Heaven’s raid

Shift in hell


e lucky that was the case because trying to keep you here would have been more than impossible ” Decon laughing

”Yeah yeah, what do you want from me? ” Deanna growing more impatience

”What was that back there because that didn look like a difference in opinion ” Decon looking at her with concern

”It was just her being jealous of my beauty while shes a solid two ” Deanna answered

”Just keep at that level ok DD ” Decon pleaded with her

”Yeah yeah, you heard the rumours going around right. Kira was saying that we
e sleeping together ” Deanna explained to him

”Eww ” Decon thoroughly disgusted

”Exactly ” She agreed

”Well I guess its good to cover for me, ” He said jokingly

”Literally everyone knows ” Deanna annoyed

”Ill deal with this when I get back from this meeting okay. Also, I got you an assistant so enjoy that ” Decon said

”An assistant ” Deanna confused

”Yeah, you have been swamped with work so I thought you could use one. Also, I need you for some recon if you understand what I mean ” Decon smiled at her

”No, Im not doing that again ” She instantly refused

”Theres a bonus included ” Decon smiled mischievously

”You should have begun with that ” Deanna agreeing

They got to the elevator and Deanna saw her friend off

After their altercation, Kira headed to the restroom to wipe her tears. Still furious she stared into the mirror. Her reflection slowly faded away then the mirror turned black- the reflection of her younger self walked into the frame.

It touched the glass like it was asking her to do the same. Against her better judgement, Kira touched the glass. Her younger self smiled with tears and it spoke to her, it said: ”I regret what we did ”.

Shackles flew out the darkness fitting around her neck and arms before being pulled into a fiery gate. The demon form of Deanna appeared on her throne smiling at her, Kira found herself getting agitated. She started cursing at the entity then started punching the mirror, the more Kira hits the glass, the harder the entity laughed.

The glass finally shattered after minutes of abuse. Shards of it stabbed her in hand, some flew slicing her all over her body. Screaming was heard and other female workers rushed over to try to stop the bleeding.

An ambulance was called and while she was being carried out Kira saw Deanna. When they locked eyes rage filled her.


Inside her head, she could hear that laughter as loud as possible followed by screams.

Her screams

In another realm, a ball of light flew a lake of fire. It reaches a large obsidian gate with pinkish gems sticking out of it. It was guarded by demons with multiple heads, they had a black robe with a silver belt. Their wings were leathery and bat-like, they had spears made out of a murky black substance.

e not scheduled to be here until tomorrow ” They spoke in unison. They sounded like a broadcast being played on a muffled speaker

”We ended up switching the dates last minute, ” the ball light said

The demons shrugged and let him enter the gates, inside was an ever-expanding Kingdom, there were flowers made of fire but we still beautiful, azure coloured jellyfishes floated about the kingdom. The containment cells were next to each other in rows, the path between them was crimson with magma flowing through them. The surrounding areas had mountains with a similar crimson colour. It had magma falls in the distance.

To the centre of the kingdom was the castle, it on a piece of rock in the middle of a void. The light entered the throne room.

On the throne, itself sat this extremely beautiful man, he had darkened skin tone with long straight hair. He wore a low V-neck shirt that was black, it showed his well-sculpted muscles. He had a choker that looked thorns, black jeans and boots.

”Michael you
e here a day earlier than expected. It does matter we could still do game night ” He said

”Lucifer Im not here for the game night ” Michael answered

”Can you take form please its irritating for me to talk to you like that ” Lucifer asked

”Oh, my apologies ” Michael apologies. A bright light took over the entire room, he wasn handsome as Lucifer but wasn bad looking either. He had on a white robe and his hair was jet black.

”Thats way better thank you now what is that you want, ” Lucifer asked

”I have a message from father ” Michael answered

”Hows the bastard ” Lucifer rolling his eyes

”You shouldn call our father that Lucifer, ” Michael warned him

e right I shouldn call him that. Hows the **er ” Lucifer said

”LUCIFER ” Michael shouted

”What does he want ” Lucifer gets annoyed

Michael collects himself and then explain his reason being there

”Your services are no longer needed. We are going to reconnect with the humans guiding them as we should ” Michael said

”What does that have to do with me. Lets be honest they
e still going to die anyway and most of them are coming here just based on their google history alone. So whos going to monitor them here ” Lucifer complained

”He works in mysterious ways ” Michael shakes his head

”Don give me that bullshit. Explain whats going on here ” Lucifer gets up from his throne

”If you don vacate the throne Ill have to remove you by force ” Michael threatened him

”You may have been ranked up to seraphim but that doesn mean you
e stronger than me, ” Lucifer said while he showed off his beautiful swings, they were white with black edges. He snapped his fingers summoning the lords of hell. Demonic energy in the room was so immense if a lesser demon or angel were to enter they would stop existing. They looked like they were ready for a fight ”If you want me off this throne then youll have to force me off ”

Michael smiled at the declaration

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