Hands To Kill

Happy Birthday

”Rion-e Ron Rejuvinx, ” mumbled Derith in displeasure. How could she forgot such a name of his which was directly connected to the Reiyon Empire? Reiyon meant Victory by war whereas Rione meant Victory by kills—which was very malicious.

The Emperor who looked as handsome as Derith made him, came out at the second floor and looked down on all with a smile. Everyone lowered their heads in presence of the Emperor, Derith too, unlike other kids who were staring at the cool hero of their world.

She hated to lower her head in respect.

”May you all raise your heads. May glory fall upon the Reiyon Empire. I, Illiot En Rejuvinx, the Emperor, am delighted that all of my fellow members of Royal families have attended this birthday banquet I held for my little Prince. ”

”Daddy Emperor. Ooh cool, ” Derith whispered to herself, with twinkles in her eyes as she finally raised her head to have a look at the handsome Emperor. Golden hair and Sharon red eyes were too fierce and made him handsome at the sane time.

The Empress beside the Emperor, looked very lovely. The red dress she wore similar to the Duke, made her stood out like a red rose.

A tall and beautiful proud princess stood beside her mom, with no emotions on her face. Behind her, the bright golden hair of a certain was seen but his face was not completely visible to Derith.

She wasn interested to see anyway. What she was interested in was Rolilee Ree Rejuvinx. That villainess yet the actual heroine of her book was frighteningly beautiful. Everything about her looks were famous and fierce.

”My creativity hehe, ” grinned Derith.

”Sorry? ” Asked a confused boy beside her. Derith realised that the male lead was right beside her. With a quick courteous bow, Derith reached to her parents and stood beside them.

Mom and dad will talk to Illiot. I must must talk to him as well. And the Empress too.

She could already see smirks on both Liliana and Vivianas face.

The highest position belonged to the Enich Ducal family after the Imperial Family Rejuvinx. So, naturally, the Duke and The Duchess approached the Emperor with Derith trailing behind.

”May you be blessed with Glory, Your Majesties, ” greeted Hioke.

”May you be cu—blessed with happiness, Your Majesties, ” uttered Viviana with a tight lipped smile. The Empress returned the same smile.

Derith slowly came out from behind and raised her head to look at the Emperor and Empress with an innocent expression.

The Emperor and the Empress eyes widened. They couldn believe their eyes. Who was this little fairy, fairer than any beings theyve ever seen?

”Greetings to the Magnificent Emperor and the Empress, His and Her Majesty indeed look very cute! ” Derith grinned from ear to ear. The Empress put both of her hands to her mouth, her eyes filled with stars.

The Emperor felt a direct hit to his chest.

”My dear, such a lovely child. Are you sure she isn only six this year? ” The Emperor uttered.

Man, you just decreased my age by double but thats okay.

”Derith became twelve this year, ” Derith replied.

”I, I am sorry. Rolilee, Rione, come forward. ”

The first one to come out was someone who was not Rolilee. Derith looked down at the shoes that stepped on the floor. She calmed down her heart and finally raised her head to look at the ugly character she created.




Anyone who saw Derith could hear this sounds now. Deriths mouth parted and her pink eyes were wide open. She used her fists to rub her eyes to look at the boy in front of her again.

No matter how much she looked at the boy in front, she couldn find a trace of ugliness in his face.

Bright golden hair and the light from the chandeliers made his hair shine more, his red eyes were glowing. He had a tall figure, taller than he was supposed to be in his age. He didn have muscles either. The black attire he wore, first few buttons were open, revealing his deep collarbone. He wore his attire messily.

The only thing that matched with the novel was that he looked super messy. But the messiness made him look more charming, if Derith was being honest.

”But, but, I thought he was supposed to be ugly, why is he not? ” Derith asked herself. Ever since the beginning, whomever she described as ugly in the book turned out to be super pretty.

But since she made the Emperor and Empress, he perhaps got their genes even when it was the opposite of her novels description.

No one heard her whispering expect for the Devil himself with his keen hearing ability.

Derith quickly covered her mouth.

How could I forget that Rione had the most perfect sight and hearing ability? She prayed that he didn hear her.

At that moment, everyone were worried about the girl they saw. Why was she behaving like that? But Rione had rage marks in his face. Rolilee however, looked at the girl with an indifferent gaze.

”Derith? ” Viviana called out.

”Ah, mo, mom? Oh! My apologies. Greetings to Your Highesss, its a pleasure to greet you. May glory fall upon you. I am Derith Evaya Enich, ” she forced a smile and put a hand to her chest.

”Tsk. Glory already fell upon me, ” he mumbled. The Emperor warned him through his eyes to which he returned a look of Do-I-look-like-care? and turned his face away.

”Greetings to the cute, cute Princess. Your Highesss, may even more glory fall upon you, ” Derith said, emphasizing the words even more even more.

Right. You aren the only one who can play, you boogyman prince. Derith smiled at her achievement as she could see the prince choking on nothing but air but maybe his own saliva.

Rolilee saw right through Deriths greeting and smiled genuinely after a long time. Right, she found an appropriate play mate after a long time. Usually, she wouldn reply to greetings but now she was more than happy to do so.

”Aww, thank you, little princess. May even more glory fall upon you as well. You are very cute too, ” Rolilee grinned.

Deriths eyes twinkled.

No way. I can fall for the villainess.

She is so cool!

She hated to admit it but her villainess yet the female lead looked too much like that boogyman.

”As expected of our daughters Viviana. They are both wonderful. But I have to agree, Princess Derith is an exceptional beauty. She is just twelve yet such pretty and meritorious. ”

”I think so too, honestly. ”

”Thank you for the compliment. ”

”I do not think so, ” said Rione ruining the friendly mood of the families.

”Ah, give me a second please. Feel free to continue your conversation, ” Rolilee said as she tried to grab her brother by the neck but he dodged it easily because of his tall figure.,

”Pfft, ugly shits defending ugly shits. ”

The families looked at eachother awkwardly. After few more greetings, the Duke and the Duchess were off to talk with others.

Derith glared at Riones back as she returned to Kelvin with an angry face. Seeing the angelic, brother like face of Kelvin, she calmed down.

”At least, there is one gentleman here. ”

Meanwhile Kelvin—Who, me?

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