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Premonition: exclusion or admission.

fallen or dead heroes for disobeying the Creators rules)

The top five: No, from the Teddy Mother:

(If you want to decipher or interpret them don look for the book of proverbs chapter 31)

1. Do not lack profits.

2. Do not turn off your lamp.

3. N

or be afraid.

4. Do not eat for free.

5. Do not give bad.

Do not lack profits!

All the time that a child spends preparing himself to reach maturity implies not lacking gains. These earnings are provided by the mother. In what sense?

Or rather: What does money buy you? All!

The crux of the matter is that Peluche must get it on his own once he reaches maturity. Thats why she sees him; working from the first hours of the day, until late at night, there are exceptions that she finishes her work in the evening.

Don blow out her lamp!

When does mom use a lamp? – Peluche asks himself.

-And the inner voice answers him-: At night!

And what about at night that requires lighting? Perhaps the light of the Creator is not enough for us, which are like eyes that watch over us, and illuminate our destiny – Peluche meditated.

And the inner voice whispers to him: There is darkness!

That: Doesn make sense to me? I only know: that I can no longer see for myself but that I need moms lamp.

oh! I know: Should I find out what mom understands? About the ”darkness ” in life!

Have no Fear!

It would have to be a sequence of things at the same time, if ”mom ” has money, she buys oil or fuel for the lamp and therefore, there would always be lighting; thus avoiding fear of the dark. – Perfect! Teddy said to himself: Im still working!

And what is fear? Should I be on moms mind? To know what is she afraid of?

Don eat for free!

It is a reciprocal activity, whoever works does so with an objective. And who benefits from the result of that work: Eat!

Being that person (It could be me! – he said to himself: Teddy) who Eats and who must fulfill another assigned objective: go to the Prays MDF Academy, for example.

Don give bad!

Mom must reciprocate the agreement with dad, not giving him bad: ”and every day of her life ”

It is possible that as a child, I must already be doing that. But it is in maturity, where it is evaluated. If Im doing it: Good! And not giving: Wrong!

Comforting and quite a challenge if I am so old, this idea of ​​not giving harm: should it endure?


These five attitudes are positive actions in life. Like a self-denial but with compliance.

Is it difficult to be an adult? –She listened to her work, in relation to that of her parents.

But the premonitory dream ”poses ” first: exclusion, and second: ”admission ”

I must take this as a sign of change (do not understand that they failed but that it is up to the child, according to this family, to join a parallel universe and even multiverses)

-Because if his exclusion is the reconciliation of the world,

-What will be your admission, but life from the dead?

First of all, exclusion has an end: ”the reconciliation of the world ”; the second has another purpose: ”life among the dead ”.

So: What materials will I use to procreate heroes?

Answer: MDF.

And how are these creations supposed to come to life? Teddy asked again.

And the inner voice answers: ”In your innocent imagination. ”

-I understand-: He answered, Teddy.

The life of these beings: depends on being connected to them in innocence or goodness and never in evil.

-You said well! –The voice affirmed-: The day you lose: ”the innocent spirit ”; that, day: ”the spirit of evil ” will visit you in troops of antiheroes. And you will have to fight against them and even more against yourself: I hope: ”You will be a winner when you defeat yourself ”.

At the time, his parents came and sang to him: other lullabies.

Every song. Lullaby, from Dad was an impulse that strengthened the goodness in his inner being.

Each kiss. Caress, from mom was the peace that goodness ignited in his inner being.

And almost, at dawn, it was heard:

Would there be anyone who would give up not lavish these and other attentions on his children today, to the point that he ”does not allow her to treasure other things ” other than goodness?

Teddy beware! – Cried the inner voice! Recommending:

Better wake up at once and do what you
e told to do. And do it well and better every day. And wait until nightfall, these fatherly promises.

There are so many others chosen, as called: Are you one of them?

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