Hands To Kill

The Villainous Siblings

Derith looked at the dress in front of her. It was a pink dress, decorated with white diamonds and pink petals which seemed very real. The fabric was very light and fluffy. The sleeves were long and glittery. In fact, it was the most beautiful dress she had ever seen.

In the morning, Derith was woken up. The maids immediately took her to the bathroom to wash her up with essential oils and pink rose petals. Afterwards, her skin was moisturised with baby oil and other makeups. She was given light food to eat in the afternoon.

The banquet was to be held in the evening. Yet, she was prepared from the morning. It was as if her wedding was being held instead.

Very light makeup was applied on her face which included lip gloss, a little bit of baby powder and glitters in her cheek. She looked like a doll.

Her pink hair was left open with shiny pearls used as decoration all over her hair. She looked like a fairy once her hairstyle was done.

With light scent of pink rose, her look for the day was complete.

”Gasp! Prin, princess! ”

”Oh my! The Princess looks like doll! ”

”She always looks like a doll, Miya. Now, she looks like a fairy! ”

Every person inside the room were shocked at Deriths beauty. But soon, they realised that their princess always looked pretty.

Given tiny pair of shoe like heels, Derith was escorted out of the room and to downstairs.

Mom and dad look so pretty! ” Derith exclaimed loudly, putting her hand to her mouth. The Duke and Duchess wore a pair outfit which was also similar to hers. Her mother wore a pink dress like her and her father wore a white suit. His hair was gelled back.

The Duke was extremely handsome. Afterall, the couple were still in their early 30s.

”My princess looks extremely beautiful. I am afraid that some bad guys might want to snatch you away, ” said the Duke, blushing, putting a hand to his chest. The Duchess covered her mouth as if she couldn believe Derith.

”I knew my Derith was too pretty, but this is too too pretty! ”

”Yes, my Lady. Princess Derith is indeed going to be the star of the banquet tonight, ” even Jean agreed. Looking at his pocket watch, he continued, ”The ball is expected to start within half an hour. ”

Derith glanced at the window. It was already night.

The Duke offered his hand to Derith, so did the Duchess.

”No. Derith will grab my hand, ” declared Viviana.

”Oh, really? I am her father so I will escort her to the carriage. ”

”And I am her mother. Shoo, ” replied Viviana.

”Mom, Dad. I want to hold both of your hands, ” Derith uttered innocently, her sweet and soft voice being a direct hit to the couple.

Holding both her parents and being on the middle, she exited the ducal house and climbed into the luxurious carriage. The carriage was white bit covered with gold all over.

The whole theme of the family seemed to be pure.

After half an hour of fast yet comfortable carriage ride, they reached in front of the Magnificent Imperial palace and entered to the gate as the Knights immediately recognised them as the ducal family.

It was just as she described in her own novel. The castle was bold in the blue night beyond. Every stones were even and square as if those who built were set on perfection, as if they really loved what they made. It was gorgeous episcopal, fearfully beautiful with its snow-white walls. There was lumps of golds attached to the walls used as decorations.

The garden inside was even more beautiful with flowers of all kinds blooming everywhere. However, the red roses stood out the most.

”The Palace really stands there as of conjured out from a book, ” muttered Derith in disbelief.

”Do you want dad to build you one? Just say the word- ”

”And mom will make it for you. ”

Derith sweat-dropped.

”The Ducal House is also very pretty. ”

After walking for a long distance, till they reached the main door, they held eachothers hand and smiled.

Soon, the doors opened and said the knights, ”The Duke Hioke Enich and Duchess Viviana Enich along with the Princess of Reiyon Empires first Dukedom have arrived! ”

They don know my name yet.

As soon as they entered the ballroom, everyones eyes seemed to fall upon them, especially the little princess in between the Duke and the Duchess seemed to be out of the world, from a different dimension.

Meanwhile, Derith felt herself be in another world. The ballroom was also the way she had described. The chandeliers dangling from above, the glass ceiling of the ballroom, the colourful windows. Even the desserts she wrote about were in line on the table. Of course, she included some modern style desserts as well.

She was proud.

Wandering over the ballroom with her eyes, she made an eye contact with a kid who looked taller than her. His dark blue coloured hair was impossible to ignore and those golden eyes were too pretty.

Of course. Its the little Duke. What was his name again? Ah, Minuet? Minuel? Mint? Ah, author forgot her own characters name.

The Duke and Duchess soon became busy greeting the other guests of the party. While Derith was still holding her fathers hand. Every nobles eyes were still on the Princess.

”That princess looks so small! Is she eight years old? So pretty! ”

”No, the Duchess became pregnant 12 years ago. ”

”The Princess is twelve? No way! ”

Everyone were at disbelief of Deriths age. The girl looked very delicate and small—how could she be twelve already?

”Greetings Duke Heindal and Duchess Heindal, ” both Hioke and Viviana greeted. Hearing the family name of Heindal Derith trembled.

I have to avoid them but I can .

”My Princess Derith, give your greetings. ”

Derith had no choice but to come forward. Lifting the hem of her dress, with a smile she greeted, ”Greetings to the Duke and Duchess of the prosperous Heindal family. Its my pleasure to greet you. ”

Even they were surprised at her manner. Kids these days with manners were hard to find.

”Why, its my pleasure little Princess. You have such wise choice of words. I am very impressed. ”

”Indeed. Would you like to have a friend your age? ” The Duchess said this time.

Here it comes.

Here it comes.

Here it comes.

Derith gave a smile and nodded. She was yet a child and couldn refuse the so-called-opportunity to find friends of her age.

”Sure. Its a great opportunity to make friends of Deriths age! ” She grinned.

”Kelvin is just there. You can go greet him Princess Derith. I would like to talk with you parents, ” said Duke Heindal with a smile.

Derith nodded and quietly reached a certain corner without any troubles. She eyed the mouth watering desserts in front of her. She turned her left and right to check if there was someone watching and indeed Kelvin Heindal was also eyeing the desserts like her.

His dark blue coloured hair and golden eyes glistened under the light of the chandeliers.

He also turned his head to check if anyone was there and happened to see Derith who was looking at him.

A blush shot across his face as he extended his hand towards her.

”Princess Derith, I am Kelvin. Its a pleasure to meet you. Want to taste foods with me? ”

This kid is so friendly. He must be sixteen by now.

Since the Imperial Prince and Princess had yet to arrive, Derith thought it wouldn be bad to have a little conversation with Kelvin. Besides, the Princess Rolilee falls in love with the little Duke when he rescues her from drowning in her seventeenth birthday. It was still two years from the current period.l

Derith gladly accepted the boys hand and was about to reply to his request of tasting foods when an announcement boomed loudly in the ballroom.

”His Majesty, The Emperor, Illiot En Rejuvinx and Her Majesty, The Empress, Liliana Ena Rejuvinx, The Royal Princess and Prince, Rolilee Ree Rejuvinx and Rione Ron Rejuvinx have arrived! ”

”Rion-e Ron Rejuvinx. ”

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