It was an icy, bone-chilling late Winter morning and Jon Berskaggr was on the hunt. His families food supply was dwindling and his father, Raska Berskaggr, had been out on raids with their Jarl, Svygard Bjornsson. While his father was out, as the firstborn son it was his duty to provide for his family in his fathers stead.

It was a long, brutal Winter and even the animals nestled in to avoid the blood freezing winds. Almost no hunts he had been on this season were successful. Jon knew he needed to bring home meat or his family would starve.

Jon Berskaggr slowly crept through the evergreen forest, praying to the God of the Hunt to bless him with a kill. He had been out here for 3 hours with no trace of an animal. As he slowly crept along he was watching the snow for tracks and the brush for fur. His vigilance paid off as he spotted a tree with its bark viciously scraped from its trunk, with deep scrape marks cut into it.

As his father took him hunting as a child and taught him, he knew this meant a large, and powerful animal had done this. His heartbeat quickened as he knew this could feed his family for the rest of Winter. ”Praise Tor, he has given me an opportunity and I need to make the most of it ” Jon said aloud.

Jon slowed his breath the way he was taught, he focused his energy into the center of his body and felt a warmth spreading through him. He was calm and steady now. He followed the tracks in the snow for a few miles, before coming to a nice, open clearing. The sun had melted the snow in a ring around the trees and nice green, tender grass was growing there.

As he crouched there, just in the cover of the trees he noticed a great and magnificent beast on the other side of the clearing. Jon knew he neede

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