”What? What is it? ” Joel desperately asked. The officer took a moment to gather their words before sighing deeply. They pulled out their phone and showed him a picture of the bathroom mirror that had a single word scratched onto it.


”Was there anyone in there? I swear someone went in there! The door opened and closed I heard it I did! ” Joel stammered out, his breathe caught in his chest.

”There was nothing sir. We
e bringing out an investigation team so they can search the premises and get some answers, ” the officer reassured. ”Now if you don mind, can you repeat what you told her to me? ” They asked while grabbing a small notepad out of their shirts breast pocket.

While they waited for the investigation team to arrive the Joel ran through the story again. Someone coming in and throwing red ink everywhere, hearing footsteps, seeing somebody in the hall, hearing someone go into the bathroom. All of it. Joel confirmed that he lives alone. He also confirmed that he was the younger brother of Josephine Sauveterre that was recently found dead.

”What does that have to do with anything? ” Joel asked and the first officer shook her head.

The investigation got there and began searching the small apartment. Red footprints were found throughout the house but as the hunted around they realized those were just Joels footprints from accidentally stepping in the red ink that soaked into the carpet.

Hours past and the investigation team couldn find anyone that would have come in or out. They reassured Joel that they would look into it further but for now they left him alone.

”You know what you mustve just imagined it. ” Joel reassured himself as he stepped inside to begin cleaning. He searched up how to get red ink off of surfaces but it was no use. Either he didn have the stuff for it or it just spread the ink more.

”Fuuuuck. ” Joel groaned, dropping the rag he was using to attempt to get the ink off the walls. He slumped back into the single chair by the small table, sighing heavily. Looking down at his feet he noticed they were still stained with red ink.

”I need to shower. Thats what I need right now. ” He thought before rising to his feet and grabbing some clothes. He froze at the door of the bathroom that was left wide open. Joel took a breathe and stepped in looking at the message scratched on the mirror before shaking his head and shutting the door. After a long shower Joel stepped out and dried himself off so he could get dressed. He shuffled in front of the mirror while drying his hair. Joel looked up into a reflection that was not his. Fear froze him as he looked into the cold dead eyes of Josephine Sauveterre in place of his reflection.

Ice was tangled in her hair and he throat bled from a deep cut. He noticed the reflection was only her head and a lifeless grin lay across her thing blue lips as she stared back at her terrified brother. The reflection disappeared into the darkness of the bathroom as the bathroom lights shut off.

A sharp screech escaped Joels just as he turned to sprint out of the pitch black bathroom, only to be stopped by the closed door. He slammed into it, stumbling back and slipping on water that was on the floor. Joel felt his head slam against some and heard something clatter to the floor with loud clinking. Fireworks exploded in his vision and he felt liquid trickling down the back of his neck before unconsciousness took over.

The lights flickered back on and Josephine stood above him, giggling.

”Oh you fool. ” She tsked with the same dead grin across her blue lips. Her giggles ceased the moment she heard knocking on the front door.

”Mr. Sauvaterre! ” A old mans voice called. Josephine curiously went to the door and poked her head through the solid object to see a small elderly man tapping on the door. He called his name a few more times before testing the doorknob. His brittle fingers struggled to turn the rusted knob but he managed to open the door. Its hinges creaked loudly as the elderly man shuffled in carefully.

”Oh my- Mr Sauveterre!! ” He shouted this time but the only response he got was his own echo throughout the little apartment. His eyes saw all of the red ink splattered everywhere and his heart pounded as he quickly shuffled around the little apartment. The old man noticed light coming from under the bathroom door and tapped his cane against the door frantically.

”Mr. Sauveterre! Are you in there?! Are you alright?! ” He asked but got no response. The water was not running so he at least knew that his voice wasn hidden by the sound of the water. The only sound was the rattling handle as the man frantically opened the door and found Joel Sauveterre lying on the bathroom floor unconscious. Blood dripping onto the tile as pieces of the ceramic toilet let scattered and bloodied across the floor and Joel himself. As the elderly man quickly called the paramedics he began doing his own physical check to make sure Joel was alive. He found Joels pulse and grabbed the towel that lay on the floor and quickly shook all the little pieces of ceramic off of it. Carefully kneeling next to unconscious Joel his applied pressure to the wound until the paramedics got there and took him to the hospital in a ambulance.

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