furnaces and building the Alchemy Pavilion; collecting refining techniques, refining furnaces, and others and create an artifact refining pavilion; collecting spirit herbs and building a spirit herb garden.

There were also a series of missions to improve the sects prestige.

After all, to establish a truly major sect, one needed to have all kinds of ultimate techniques and cornerstones.

Although the sect was small, those were everything it needed to support its development.

Then, he would subdue demons, restore justice, improve the sects social status and influence, etc.

In addition, the mission interface had strategies and guidelines for completing the mission.

For example, when he did not know where to find divine weapons, the system notified him that he could obtain the Scarlet Copper Hammer by killing Shi Potian.

That was how he followed the directions and found Shi Potians location with ease and obtained the supreme-grade Numinous treasure.

It also increased the sects prestige points.

Currently, the mission progress of collecting divine weapons has become 1 / 20.

Prestige became 3 / 100.

Hold up!

1 / 50 completed for pills? What was going on?

Li Yu was a little surprised as he clicked on the details.

[Obtained Heavenly Spirit Pill]

Li Yu followed the systems directions and found the small porcelain bottle lying by the stove.

“Heavenly Spirit Pill? Where did this come from?” Li Yu was puzzled, but he did not think much about it. He simply deduced that he had picked up a treasure.

At this moment, the system asked, “Will you analyze the formula for the Heavenly Spirit Pill?”

“There is even such a function!” Li Yu was pleasantly surprised.

As long as he could collect the pills, he could then analyze and derive the pill formulas. That would be a pretty powerful ability.

Collecting pill formulas would become simple.

Li Yu did not hesitate to click to confirm.

The system quickly analyzed the pill formula.

The progress of collecting the pill formulas also indicated 1 / 50.

Not bad, not bad!

Li Yu was overjoyed.

Once Dad returns, Ill change the name of the sect too!?Li Yu thought.

If he wanted to develop his sect, he would first have to give a proper name.

Otherwise, this name was filled with Shens?humor1?did not suit the mainstream aesthetics of this world.

Who would be willing to join a sect with an unreliable name?

Deep into the night. Within Black Bear Mountain, 25 kilometers away from Nine-tailed Mountain.

This was the lair of the infamous bandits in Qing Prefecture—the Juyi Hall.

These mountain bandits branded themselves as heroes of the greenwood, but they were just outlaws who assaulted and pillaged.

Luo Water Town and the nearby townspeople were gnashing their teeth in hatred.

However, it was useless as these bandits remained powerful. The Qing Prefecture had attempted to eradicate them for many years, but they had never been able to eliminate them.

Of course, the incompetence of the local authorities played a big part.

Today, the second-in-command of the Juyi Hall, Zhou Erlang, was headed to the Liang Prefecture to handle some matters. He happened to witness the Heavenly Dao Rankings.

Although not many people knew about Thats Quite A Large Sect, as a faction around Luo Water Town, Juyi Hall was naturally aware of it.

Therefore, Zhou Erlang immediately rushed back to the base through the night at the fastest speed to report the good news to his eldest brother, Zhou Dalang.

After hearing the news, Zhou Dalang pushed the girl he had kidnapped away and jumped out of bed excitedly.

This sort of precious treasure had actually fallen into the hands of that small sect on the Nine-tailed Mountain.

It was simply like a lump of fat meat delivered to their doorstep, which they were about to strike the jackpot this time.

Not mentioning the value of the Chongming Bird, just the priceless Heavenly Spirit Pill would make anyone tempted.

“Loot it! You must get it back for me. Its better if you could kidnap that Li Yu too. This kid is a money tree!” Zhou Dalangs eyes sparkled. A Heaven Spirit Pill rewarded once a month was simply too fantastic.

“Big Brother, leave it to me. I heard that the sect only has three or four disciples. Itll be enough if I bring ten brothers!” Zhou Erlang patted his chest and said.

“Dont underestimate the enemy. Although this sect is small, to nurture the number one elite on the Hidden Dragon Rankings means they probably have some ability. Its best to bring more people!”

“Alright, then Ill bring thirty brothers. That should be enough!”

“Okay! Then Ill wait for your good news here!” Zhou Dalang laughed.

Zhou Erlang quickly gathered the thirty strongest bandits in the base and rushed to the Nine-tailed Mountain with the cover of the night.

When they arrived at the Nine-tailed Mountain, it was already the latter half of the night.

Li Yu was sleeping in his room when a loud bang sounded. It was as if the door of the temple had been forced open.

Following that, a series of noises sounded as the flickering flames illuminated the outside.

Li Yu was startled as he put on his robe and rushed out.

Dozens of burly men had rushed into the temple with torches in their hands.

“Who are you all?” Li Yu shouted and blocked the crowd.

“Hey, kid! Where is Li Yu?” Zhou Erlang walked out of the crowd and asked coldly.

“Thats me!” Li Yu frowned. He looked at the group of people in front of him who seemed like a group of bandits.

He could not help but sigh at the degeneration of the world. Were the mountain bandits already so impoverished to rob a small and poor sect?

“Haha, good! Hand over the Heavenly Spirit Pill and the Chongming Bird obediently so that you wont suffer any physical pain!” Zhou Erlang ordered.

The surrounding bandits grinned maliciously, staring at Li Yu like hungry wolves. They kept swinging the weapons in their hands as if they were going to pounce at any moment.

Li Yu was puzzled.

How did these mountain bandits know that I had a Heaven Spirit Pill? Where did it come from?

And what was with that so-called Chongming Bird?

Could the chicken I cooked at night be…

Li Yu was filled with questions, and he sensed that something was off.

It was clear this group of people in front of him should know something that he did not.

And they were clearly here to rob him.

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