Hands To Kill

The Smell Of Strawberry

”Happy Birthday! ” Derith wished as loudly as she could. Her body jumped as she felt a prickly feeling on her nose. When she touched her nose with her finger tips, there was blood. The swords tip had done that.

The Prince was at a daze. After what seemed like an eternity, he frowned heavily and shoved Derith away from him.

Derith stumbled back.

”Stupids doing stupid things. Don bother doing these things to survive, they will get you killed even faster, you eight year old brat. ” His top teeth bet bottom as he grinded hard. His hand holding the sword tightened.

”I am twelve years old. ”

. . . He had a face saying Are-you-kidding-me?

”Really. I dare not lie. Unlike Your Highesss, I don grow that much. Your Highesss is fifteen already from today and is so tall. Thats a matter to celebrate even if you don like the word birthday, isn that it? ”

”. . . ”

”R, right? ” Derith stuttered.

”. . . ”

”R, right? ”

”Its not the birthday, I just don like you. Get lost. Disappear. Next time if you are here or in front of me, you won have a nose. ” he said, scowling.

I don want to be Voldemort.

”That means… ”

Wow! I will survive as long as I don see him ever again? Thats a nice thing. Who wants to see him, duh. Derith nodded.

”And I am sure, I am not ugly. So, take care of your ugly eyes indeed. ”

”Yes, Your Highesss. My apologies, ” Derith replied. Bowing, she turned to leave but stopped halfway. She felt like she was missing something.

A birthday gift…What do I have?

No matter how much Derith thought, she didn have a birthday gift. As she was still thinking, Rione approached her again.

This time, he would really kill her. She didn fear him at all, afterall.

Even before when wishing him, she was sure thinking about surviving. Why else would she wish someone like him?

Someone like me. Someone…mad like me.

He found it annoying how she was the only one who wished him—even when it was without a gift.

As she was about to activate his spell to try kill her again, she turned around swiftly and smiled, her eyes closing in the process.

In the moment, a strong wind seemed to blow, making the fallen petals in the garden to fly. The girl looked like an angel.

But he was sure he looked like a devil.

The thing that out him out of his trance was a beautiful red rose which seemed to be plucked out.

”For you. ” Derith grinned.

Why when I tried to kill you?

”Don you like it? ”

Why when with these hands I was about to commit another sin?

”I am sorry. Its just that I really didn have anything to give Your Highesss. You can have my earrings, they are new too. And they are very rare. The design was made by me! ”

Why when I was not trying to feel anything?

With a blush across his disturbed face, he grabbed the rose from her and turned his back to her. He sprinted away from the garden as he felt stuffy, too stuffy.

As he almost ran, Rolilee saw him. She was flabbergasted. Squinting her eyes further behind, she saw a confused Derith, red rose petals stuck at her nose and a drop of hardened blood on her nose.

”Hah, seems like my brother made some trouble. ” She rubbed her temples. Seeing the scene right after dancing with a boy who didn know how to dance made her temper hot enough.

”Your Highesss, are you okay? I am sorry for earlier, ” said a depressed Kelvin with a pout on his face.

”Oh, its okay. I didn expect much from you anyway. ”

”H, huh? ”

Kelvin felt sad that Rolilee think like that. Unconsciously, his body shrunk. Right, the only thing he was good at was eating.

”But its quite adorable to see how much you can eat, really. I never saw someone like you. ”

”I am not the only one! Princess Derith also eats like me. ”

”Thats right, ” Rolilee replied as she glanced at the girl once more. She smiled.

”This is interesting. I wonder if she can dance. ”

Derith returned to the ballroom after a tireful detour in the garden. She felt dear inside. She felt like she committed a great sin and as if that sin would haunt her for the rest of her life.

”I really met him. I didn get killed. ” She wiped her imaginary tears; her mouth was wobbly. No matter how she looked at it, the first meeting seemed to be a success low-key.

She seemed to have accomplished every tasks in her to-do list except for the task to avoid the little Duke and the Prince.

Derith hit her chest few times and calmed herself down. When her eyes wandered in the ballroom, she saw him there.


Why is he always glaring at me? She saw Rione there sitting on the main seats beside the Emperor like a cat once again.

”Excuse me, Princess. Would you like to have a dance with me? ” A voice asked startling Derith. It was a beautiful boy with black hair and blue eyes. She stared at him with twinkling eyes once again.

”Handsome. ”

”Prin, princess? ” He was startled for sure.

”Too handsome. ”

Derith couldn hold it in any longer. After seeing all sorts of handsome face today, it was a miracle that she didn have a nosebleed till this moment.

”Princess, your nose is bleeding! ” He narrowed the distance between them and quickly took out a handkerchief to wipe her blood.

But his hand stopped halfway. Someone grabbed his hand tightly.

”I am sorry but this dance is mine, Yoren. ”

Yoren, the son of marquis, didn even look back twice after he scooted further away from Derith and Rione.

Derith felt dizzy.

Am I hallucinating? Why is his voice ringing—wait. She saw golden hair and red eyes staring down at her.

”Give me your hand. ”

”Huh? ”

”Tsk, such a bother. ” With a lift of his finger when he touched her nose, a small light emitted from his finger tip and wrapped around Deriths nose. Derith touched her nose to see that there was no texture of blood or a cut there anymore.

Soon, they danced to the song. Rione found it hard to dance as it was his first time. Also Derith was too short. It felt like he was dancing with a kid.

Everyone who watched them had wide eyes. The Emperor and Empress were shocked. The Duke and Duchess were confused but soon felt horrified. They didn want him to dance with their daughter.

But it was okay since the Prince looked normal for the first time.

Rolilee felt everything to be unreal.

”In a day, how? I am curious about the future. ”

She smiled at the both of them under the night sky which was brighter than usual.

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