Hands To Kill

No Simping For Older Guys

ow she was cold like a dead person before. She felt a rapid heart beating inside her, a pulse and a mind. Derith could feel her soul inside a living body.

What is happening? Rather…is it really happening? She wondered, struggling to open her eyes. Being inside Deriths body, it happened for sure because she could hear people calling Deriths or her name desperately.

”Derith! Why isn she waking up, doctor? My, my child. . .is she never going to wake up? ” A desperate voice cried out. The voice was laced with so much concern.

”I am sorry, my Duke. Shes likely to not wake up soon. Its a state where the person is alive but stays as if dead. Again, my deepest apologies. Ive tried upto my best abilities, ” the person, who sounded to be the doctor, uttered apologetically.

Derith opened her eyes. Bright light hit her eyes.

”What do you mean— ”

The doctors jaw dropped; he hysterically pointed at Derith who had just opened her eyes.

”D-Duke, D-Duke! L-lady, l-lady, s-she, she is awake! ” The doctor cut off the Dukes scream and pointed his finger towards Derith, his eyes almost bulging our of their original place. Soon, a certain light blue hair came into her vision, his light eyes filled with tears, mouth wide open this time. His hands that were holding mine tightened.

He was the Duke of the Kingdom, Hioke Enich. In other words, he was now her father.

She felt an unknown emotion while looking at the character whom she created herself back in her previous life. Hioke Enich was so realistic that she felt scared. What was going to happened to her now? She had no clue about it.

Shall I speak? Is my voice going to be too different? How will I get used to it? It was still hard to believe that she had reincarnated into a world of a novel which she wrote herself. She slowly lifted her small hand and pinched her arm. It hurt, indicating that it was really not a dream where she was in.

”Father, ” Derith called Hioke, who seemed to be far too shock to even move now. Her voice sounded very childish. However, it was not different from the voice she had when she was twelve. Of course she wouldn forget her voice because she was killed when she was just fifteen.

Those classmates are really the definition of murderers. But its still weird how I just died falling from stairs.

She shook her head. Seeing her actions, Hioke felt worried. Why was she shaking her head after calling him father?

What is this? Why is it the same voice as mine? Am I really Derith? Her thoughts were interrupted my someone hugging her tightly; tight enough to crush her bones. A gasp escaped her mouth.

”Derith! You are awake! This is a miracle! Jean, call the Duchess! ” Hioke, the Duke or her father, shouted out to Jean, who was standing beside the doctor. She looked at him with wide eyes. He was a butler and she originally wanted him to be old. The butler who she saw was very young and handsome. His dark brown hair was combed neatly. His green eyes twinkled Brightly when he made an eye contact with her.

”Yes, Duke! I am calling the Duchess immediately! ” Even his voice was so sweet.

No Derith. No simping for older guys. She reminded herself.

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