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Deanna walked into a clearing and breath taken by the beauty. The trees are covered in snow with bits of green from the leaves peeking out. White and purple orchids bloom, with the sunlight from the setting sun enhancing the seen.

In the distance, she saw a giant covered in white fur going about its business. It took notice of her and waved. Deanna smiled awkwardly and waved back at him, the giant kept moving after that. She walked further appreciating the beauty around her, the mountains, snow rabbits, deer and even the northern lights.

”Wait, I was trying to get out of here. What am I doing? ” Deanna asked her while petting a snow fox cross-legged ”Well I could explore a while no no no no I have to get out of here but how I have no idea where I am ”

She looks over to the left of her and noticed a snowman with a top hat and scar next to her, At first she thought it was extremely cute but then it blinked. Deanna screamed and pushed its head off. The snowman started waving its little stick arms in the air and started waddling around panicking.

Feeling sorry for it, Deanna puts back on its head. The snowman started jumping for joy and then it hugged her legs.

”Hey, little guy can you help me get out of here? ” Deanna asked

The snowman smiled and waddled off, it stopped and waved its stick arm at her. Deanna gave the fox one last pat before leaving. The fox looked at her walking away and started following after her.



The snowman led her through some trees and she brought to this humanoid light construct sitting there, almost as if it was waiting for her. Deanna felt a connection with her a strong one at that. It gestured for her to come closer so she did then it gestured for her to sit down. Cautious she sat down. The snow fox climbed up onto her lap and got comfortable, the snowman there look at it jealously.

Deanna laughed smiling wide

”Im glad you
e happy here ”, the construct said. Its voice sounded warm and inviting like a soft-spoken mother.

”Where am I? ” Deanna asked

It pointed at her chest, ”Within yourself ”

”Within myself, thats insane ” Deanna snapped

”Okay please explain to me where in the world you could find a sentient snowman ” it said pointing at the snowman on her head

”Leave Jeremy out of this but you have a point. If Im truly within myself why did those wolves attack me then? ” Deanna asked

”Those wolves represent your doubts It answered

Deanna sat in silence after that.

”Enough of that for now, I called you here for a reason. I need to tell you when the angels come don believe anything they tell you alright? stay away from them. That won be a problem, especially with your eyes ” the contract told her

”Wait, angels what are talking about here and my eyes. ” Deanna asked. But she started glowing and floating away

”Our time is up but remember what I told okay, ” It told her

”Wait I have more questions, ” Deanna said as she floated away. She saw Jeremy waving goodbye. She looked over to the construct and a piece of her face broke off. Underneath the broken shell was an icy blue eye looking at her.

She woke up in the hospital surprising the doctors and nurses in her room. Deanna sat breathing heavily and looking frantically

In hell, Michael was pacing back and forth while Lucifer was still being impaled.

”This is terrible, my plans could fail because of this ” Michael mumbled; ”How could you let that insane bitch out of here, you **ing cunt ” pointing at Lucifer

”Aye language like that will get you down here with me. I don mind you here but ac is broken I should get that fixed ” Lucifer answered

”How are you the older one ” Michael palmed himself

”I don know luck ” Lucifer shrugged

”Ill just have to find her ” Michael sighed

”Goodluck with that ”

Back in New York on top of the empire state building stood this beautiful lady. She had dark skin and a curvy body with horns. She wore a black split dress with slits on both sides, she watched into the city and smiled

”Ciara you
e the vessel ”

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