Hands To Kill

No Simping For Older Guys

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Amidst the dark, black space with twinkling stars, a system window with letters popped out in front of her, when she was busy wondering whether she had gone to hell or heaven. She was floating because of weightlessness. Her eyes fluttered with confusion while looking at the unknown thing. Moreover, the name Hands to Kill—it was a novel she finished writing just today. She was a person of that story now?

”What kinda bullshit is that? ”

She couldn grasp the situation no matter how much she recalled her memories from maybe few hours ago. While returning home from school, excited for checking the increasing ratings of the novel named Hands to Kill—Derith Lee, died by rolling down the stairs. Some students used to bully her in school because the so-called-prince confessed to her, the school princess. She didn expect them to go as far as pushing me through the stairs.

It was not only because the school prince confessed to her. It was because in one of her reply to a comment of a classmate fan of Hands to Kill who asked her how the villain of the novel looked like—she replied to her saying that she could imagine him, the villainous Crown Prince, as the actual so-called prince from her school.

That caused a huge commotion among the fan girls. She didn expect one of them to push her. They must have been freaked out now that she was gone and dead.

That is for the better. Fuck them.

HANDS TO KILL—the plot was

like any other stories had a main character. It was the Princess, sister of the Crown Prince. Her name was Rolilee Ree Rejuvinx—who was a villainess before she saw the future after being hit by a divine mystic beast. She was a villainous princess who bullied the heroine along with her twisted brother. After being attacked, she saw the future where the villainous her and her brother were killed by one of the male leads eventually because of their evil nature towards Derith. So, to avoid the destruction of her and her lovely younger brother, she avoided the death route successfully and instead led the heroine of the future who was to occur, Derith Evaya Enich to her doom.

It was not her intention to kill Derith but Derith was beheaded by her brother, the Crown Prince, the only person with whom Rolilee shared about the future she saw coming. So, to avoid the chances of being killed, the Crown prince killed Derith.

Of course, these are all the author Derith wrote.

Derith, the one who was supposed to be protected by the male leads instead was killed. Of course, all the male leads who loved her couldn save her. The end of the novel was a normal or maybe an open ending where the Crown Prince and his sister avoided death and survived.

The story ended there. And she, Derith, was going to be that Derith now. Derith was her and she was Derith. It was hard to accept.

The space around her started to break like pieces of glasses once she finished thinking about all the things that would occur soon enough. It started to become empty. She disappeared into nothingness.

Soon, she felt warmth unlike h

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