usconi just nodded at them and averted his gaze, the old lady grinned at them and the blond gave them a warm smile.

They returned the gesture.

After some time both girls sat down bored as classical violin filled the room alongside chatters and glasses clinking.

Suddenly two men came walking towards the table. Everyone was murmuring. One had jet-black hair with green eyes. His tuxedo looks like it is ripping from his body build. He looked about 6 feet, 4 inches tall. His hair was messy and he had a slight smirk on his face.

The second one had dirty blond hair that was gelled back. His black eyes shone with mischief as he scanned the room. He wasn as built as the other one but he had muscle sharp jawline, high cheekbones olive-tanned skin, and a straight pointed nose, just like the other one

Brothers? Lucinda thought.

When the boys reached the table, the black-haired one locked eyes with Lucinda. He winked at her and sat down. Lucinda felt her midsection churn.

”These are my sons, Lorenzo and Carlo, thats my mother Guilla, and that is my wife, Viola. ” Don Riccardo said pointing at the black-haired one, the blond boy, the old lady, and the plain blond respectively.

Adrianna squinted and realized the resemblance. As she looked at their faces, she locked eyes with Carlo, who gave her a charming smirk.

She ignored him and started down her palm.

”Why don you kids go hang around? We need to discuss something amongst ourselves ” Guilla said shooing the kids away.

They excused themselves and walked towards the bar.

”I wanted to say this but mama would have smacked me. Yall are smoking hot! ” Carlo exclaimed. Both girls chuckled. As expected he had a heavy Italian accent.

”Say…You wanna prepare some fire? ” Carlo asked bluntly.

Lucinda smirked and nodded knowing what it meant. A girl has got to have fun. Adrianna reluctantly agreed.

They drank a lot. Got wasted and spent the night in the most delightful way possible. But Lucinda had sticky fingers, she stole something from Lorenzo that she shouldn have.


**6 months before the present time.**

”Are you suggesting that they get married? ” Don Pietro said to the person on the other side of the phone. Don Pietro sat in his office alone with only the moon outside as his source of light.

”Yes ” Was the simple reply he got.

Knowing that defying would bring consequences he reluctantly agreed. It was his friend Don Riccardo we are talking about and there would be consequences anyway.

”Your daughter will marry my first son Lorenzo and the one whom you consider one of yours will marry Carlo. This way we will be stronger and Vladimir won see this coming. When we combine our mafia, it will be stronger than the one he is trying to build. ”

”Why the sudden interest in Vlad? ” Don Pietro asked intrigued.

”Our house was ambushed last night…He killed….. Viola ” Don Riccardo responded dismally.

Don Pietro exhaled loudly.

”Lets meet. ”

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