Every day Jon would go out and practice his sword skill with his father, and every day he would get better. He was still no match for his father, but with time he could be, as he was still growing and learning. He almost beat his father once, while his father, Raska, let down his guard. He anticipated his father to block, however his block came late and Jons sword blew through the block and would have hit his father on the crown of his head, had he not stepped aside.

”F**k you almost got me! ” Boomed his father as he returned the favor with a crisp flick of his wrist.


This was a noise that would commonly be heard from the yard, outside their house. The noise brought a smile to his mothers face, but also sadness in her heart, for she knew her son would face great dangers in the coming days and years. She did not want to outlive her son, no mother does.

Soon the trials of Spring would be underway, and a few of the village boys would not make it back. The trial was to become a man, one needed to venture into the woods and survive for as long as it took to kill an adult wolf and bring back the pelt for all to see. This was dangerous as one could never guarantee finding a lone wolf.

After a few weeks, the village elder named Olaf came to the Berskaggr family to inquire about the timing of Jon Berskaggrs Spring trial. Only one boy could go through the trial at once, as to take away all help.

With the day set for later that week, Jon decided he needed to train his mind, his body was stronger than any boy in the area. He say next to the fire, drawing on the heat, he focused inwardly and felt the same warmth flowing through his body. Guiding him, his father told him to imagine a great flame in himself. This flame needed to grow, and along with growing the flame, powers would arise. ”Just like the ability to slow time, your physical attributes will grow and new abilities will rise. Build the flame to find the way, child ” Raska crowed.

As he sat there focusing his mind, he felt a vibration in his arms, slowly creeping through his body. In minutes the feeling spread all across him, through him as if he were in an earthquake. Once the feeling stopped spreading, it intensified. Jon could feel the fibers of his being fortifying themselves at the same time, that was the vibration he was feeling.

After the feeling went away, Jon stood and looked around. It was dark and he realized he was hungry, famished and ravenous even. He spied a bowl on the table and went to it.

The bowl was empty, however over the fire, roasting, was a big pot of venison stew. Filling his bowl with the rich, thick brown liquid, he greedily ate every drop. He ate his fill after 3 more bowls and felt tired. He collapsed suddenly, next to the table and slept for a day and a night.

Waking suddenly in his bed it was bright out, thinking he had only been sleeping for a few hours he went outside. As he got up and stretched, he noticed his figure was slightly bulkier, yet he felt almost twice as strong as before he meditated. The village elder, Olaf was there, confused he asked what had happened. When they answered, Jon nearly collapsed again. He wasted an entire day of training. After breakfast, the elder asked if Jon was ready for his trial.

Bow in hand and sword by his side, the elder led him deep into the woods. Jon was familiar with the area, but this was so deep that he only knew in what direction the town of Brokwood was. The forest vegetation was thick and the floor dark, lesser men would be scared from the sight, however Jon was determined to make his family proud.

As soon as the elder left, Jon knew he needed to find running water and make a shelter. He had no food for this trip but breakfast still sat in his belly, making him feel full and energized. Jon trekked through the woods for what felt like hours, but soon he heard a faint trickling sound. Water, the gift of life has been found. This trial was looking to be easier and easier.

Soon he came to a wide stream, following the stream uphill, he eventually came to the mouth of a spring. The water was crystal clear and cold as ice. This was good drinking water he found. Jon decided to make camp 40 yards from the spring. He gathered wood and vines to make shelter and before long, he had a basic shelter built.

Seeing that there was only an hour of light left, he went back to the stream to drink and fill his water skin. as he was returning he noticed the impression of rabbits feet in the moss. This excited him, because he loved the taste of wild rabbit meat and thought, ”This is the easiest time I have had in a year! With my skills I should be living like a king! ” As night fell, Jon had a nice fire going and decided to sleep.

That night he had a dream.

He ”awoke ” back in his bed, however it was not HIS bed. His sword should be next to him, and the bucks skull should be at his feet, however there were no sword or skull in sight. He began to feel anxiety creeping up on him and focused his energies. Feeling calm enough to get up and assess the situation, he rose. Looking around the dimly lit room, his eyes came to rest on a woman, clad in full battle plate, with fierce, glowing blue eyes. ”Jon, are you to be Champion of the Gods? ” As he opened his mouth to reply, he noticed his voice was gone. Seeing his panic, the woman spoke, ” Fear not, child, this is not the realm of earth, for we are in another dimension, my home, called Frosthorn. You are safe here, as time moves very slowly, you are safe on earth as well. Speak child and I will answer. ”

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