Hands To Kill

The Smell Of Strawberry

tarting for the Royal Academy after a month. But I am happy that you will be happy since you told me to never approach you. But—will it be okay, if we become letter friends?

Let me know.

Derith Evaya Enich…

Rione could see the girl as he activated a see-through spell on the page where he wrote the letter. He just felt like doing it for some unknown reasons.

The first thing he saw was her unruly pink hair as she opened the letter and took the page to her hand. He even flinched because her face was too close to the spell that he saw her entire face.

Next moment she put down the letter and squealed in excitement—he saw that too.

Then he heard rummaging and knew she was writing a letter for him instant.

He heard her laughing and muttering words of joy to herself. Too bad that he couldn see her as she already casted his letter away from in front of her eyes. All he could see was a ceiling.

He could hear her little breaths and her little giggles as she wrote leisurely. The sound of fountain pen echoed deep in him.

What improvement and what dancing? What am I. . .to her? he dismissed the spell at once realising the question he asked to himself.

”Right. She is weird. She wanted me to be ugly, mocked me and then wished me and then smiled and then she gave me a gift. Called Yoren handsome and Ugh, ” he frowned deeply.

”My my, if it isn my brother facing a love-ly problem, ” Rolilee said entering Riones room without permission. How could she just pass by when she heard what he said?

”I don know what you are talking about peasant. ”

”Then what were you talking about? ”

”What, oh? I was just disgusted. ”

”You should look in the mirror. ”

”What, why? ” Rione looked at the mirror wall that was in his room. He saw himself but he flinched slightly.

Why is my face so red? He touched his face unconsciously.

”If I had known that giving you a rose could soften your heart, then I would have gifted you a rose shop. ”

”Shut up! Theres nothing like that! ”

”Yeah afterall. She doesn like you, I can tell. Saw how she called Yoren handsome? But called you ugly? ” Rolilee teased.

”So what if she does? People have different eyes. ” He clenched his hand.

”Are you mocking that my face is ugly? ”

”No no. How could I? You look like me the most afterall. So, naturally, you are handsome. But Princess Derith had really unique taste. She even gave you a simple rose. You accepted it too. ”

Rolilee indeed thought that the girl had weird tastes. Starting from her eyes twinkling at the wrong person and to her grinning. It was all weird. But angels smiled at everyone after all.

She wasn exactly an angel, Rolilee wasn .

”I threw it. The rose. And now I am going to throw you like that too. ”

”I am leaving, okay okay, ” Rolilee stood up from the sofa and walked out of the room but not before stating the obvious.

”By the way, what special rose is in that corner? On top of that, in a vase which was always empty? ”

She was kicked out with a snap of his finger.

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