Hands To Kill

The Red Eyes


”Whatever. I saw what I saw, ” Hioke pouted.

Derith slapped her cheeks with her hands to calm herself down and approached her parents.

”Mom, Dad. Is it time already? ”

”Derith! ”

”Derith! ”

Hoping their daughter to not notice their quarrel, they immediately narrowed the distance between and smiled brightly.

”It is. Are you ready my Princess? ”

”I can believe. She is leaving us. ”

”Don worry. You both can visit me anytime. Besides, I will be coming home every now and then! ”

After a short while, Derith was escorted to the carriage. They wanted to go with her to the academy but they were afraid they couldn leave her alone at the academy. So, they backed off.

”Be good, Derith. ”

”Of course! ”

The carriage started moving slowly. Derith waved her parents goodbye and took out a notebook from her side bag.

100 ways to avoid love was the title of the book. In fact, it was the notebook where she wrote about all her plans to avoid death, not love. In case, someone accidentally found it in her bag, it would be a trouble. Not only did she gave it a title of the opposite, she even wrote stuffs about love in the first few pages.

Everything would go perfect if it continued like that.

After what seemed like hours, Derith could see a large white gate of the Reiyon Royal Academy. It was so huge that people could just mistake it for being a gate for avoiding the attacks of beasts. In fact, it was. But only for preventing attacks of beast, for preventing any dangerous persons to enter as well.

Getting down from her carriage by holding hands with Jean, she felt the strong air.

She was far from home now.

”Princess, please take care. I am looking forward to the next time you come back home. ”

”Sir Jean! ”Derith had watery eyes. Oddly enough, she felt super connected to Jean even when it was only a month. In the novel, when Derith was killed by Rione, Jean blamed himself for not protecting the princess he served.

Maybe, thats why she felt connected with him.

”I will take my leave, princess, ” Jean bended down to Deriths eye level and smiled at her. Then he left.

Derith entered through the huge gates by herself as her identity was checked thoroughly before.

The Reiyon Academy was indeed magnificent. The walls stood high and mighty. It looked like a palace from another kingdom.

”Here I come! ”

Derith followed the other tenth grade students. The tenth badge was the grade for new students. The first badge was the most prestigious and for the most talented ones. The badges were not determined by age. In truth, even an adult could be allowed in the tenth ranked grade if he or she didn study before.

And even a kid could be allowed in the first ranked grade.

By now, kids of Deriths age were already on the seventh, since the Derith in the novel didn like studying that much and refused to study at the academy.

Derith Lee hated studying too but now she must study hard.

”Can wait to reach the first grade and learn 100 ways to avoid dea—I mean love! ” She talked to herself.

At that moment she felt a sharp gaze on her and when she turned back to look at who it was, she saw red eyes for a second.

”Don tell me that he is a student here? ”

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