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Chap3. Wake not Love: Sasry

How many times must I ”accept ” the professional whose ”appointment ” is against me? –He was sarcastically outlining a pamphlet. Who put him there: a **onky, tired of being without acting evil?

When the bad guys no longer have a place to apply their wickedness, they play ”political power ” without a defined democratic profile ”. He said another pamphlet.

For this reason, in the face of these realities, **onky uniformed schools were closed.

Ashly and Kevs parallel universe:

Aslhy: She learned to fly on her own. -Heard in Kevs voice: a suggestive statement.

And there were those who sang to him… -continued the chorus. To top it all off:

There are those who comb their hair in the air, unraveling a dream to live.

He goes between songs ”working ” and waking up to his existence


And the rest of the song? – Aslhy asked Kev, the fervent in love with her.

Good: You still have to keep living. Kevin replied. So I write or rewrite the rest. –Adding, in fugue:

But with you!

And he tempted her to be independent.

-Aslhy cordially closed her social network and continued with her business projects to meet the university work quota.

The family universe of Bierny and Kei Sky:

The expected third child; who at his young age also had a daily agenda, and what was mentioned he had to coordinate, take care of and control.

Well, at the slightest fall; it could provoke fear, for this you have to improvise games between pairs, which simulate directed and supervised falls to build character and support in the face of pain and the intrigue produced by taking the first steps.

This in all work carried out by small children, not so small and older ones… including the older ones in the home. And for all life.

Pa. Pa, a! Whoa whoa! –Misha hummed her first words. In anticipation of the whole family.

Making a wide closed circle with outstretched arms, the whole family: waited in turns, that Misha, at least one to two steps.

Pla, Pla! –They accompanied her daring journey with palms and finished off her cheek with intense kisses to congratulate him.

In turns, they exercised it:

-Lets try in the living room.

– Now lets go to the kitchen.

-In the corridor to the rooms.

Lets go to the patio, back of the house.

-Play in the front yard of the house.

-This week, we will take him to the park –said Kei Sk, let him see other small children as they walk, run and play.

What a good idea! They all said.

You learn by example and the flowery open nature of the park will adapt it to the reality of the first steps of it.

At his young age: Misha, he seemed to memorize the trip from the house to the park.

Practically: he had to go through 5 houses to the left and another 10 to the right and they would arrive at two different parks, as they agreed as a group.

Josh, who liked hamburgers: ”beef ”. He preferred certain parks ”where they sold some hamburgers: chicken, even the nutrients of fish sardines ” some benefits: better than the others.

Aslhy, I looked for the parks where they offered: anticuchos.

Key Ski liked foods made with flour: picarones: which were little rolls that, placed in decorative molds, were dropped into a boiling pan of oil.

In the town that Bierny used to visit: the balls of picarones, they were known as: Alegrías. Whose presentation in well molded pieces, bathed with a thousand sugar.

It is natural to see local people, from Chincha: buy in bags of 12 units.

Key Sky. She heard the doorbell ring and it was the babysitters turn: Susey, who more than a domestic worker was a contracted professional specializing in Early Stimulation.

Susey, she had a gift for people, and she told herself many in a delicate, beautiful and well-formed body. To her slender figure, she added certifications in initial education competencies. And she had the perfect profile to get a first-year-old baby to learn from the experts on toddlers. She say for the parents and for this fabulous babysitter.

And in her office, Key Sky, she began her work as an elementary school educator.

This family was a marvel of individual abilities and together they had all the skills to succeed in life.

Gone is the uncertain past of Bierny with its family drama and its tragedy in its beginnings with BitCoin, but in the end, of the history of BitLove. A young millionaire did it.

Although, a good man, he liked a modest and peaceful life, continuing to function socially and economically depending on a job like everyone else.

Well, to form new men and women of good, money is not much, the most is a home, educated, hardworking and capable by itself. And related to others and for others.

The ”political ” experience with Merchant Traddad in the novel XMonk Apocalypse Primate, left him a path for individual and community fulfillment; starting with a friendly, trustworthy family environment with a future.

The universe of Taron Saulo:

After an arduous operation, the young man ngrado, who was an extinct **onky, his bipolar nature: a howler monkey mafia hitman and a young man on drugs … seems to have been extinguished in the blood he lost.

He, well, he began to count: Taron Saulo.

Please call me by my real human name and not the transmigrated animal name. I will be very grateful if you consider this way of treating me.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is: Taraon Saulo. And just in case you have any doubts, Im not from Tarsus (I joke, after consenting to enter the dialogue)

From a very young age, I had to escape from the clutches of a stepfather, who beat my mother and abused my sisters.

I did not manage to flee, but the day that finally consumed his desire. That night he came into my room in the dark and harassed me. From there I repudiated my short existence; and expanding my strength despite physical and soul pain… I ran until I fell unconscious on the outskirts of the city.

Upon awakening, I was already part of a group of misfits and together we grew up to join the XMonk very young.

So we were captured, trained and turned into **onky. The rest of the story read in the novel XMonky Apocalypse Primate.

Taraon Saulo, the former XMonky hitman, continued recounting:

Assimilating as a scavenger of howler monkeys is an infernal trance, nothing compared to human life, then, being transmigrated from human to animal. You have to live more difficult, contradictory and unspeakable things.

But I don want to be too specific about my past; but the most cordial in this present that your attentions allow me.

The universe of the CreaMYPE Workshop for Taraon Saulo.

Thank you, friend Bierny for welcoming us, in your training center of the CreaMYPE Workshop, the judges of the correctional facility for minors, based on the new norms for the treatment of juveniles involved in organized crime. They gave a choice.

I preferred a workshop to a Solomonic outlet in my adult life. To a prison that I encouraged to form a delinquent profile, whose character is difficult to change, when you start as a child or very young.

In effect – Said the Judicial Officer, who gave him the approval of the recovery and having been informed of the TCreaMYPE center, he gave his consent and the act of commitment was signed for the best resocialization of young people.

I don understand as a human, I say; on the subject of possessions and paranormal experiences; but if I would tell you to apply, in this center and manage to keep the Study Scholarship.

As Supervisor of your performance is Mr. Bierny, for my part I will make the necessary visits to check that everything is going according to the established commitment and that today with your signature you give consent for its realization.

I listened to you attentively and I firmly believe that you will be a new young person, with social value and with a guaranteed professional future.

You start with something and then more help will come. Do not disappoint the hands that welcome you nor forsake the arms that shelter you.

The CreaMYPE Workshop curriculum has the same resocialization purposes, similar to what the prisons propose. The difference is, you have to value the freedom, to be someone for yourself. Fate gives you a chance. Take advantage of it! Who knows if it can be repeated? It will be for others for you. Defrauding your own destiny would touch the other option of commitment.

The judicial officer. He gave Taraon Saulo a good handshake and a cordial hug and wished him with a fatherly look -like a father who recovers his son-. Be an example, because behind you come many more. You have defeated death and life as it is presented to you is for victories in all the battles that are presented to you.

In the judicial precinct, the faces could not be distinguished, since almost all of them had their faces soaked with tears: of joy for the recovered health of Taraon Saulo, of hope for the opportunity of job training. Of conviction, then, to prison, it is better to live in a home -not animalized- and as humane as possible. Things of the Creator who loves the creation of him.

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