Hands To Kill

No Fantasies Allowed

”Mirror mirror on the wall! Whos the fairest of them all? ” Derith asked looking at the full length mirror in front of her, rubbing her nose, and with a proud smile.

Of course, the mirror ain replying. Derith saw her reflection in the mirror where she looked the same as when she was around twelve years old—except for the fact that everything about her was pink. She had wavy light pink hair, pink eyes with reddish skin around her eyes, a pink blush on her pale face. Even her lips were glossy pink with a red hue.

In her past life, her facial structure were fit to Korean standards. She had black hair and pupils and pale skin— but now the only difference was the colour.

All that matters is I am the prettiest! In fact, to Derith she looked the prettiest in the novel she created. However, the main protagonist, Rolilee was also another beauty. Her blonde hair and red eyes were fierce unlike Derith who looked very delicate.

”But I will be very strong so that everyone likes me. Afterall, nobody likes a White lotus female lead that much. ” It was not like the Derith in her book was weak; it was that she didn care about people at all and was out of the world. Her personality was just like the real Derith.

Basically, being envious of a life in manhwa, author Derith fitted herself in her own story. She couldn make herself the actual heroine as it felt weird—her classmates who read her novel would tease her, so she made Rolilee, the Villainess, turn to a heroine.

It was a story with the plot of the villainess avoiding her own doom.

As a fifteen year old, author Derith loved those plots. But she loved herself, the character Derith the most.

Now that her fantasies of getting reincarnated in a novel became fulfilled, she would do the things a main character would do. Of course, she was the main character now.

Derith rubbed her nose again.

Interrupting her inner fantasies, the door to her room opened. Her mothers pretty head with dark pink hair poked out.

Mom had dark pink, dad has blue. So, I guess, I got my hair from the famous grandfather of mine.

”Mom, ” Derith uttered, a smile blooming on her face.

”Derith. Are you feeling better now? Besides, are you sure its okay to not have maids around? ”

”Mom, its been days already. Look, I am healthy and fit. I need some time alone for mental peace, so I don want anyone around me for the time being. ”

”Am, am I bothering you? ”

Look, how adorable! I am glad I didn made Deriths parents vicious.

”Even if the stars collapse, the sun turns cold, the black holes devour the galaxies, and the sun rises in the west—mom, remember that, you will never be a bother to me! ” Derith declared, her voice firm.

”De, Derith! Mama loves you! ”

”Me more. ”

After heartfelt moments in the room, Deriths mom, Viviana, left. Derith returned to the desk in her room and took a seat in the soft chair.

She returned to her serious mood after a week of slacking her butt off.

”So, currently I am twelve. Rolilee is sixteen and the crown prince is fifteen. Rolilee gets hit by the mystical beast when she turns nineteen. And I die in the hands of the crown prince at the end of the novel, that is when Rolilee is twenty and I am seventeen, ” Derith recalled.

”Woah! That crown prince, why was he so impatient to kill me, oh wait, I made him, ” Derith sweat-dropped at her own dumbness.

Rolilee was supposed to be a villainess in the novel before she saw the future. In the future she saw, she got killed for torturing the heroine, Derith.

”She tortured Derith because Derith captured the heart of the 2nd Duke of the empire, the male lead. After seeing the future, Rolilee turns over a new page and stays far from the Duke to not interrupt the love story of him with Derith. BUT that made the Duke fall in love with her. And she eventually avoided the death route. ”

I shouldn have killed Derith, really. She doesn even fall in love with the Duke.

”But then the Crown prince, who knew the future too, killed me, as Rolilee saw her beloved brother getting killed in the future too, ” Derith collected every pieces of her novel.

”Putting all these together, everything will be well, if I avoid the Duke and Rolilee has her own ending with him. But, Rolilee will get hit by a mystical beast sooner or later—will she see the new future then? ”

Ah yes. She would. Afterall, I will be no longer the reason for their death.

”The problem now is the crown prince! What did I name him? Ugh, I forgot, ” Derith whined. The crown prince was the Villain in the novel for sure. He was the only character she disliked the most. Not only did she make his personality extremely distasteful, she also made his appearance unfitting to any standards!

”Welp, I guess, I will avoid him too? Even if he comes to kill me in the near future, I would avoid it successfully. Afterall, I will be working on my skills too. ”

Of course, the heroine did have special qualities. Derith was heroine for a reason before Rolilee saw the future.

”Communicating with animals. Controlling of beasts. Mother of nature. ” But she would get the ability after she reaches adulthood.

After hours of planning plot, someone knocked on her door again.

”Come in. ”

Derith looked at the man in front of her who bowed respectfully.

His green eyes were so beautiful.

Even his facial structure was too beautiful.

But, Derith remembered making him a man in his 40s.

She gulped. Yes, she was in the time when the plot had yet to start. But even if it was, the man was supposed to be at least in his 30s. But he was in his early 20s.

A handsome man on top of that.

No, Derith. No nosebleeds allowed.

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