Hands To Kill

The Arrival of Angels & Devils

Derith had been living in a world with no such handsome 2D characters, so it was unavoidable to simp over the second handsome man she saw after my beloved father, Duke Hioke Enich. He had those daddy vibes, for which author Derith and her friends with weird fantasies would die to pay a million dollars for.

But the man Jean Stavros had that pretty vibe to him, which was very charming. His twinkling green eyes and neat brown hair which she clearly wrote to be shaggy brown hair, was very attracting.

At least to her.

Nevertheless, she composed herself like a typical noble lady would.

”Yes, sir Jean. ”

”Good evening Princess. I am sorry for interrupting your precious time. ”

You call that interrupting? The inner her questioned. That was a blessing. Even his voice was worth to be that of a idol.

”Not at all, sir. In fact, I am very pleased. May I know the reason of your visit? ” She smiled brightly at him, emitting her innocent pink vibes. At that point, Jean seemed to blinded by the sparkling of her surrounding.

The young princess is so pretty! But he didn dare to say that.

”Princess, the 1st prince of our Empire is going to turn fifteen in a week prior. The Duchess received a personal invitation letter yesterday. The Empress is very eager to see you in the royal birthday banquet. ”

The Duchess, Deriths mom and the Empress were pretty close. The Empress and the Duchess made trends in the society and were known as the social butterflies. Pretty much, there were friendly competitions among them.

Competitions such as, whose daughter was the prettiest.

Derith gulped, earning a worried gaze from Jean, the butler.

”The Duke and the Duchess wanted to know if you are healthy enough to attend it? Afterall, the family have yet to receive an official invitation. By the Dukes request, the invitation can be declined. ”

”No, sir. Its okay. I will attend the birthday banquet as the Empress is eager to see me, hmm. ”

After all, what harm would there be? The Imperial palace would have tons of tasty foods and she was delighted to see the female lead. She would also admire her from afar. Its a once upon a lifetime chance to see the characters chibi versions.

Besides the Duke Heindal will also be attending. I can see him and his son, the male lead! I blushed in excitement.

”As you wish Princess. Would you like something before I go? ” Jean asked politely.

”Oh, can you say a few words? Like repeat after me? ” Derith smirked. Of course, he wouldn know what he was to repeat after her. Afterall, she was just a young princess in his eyes, not the princess with the mental age of 15 and that mental age of 15 had another mental age of 18— which author Derith earned by reading comics.

”Ah? Princess? ”

”Don worry! Its a game! ”

Looking uncertain for a moment, he slowly nodded his head. He must have thought it was a child play. She was only twelve after all.

”Say, Oi, Baka in an angry voice. ” She grinned innocently. He nodded his head, preparing himself for getting into action.

”Oyy Baka, ” he pronounced the words exactly as they were meant to be, even though the language was unfamiliar in the novel. His facial expressions were on point, making the fireworks inside Derith burst.


”You, you can leave now. Tha, thank you for your cooperation. ”

The man bowed once and sprinted out of the room. The Princess he saw today was very weird indeed. Of course, she was also weird before but it was the first time he found her that weird.

”What does baka mean anyway? ” He muttered to himself.

Upon reaching in front of the door of the Duchess and The Duke, he knocked on the door. After hearing a reply, he entered the room and bowed respectfully.

”What did Derith say? ” The Duke asked.

”The Princess agreed. In fact, she was very delighted. ”

”Oh my! Derith is? ”

”Yes, my lady. She especially emphasized that since Her Majesty, The Empress was eager to see her, she was too. Her eyes were twinkling. ”

The Duchess had an evil smirk on her face. Jean shuddered.

Why do the mother and daughter have the same smirk?

”Hah. Finally, I can show the prettiness of my daughter to Her Majesty. I will dress my Derith so prettily, that she would turn blind, ” Viviana uttered with pride. The Duke nodded as well.

”Our Derith never attended any birthday banquet of anyone. Its such a shocking development.

Even in her past life, Derith never attended any banquet until the time Rolilee was hit by a mystical beast in her nineteenth birthday. Derith now attending the banquet was going to make a major plot change.

Of course, Derith knew that. Thats why Derith was looking forward. Everyone was looking forward.

”Jean. Hire the best professional designers and tailors for using the best jewels and fabric to prepare a majestic dress for my Princess, Derith! ”

”Yes. My daughter should shine brilliantly in the Imperial Palace, ” the Duke agreed.

Jean already engraved the order in his mind. Of course, it was already an important mission to him.

He also wants the Young Princess to shine the brightest!

”Yes, my Lord and Lady! I will get to work right away! ” Jean, with a salute, exited the room.

Meanwhile, Derith already prepared a plan for her activities in the birthday banquet.

1. Greet the Empress and impress her.

2. Watch over Rolilee.

3. Avoid the Duke and the Crown Prince.

4. Taste every desserts.

5. Fantasize over the handsome Emperor.

She remembered making the Emperor handsome in her story. He had fierce platinum golden hair and red eyes like Rubies.

So, now, she would make sure to admire him from far or maybe near.

Thinking for a while, she added another point to her to-do list.

6. Be the Emperors favourite.

Back then, Derith had no clue about the real future she was going to set up and whos favourite she was going to be.

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