Go Home a Like Turtle

Chap12. Misael and his paper boats.

In parallel multiverses: women fight lovingly and the triumph of their battles are their children. Which have access to a triple regeneration: love, love and be loved. By GenxPrays.

This maxim was to form the character of each woman, without detracting from the high honor of motherhood inherent in each one of them.

She settled down, a time of warmth of home, another time of training for war and finally she must fulfill the maternal longing by giving birth to a son.

Something has changed in the dawn of humanity, which the Creator sentenced:

”The woman being deceived, she fell into transgression; but she will be saved by rearing children in modesty. ”

Man, on the other hand, has added a series of bad habits due to the ”spiritual ” distance with the Creator.

That take him away from the familiar universe, towards an enigmatic parallel multiverse, and bordering on the bipolar multiverses; from which it is almost impossible to return, where:

The day he manages to overcome one or all of those bad habits.

He will be able to have access: ”in person ” to the benefits of the Creators altar, where his Creator has reserved for him prizes in gifts, ministries and operations.

Listen to a message. Implies: receiving, missions; that they will impart if achieved: gifts. These gifts can be from the Prays Kingdom or the XMonk Kingdom.

That is why it is important that the human being, whatever his age, and the journey undertaken in his existence: between; personal universes, or family universes, in parallel multiverses or in bipolar multiverses.

Aspire to go out: ”in person ” to hear the Word of Prophecy.

When you can get out, come back, you get stuck, impeded, limited, upset (with negative spiritual manifestations or demons, which are bad habits)

The above is a sign of an error of understanding, they do not know the Prophetic Word of the Creator. And his spiritual senses are ”neutralized ” by not receiving from a good source, or from a ”chosen and called ” messenger such as: Bierny. Or participate in the improved version of the Prays that are detailed in the first novel, which begins this trilogy: ”XMonk Apocalypse Primate ” or the Apocalyptic Monkey Monk. This is followed by the present second novel: ”Go Home a Like Turtle ” or Go Home at Turtles Step. Finally; rewrite the third novel: ”Academy Artisan Procreation ” or The Academy of Artisan Procreation.

The world is prone to being dominated by machines. What would happen if man built those machines out of wood (MDF)? It would be easier to recycle!

It would be to limit the art of war, before the minimum exercise of evil.

Tenderness, design would return: Culture!

What happens if the umbilical cord is cut at the wrong time, or if they don breastfeed on time? Will it be the same if they give him other nutrients that replace the natural way of breastfeeding or feeding with maternal nutrients?

A break must occur in the parallel world, which makes it prone to bipolar multiverses.

This secret was unraveled, by the Prays warriors. Thats why he has new gifts.

Six Reasons for Bipolarity.

And man has another route traced to reach them:

Listing bad habits:

1. Don say Ill take revenge!

2. Do not love sleep.

3. Does not plow. You won find.

4. They will not be goods of blessing.

5. It is not wise: It errs.

6. Don get involved in gossip.

This list can review the reader in the book of proverbs chapter 20.

Apparently it seems like a list of trivial things whose activity to fulfill them is in daily life; and do not require great physical effort.

But not like that. Why it takes great willpower to accomplish each challenge set out in the list of Nos in a Man or Bad Habits in a Man.

Don Say: Ill Get Revenge!

The legend of the origins tells that Adam procreated two sons: Cain and Abel. Cain was jealous of his brother Abels offering, which was pleasing to the Creator.

He chose to trick him into the desert and killed him there.

Then the married couple: Adam and Eve, repented of their bad habits acquired in the temptation of Eve by the ancient serpent. Reason that caused indignation in the Creator: who by dint of incredulity of his creatures: Cursed the earth!

As there were no more two, ”after the marriage was consummated ” but only one. Both had fallen foul of their Creator.

Thus, to Cain who took from that land and worked it and produced fruit: ”Cursed ” and thus he wanted to offer an offering to the Creator: who rejected his intention. This provoked Cains wrath and his countenance became angry with the fire of Hades itself, a fire that led him to commit murder.

In exile he felt: grumpy, guilty and fearful. So he pronounced:

Anyone who sees me will kill me!

The Creator, far from hearing the sins and disappointments of his life. He gave him a sign for life in the midst of his fear of death. Saying:

Anyone who kills you seven times will be punished!

Thus, the Creator himself put the se

end of bad friends.

Cain having a son, he communicated this evil and the son uttered another ”evil ” invocation, invoking:

I will kill old man and young man.

And seven times Cain will be avenged!

Don love the dream.

One of the marriage difficulties is poverty. And one of the roots of this poverty is: to love sleeping.

Loving the dream, ”being idealistic ”; would say: Be a writer. An artist without a people!

Everything has its time. And there is a time to sleep.

Sleep time cannot be used for anything else.

The same would be said with the time of work. At that time you can not sleep.

not plow You won find.

Along with the prudent time to sleep and the efficient time for work.

A season is established to prepare the fields, if you want a bountiful crop. You must first: Plow the Earth!

It is not a trivial process, on the contrary, it is necessary to remove the stones from the land to be planted and place them appropriately, in such a way that furrows are made, thus there will be a path for man and a path for the flow of water.

If that is not the case. If the proper tense is not used and it will not be done personally.

When the harvest time arrives, when everything celebrates, they celebrate the good, abundant provision of the Creator.

He will have no sustenance: He will find nothing!

And their own, they would bow their heads, watching everyone else fill their barns. And that every day onwards while everyone is enjoying their food.

This family whose man did not plow in time: he Would suffer the shame of having: Hungry!

It will not be goods of blessing:

There are those who neglect the previous ones. He will brag or brag that he can cheat the family food supply.

He will consult what the oracle of family life designates.

Thus, he will borrow money, rent for a little bread.

To fill the house with objects much faster than everyone else.

By asking for ”credit ”, he will go into debt, missing the principle of no.

It will finally come, another season of plowing, and reaping.

And true to his bad habit…

He could not fulfill the covenants and promises of him. His word would be worthless.

His family for the same would fall into disrepute.

He will see parade: his wife and then his children to rent for a little bread.

He is not wise: he errs!

From the above, life becomes miserable.

And he chooses to continue borrowing, cheating and being a curse.

Getting drunk he will want to mitigate the lack of it, but it will not get worse.

Because all this will make him fall deeper and deeper.

Suppose that a wife, or a daughter or even a son (who must prepare to form new families and procreate new children, with these inherited bad habits, what future would they have!)

Don get involved in gossip!

More ridiculous, it was to be expected.

An idle being, who loses values, dignity for his own life and that of his family. What other bad habits will he fall into?

If he is not, performing a job, to provide what is necessary for the family sustenance, what does he spend time on? What does he spend his few resources on? Who does he associate with?

Finding out about other peoples problems is like carrying the ”hexes ” imposed by the Creator on others.

Interfering in other peoples gossip is turning the final page, the back cover of the book of his own existence and of the very history of his family.

It is to confuse the spirit, to contradict, to live in dalliances… to live with someone elses dream.

The universes mix in such a way that everything is darkness. The thickest darkness.

I ask, dear reader: What kind of gifts does a human being require in order to get out of this self-generated situation?

There are other mature men and boys with a certain destiny. They have the ability to get ahead because they save their lives by avoiding this list of bad habits.

Would you know about good habits?

Then you can help:

Comment how you did it!

Show your power to this decadent humanity!

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