Hands To Kill

Happy Birthday

verything even more sweet.

Riones eyes widened and his jaw dropped, with a rage mark appearing. Why was the heck was she smiling at him?

Is that a new way of mocking? Why. . . isn she dead?

He clenched his fists and just when the musics beat dropped, he slammed open the ballrooms door and sprinted away. The clang of the ballrooms door startled Derith. Of course, the rest were focusing on the dance so naturally they didn hear.

Kelvin was busy eating beside her.

Rolilee who watched the scene raised her eyebrows.

”Who is she? ” She glanced over Derith. Finally she looked at the boy who was beside Derith, stuffing his face with cakes. She knew him. The boy who turned sixteen a month before her.

Not elegant at all. She walked towards him.

”Excuse me. Would you like to dance with me? ” Rolilee asked the boy.

Derith was still looking at the door until Rolilee appeared. She felt her heart drop.

The leads are here! Why so soon? Is she already in love? Deriths face became as white as a sheet.

She should disappear.

”Yes, I would love to, ” replied Kelvin after wiping his mouth with a tissue. Rolilee raised her mouth in surprise. He wasn bad.

”Your Highesss and Little Duke, I will be taking my leave. Have a great dance. ” Without hearing their reply she also exited the ballroom quietly and went to the garden.

The garden was too huge.

Following the trail of red roses slowly, she reached in front of a water fountain which was decorated with numerous small colourful lights.

It was just as she imagined it to be.

She grinned ear to ear.

But then as she turned around to see the place around the fountain, she saw those bloody red eyes.

The eyes were cold but seemed to be burning like fire at the same time.

How could she have forgotten? This was the place where the Prince and Princess Rolilee often came whenever they felt stuffy.

Very few people knew about this fountain. It was quite deep inside the garden. Oh my God.

Who do I not remember anything about him at the right timing? I even forgot his unique name.

”Your Highesss. ”

”How? ” He asked as a sword appeared in his hand from air. Derith looked at the sword with admiration. She also designed that sword!

She felt so happy to the point of forgetting the dangerous person in front of her.

”You are ignoring me, tsk. ”

”Huh? Oh! Your Highesss, I just happened to pass by. ”

”Pass by, hah? This fountain area is sealed by my magic. How have you entered? ”

”Eh? ” Derith face had an awkward pose as her face turned white.

She forgot again.

How did I forget? But how did I enter here when it was sealed? She didn know the answer herself.

Rione narrowed the distance between his sword and Derith. The swords tip touched Deriths nose.

Derith. Think of something. Think think.

”Your Highesss. I don know, honestly. But maybe its because I have a sharp nose! My nose smelt the roses, ah, and then smelt the smell of water and before I knew it, I was here. ”

”Excuses. ”

”N, no! Its true! Earlier I saw Your Highesss exit the ballroom. Just then, seeing Your Highesss, I remembered I still had a thing to do. So, I also came out. ”

”Crazy. Deceiving me? What shit would you have to do here when its your first time being here, hah? ”

Derith clenched her dress.

She didn dare look away from his eyes.

When she looked straight in his eyes, she had a determined look.

”Happy Birthday! ”

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