Lucinda Romano and Adrianna Ricci lay sprawled on the bed of their hotel room in nothing but bikinis, passed out from drinking and exhaustion. After weeks of partying in Vegas, they finally felt tired. They had overstayed and over-partied.

The sound of a phone tingling, Lucindas phone ringing, woke the girls up. The mixture of groans would send cats away that instant. Adrianna blinked groggily and kicked Lucinda who didn want to wake up.

Where the ** is your phone? Adrianna groaned. Lucinda mumbled something incoherent in response.

The phone wouldn stop ringing and they both had serious headaches. Adrianna groaned non lady likely and searched the floor. When she found it she almost dropped the phone when she realized who was calling.

Luce wake up. Shit! its dad She yelled. Lucinda jolted awake from hearing that and rushed to take the phone, almost tumbling down.

She took the phone and picked up the call and put it on loudspeaker, trying to sound as okay as possible.

Hello, father, she said and winced when her head started pounding. Adrianna started arranging the room. Her fathers cold deep voice filled the room.

Lucinda Romano, Il Ballo Sotterraneo, Florence.Two days from now. Don be late and wear anything as revealing as you two can. Lorenzo Berlusconi is hosting it. Without saying goodbye Don Pietro Romano hung up on the girls.

Adrianna and I shared a confused look, father has never invited us to one of these stupid ass balls where media men gathered and pretend to be each others friends.

FUUUCK Adrianna yelled but then winced as the pounding in her head increased.


Lucinda walked with Adrianna with their father leading them.

With drinks in hand, they watched men pretend to be friends with each other. It was always so predictable.

They had arrived not long ago and their father came to get them, now he was leading them to their table.

Lucinda, dress in a long, black dress with a high neck and slits at both sides. An expensive dress that Lucinda felt very comfortable in. With a diamond necklace adorning her neck and a Torrida pump from Christian Louboutin. With a silver purse in her hand, she walked with grace.

Adrianna on the other hand wore a grey mermaid lace dress with spaghetti straps. A black pouch and an expensive pearl necklace.

All heads turned when they passed by tables.

At last, they got to their table and sat down.

Since their father was familiar with the hosts family, they got to sit with the host and his family, though the host wasn present himself

according to their father.

Three people were sitting around the table. An old lady with a pink lace gown and dangling earrings. A man with jet-black hair and ebony eyes, who everyone knew as Don Berlusconi. He was ruthless and cold, just like the girls father. Lastly a woman with pale blonde hair and green eyes. She was beautiful.

”Riccardo, Guilla, Viola, these are my daughters, Lucinda and Adrianna. ” Pietro introduced.

Don Berl

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