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Chap9. The MDF Craftsman by Regeneration

l, who accompanies her parents enrolled in the Artisan Design Workshop.

And why not? Instructor Bierny: Is the dance partner also made? Said another little boy.

Who, to the sound of the sticky, traditional and magical music, moved his waist to a red-hot rhythm and drew his feet: steps, such that they attracted attention and occasional applause.

Come: I know how to dance Negroid! The little dancer replied.

But I taught you -said the father-: a man, robust, sullen with thick lips and large eyes and pronounced eyebrows.

Don even ask me –claimed the mother, a smiling young woman, with dark skin, but with such eyes that when she blinked, she made you dream and more with each movement of her hips. –Complementing her words with body movements and saying:

We went, each and every one of the family that we instilled in our children the love for the folklore of our can, we carry it in our blood for generations.

To take into account that the value of the workshop course of a few coins. It has awakened, the art, the passion, the family connection. The love of culturally sharing its history.

Community education has those ups and downs of cultural appropriation, of what is ours: it revalues ​​customs and traditions.

The Artisan workshop: Contextualizes and expands for a triple interpretation: textual, graphic and performance.

We participate in a value chain – I summarize Bierny, with this I wanted to consolidate the reasons for participating and what added value is attached for the benefit of the student.

And why don they appreciate my art? -Claim, a girl, who attentively observed the development of all the members of the aforementioned family.

Let us see – Bierny replied-: I will ask you the same question as Taraon Saulo:

And what name would you give to the drawing you just painted?

Kitsuya –This designation bears a resemblance to a manga character –Expressed the girl.

We know. -She mentioned, her older brother. Who wanted to know for their own eyes the offer of the CreaMYPE workshop.

I love to draw: manga – She explained, adding value to the workshop course. Adding:

And I see with great satisfaction that my sister will learn very well. Thus, every time I return home, I will have someone to share lines, sketches and television series with.

My parents will no longer say that I am ”A Chinese lost among streets drawn and painted in pencil and paper. And that I use the eraser, for every mistake I make without changing the page or the painter.

And if Taraon Saulo, he chose a dog that he named: Guarson. Bierny questioned the girl-: Tell us: Why, did you choose a turtle? –The girl, she explained:

They are strong, slow and they like vegetables. She – she She agreed her choice with her food tastes and her way of being: strong. Although sometimes a little, to attend, the calls to do family favors: that of going shopping, sweeping, tidying up…

Guys? -Said Bierny, pay attention for a moment: Raising his voice, to propose a question together:

We listen to you! They seemed, say, everyone present. Well, while they were talking, with their hands, they reviewed the craft packages that their parents: acquired.

Their eyes wandered to review: the labels and their small letters. Well, at the end of each class session; to the best students: they were rewarded with objects, sheets, stickers, handcrafted keyrings. Among others.

Suddenly, a group of newly enrolled students entered the classroom, as it was the opening week of the craft workshop. There was free access. Prior registration. For, other times, they should enter the schedule and scheduled class session.

We are a group of students from the ”Casa Grande ” Educational Institution -announced a young man, who would be the groups spokesman. Expanding, he said:

We signed up for the workshop course, because we want to, the ”artisanal – advertising ” specialty.

Yes. The provincial candidate has paid for our training; in order to return the favor: in advertising products – I explain, another young woman, who carried a fantastic youth backpack at the height of her left shoulder and in her hands she had a skateboard. Who announced to class:

I want to learn in my case: Artisan Design with mention in MDF.

I explain to you –Bierny interposed-: an explanation of the interventions to complete the information and close good participations: giving all the necessary data so that the goal of each participant is objective, verifiable and achievable. She then asked:

See that keychain, with the candidates photo?

And this one with a photo of a business…

Each and every one of them is the product of design. And they are told that they are ”handmade ”, because they use their hands to sketch the initial design, and then take it to the vector drawing program , and finally, recommend its cutting on a CNC or laser cutting machine.

Cool! –Exclaimed all the more than one hundred participants at the opening of the craft workshop.

In form: face-to-face, they were in part: about 20 participants between men and women, accompanied by their parents and relatives.

In form: virtual, the cap was completed by another 80 participants for the edition in the 4 scheduled class shifts.

For mixed lesson: face-to-face and virtual. Required: cell phone number and email. Please leave it in the secretariat of the Workshop.

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