Chapter 6: Changes in Rankings, The Destruction of the Heavenly Water Pavilion

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At this moment, the system interface popped up.

A new system mission appeared:

[Exterminate the bandits of the Juyi Hall of Black Bear Mountain to obtain 1 prestige point]

Mm, a reward. Not bad.

A point is a point. Li Yu was not picky.

Moreover, even without the system mission reward, he had intended to deal with the mountain bandits.

If it were in the past, he would not have bothered about these pests.

But now that they had come knocking on his door, he did not mind robbing them.

It just so happened that his sect lacked people and was short of money.

“Kid, hand it over quickly. Dont refuse a toast only to be puni…” Before Zhou Erlang could finish his sentence, his face was twisted by a strong force as he flew into the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Kacha!

In the blink of an eye, more than thirty robbers were either embedded in the wall, hanging from trees, sinking into the ground, or smashing through the wall into the house.

It worsened the already dilapidated Daoist temples situation. It was filled with desolation and wailing.

“You cant even take a single blow. Boring!” Li Yu clapped his hands, walked up to Zhou Erlang, and squatted down.

At this moment, Erlang Zhou was so frightened that his soul almost left his body. He hurriedly begged for mercy, “Please spare my life, please spare my life!”

He had never imagined that Li Yus strength was so terrifying.

He originally thought that even if Li Yu was ranked at the first position on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, he was only a 17-year-old brat. How strong could he be?

In addition, the Heavenly Spirit Pill and the Chongming Bird were too tempting, so he did not think much about it.

Furthermore, he was at the peak of the Body Tempering Realm, after all. Coupled with his brothers, they should at least not be instantly killed if they were to fight a Golden Core realm cultivator.

The boys strength was too terrifying!

“Cut the crap. Tell me, how did you know that I have a Heaven Spirit Pill? And what did you say about the Chongming Bird?” Li Yu asked in a stern voice.

Zhou Erlang did not dare to be negligent and hurriedly told him in detail about the Heavenly Dao Ranking.

After hearing Zhou Erlangs words, the corners of Li Yus mouth twitched.

That, that chicken was a divine bird?

And I ate the divine bird rewarded from the Heavenly Dao.

Wow, if this were to spread, I wonder how people would react.

Well, its a divine bird, after all. Its meat was really delicious.

Li Yu couldnt help but reminisce, and his mouth was filled with delight…

If only he could get another divine bird as a reward the next time…

“Looks like I cant lay low anymore!” Li Yu felt rather helpless.

He had been living a quiet life, and he did not expect to be exposed like this.

Now everyone in the world knew that he was gifted and had even obtained the Heavenly Spirit Pill and the Chongming Bird.

There were probably plenty of people who wanted to kill him for his treasures.

Li Yu began to consider whether he should flee.

However, it did not seem like he needed to escape with his current abilities on second thought.

Furthermore, the Heavenly Dao Rankings might be a chance for him to strengthen his sect and complete his mission sooner.

In that case, it did not seem that bad.

There will probably be manyguests paying a visit to our temple in the next few days!?Li Yu rubbed his chin in thought.

Li Yu looked at the devastated temple.

He raised Zhou Erlang and said unhappily, “Look, look at what you have done. See what you did to my Daoist temple? The walls have collapsed, and the house looks nothing like before. And this ground! Look at this fine ground! And you guys filled it with a bunch of holes! Let me tell you that you have to compensate me and repair my Daoist temple. Besides, you have disturbed me in the middle of the night. You have to pay for this psychological damage…”

Zhou Erlang wailed in his heart.

F*ck! That was clearly your own doing. Were victims too.

As for the mental damage compensation, we probably suffered more than you mentally.

“Youre right, sir. Ill compensate you. Let me go back, and Ill get someone to send the money to you tomorrow!” Zhou Erlang said.

“Dream on! You can forget about going back!” Li Yu threw Erlang Zhou to the ground.

He then picked up a bandit beside him. “Your leg isnt broken, right?”

“No, no, I only broke a few ribs!”

“Its fine as long as your leg isnt broken. Go back and inform your boss to bring silver over to redeem him. As for each person… each will be 100 taels. In addition to the losses here and my mental damage compensation, Ill give you a discount, so pay me 5,000 taels.

“Deliver it by tomorrow. Otherwise, I will send these guys to the authorities to collect your bounty! “Li Yu said in all seriousness.

“Okay, okay!” the bandit replied excitedly. Then, he rushed down the mountain faster than a rabbit.

Zhou Erlang did not say a word, although he knew that their village could not take out so much silver.

However, his eldest brother was a middle-stage Aureate Body realm expert, so he should have the chance to save them.

“As for you fellows, you can stay behind and repair the Daoist temple for me! But in order to prevent you from escaping, I think its necessary to break your legs!” Li Yu rubbed his fist as he spoke.

“No, no, no. We definitely wont escape. If our legs break, how can we fix your house!” Zhou Erlang shouted in a panic.

“You can crawl. Ill leave my hand for you guys. Its team cooperation, understand? Arent you mountain bandits the most particular about team cooperation? Use your imagination! You guys can do it!” As Li Yu spoke, he stepped on Zhou Erlangs calf.

“No, no, ah—”


The sounds of bones breaking and miserable cries reverberated through the entire Nine-tailed Mountain, adding some noise to the quiet night.

At the same time, there was a sudden movement on the Hidden Dragon Rankings in the sky above Nanan City and the Jade Pure Dao Sect.

The Heavenly Water Pavilion disciples on the rankings began to disappear one by one, replaced by the names of the people behind them.

At the same time, new names appeared on the rankings.

In the end, there was no longer a single Heavenly Water Pavilion disciple on the rankings.

This anomaly attracted the attention and surprise of many people.

Especially Perfected Yu Hua, who had always been concerned about the safety of everyone in the world. He felt that something huge might have happened to that sect, so he quickly called for the Elders and disciples to follow him to the Heavenly Water Pavilion.

However, when Perfected Yu Hua and the others arrived at the Heavenly Water Pavilion, it had already turned into a living hell. Corpses were everywhere, and blood flowed like a river.

The strongest sect in the Qing Prefecture, the Heavenly Water Pavilion, was destroyed!

“How could this be?” Perfected Yu Hua was shocked, and a bone-chilling cold arose from the bottom of his feet.

This Heavenly Water Pavilion could be considered one of the top sects in the Grand Xia Dynasty.

Although they were not as strong as the Jade Pure Dao Sect, they were not too far off.

Still, such a powerful sect was destroyed by someone overnight.

The shock was even more intense and impactful than when he saw the appearance of the Heavenly Dao Rankings.

The shocking scene made it impossible to calm himself down for a long time.

“Who did it? Could it be the Netherworld Demon Sect?”

Perhaps only the Netherworld Demon Sect had the possibility of destroying the Heavenly Water Pavilion in a single night.

But why would the Netherworld Demon Sect do so?

The righteous and the demonic path were like fire and water that could not coexist, and they often clashed due to differing interests and ideals. Still, it was not to the extent of destroying an entire sect.

Looking at the miserable state of the Heavenly Water Pavilion, it could only be described as insane and tragic.

Unless it was a blood feud, no one would do such a thing.

“Sect Master, there are survivors!” A disciple below shouted.

Everyone quickly flew over. In the sea of corpses below, they discovered a few Heavenly Water Pavilion disciples who were still alive.

After Perfected Yu Hua asked, he heard a terrifying name from the surviving disciple.

“Demon child!”

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