Flawless. (Book Two)

Three: Is There An Amish Sign-up Sheet Somewhere?

Mayas ribs through the fabric of her skirt. She was so petite, Emily could probably pick her up and spin her around.

They pulled away, pausing a few inches from each others faces. Mayas eyelashes were coal black, and there were tiny flecks of gold in her irises. Slowly, Maya tilted Emilys chin up. She kissed her gently at first. Then harder.

Emily felt the familiar whoosh of excitement as Mayas hand grazed the edge of Emilys skirt. Suddenly, she reached underneath it. Her hands felt cold and surprising. Emily eyes shot open and she pulled away.

The frilly white curtains in Mayas room were open wide, and Emily could see the Escalades, Mercedes wagons, and Lexus Hybrids in the parking lot. Sarah Isling and Taryn Orr, two girls in Emilys grade, sauntered out of the restaurant exit, followed by their parents. Emily ducked.

Maya sat back. ”Whats wrong? ”

”What are you doing? ” Emily covered her unbuttoned skirt with her hand.

”What do you think Im doing? ” Maya grinned.

Emily glanced at the window again. Sarah and Taryn were gone.

Maya jiggled up and down on the beds creaky mattress. ”Did you know theres a charity party this Saturday called Foxy? ”

”Yeah. ” Emilys whole body throbbed.

”I think we should go, ” Maya continued. ”It sounds fun. ”

Emily frowned. ”The tickets are $250. You have to be invited. ”

”My brother scored tickets. Enough for both of us. ” Maya inched closer to Emily. ”Will you be my date? ”

Emily shot off the bed. ”I… ” She took a step backward, stumbling on the slippery hooked rug. Lots of people from Rosewood Day went to Foxy. All the popular kids, all the jocks…everyone. ”I have to go to the bathroom. ”

Maya looked confused. ”Its over there. ”

Emily shut the crooked bathroom door. She sat on the toilet and stared at the print on the wall of an Amish woman wearing a bonnet and an ankle-length dress. Perhaps it was a sign. Emily was always looking for signs to help her make decisions—in her horoscope, in fortune cookies, in random things like this. Maybe this picture meant, Be like the Amish. Weren their lives maddeningly simple? Didn they burn girls at the stake for liking other girls?

And then her cell phone rang.

Emily pulled it out of her pocket, wondering if it was her mother wanting to know where Emily was. Mrs. Fields was less than pleased that Emily and Maya had become friends—for disturbing, possibly racist reasons. Imagine if her mom knew what they were up to now.

Emilys Nokia blinked, One new text message. She clicked Read.

Em! Still enjoying the same kinds of *activities* with your best friends, I see. Even though most of us have totally changed, its nice to know you
e still the same! Gonna tell everyone about your new love? Or shall I? —A

”No, ” Emily whispered.

There was a sudden whoosh behind her. She jumped, bumping her hip on the sink. It was only someone flushing the toilet in the next guest room. Then there was some whispering and giggling. It sounded like it was coming from the sink drain.

”Emily? ” Maya called. ”Everything okay? ”

”Uh…fine. ” Emily croaked. She stared at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were wide and hollow, and her reddish-blonde hair was disheveled. When she finally emerged from the bathroom, the bedroom lights were off and the shades were drawn.

”Psssst, ” Maya called from the bed. Shed laid seductively on her side.

Emily looked around. She was pretty sure Maya hadn even locked the door. All those Rosewood kids were eating brunch downstairs…

”I can do this, ” Emily blurted out.

”What? ” Mayas dazzlingly white teeth glowed in the dimness.

e friends. ” Emily plastered herself against the wall. ”I like you. ”

”I like you, too. ” Maya ran a hand over one bare arm.

”But thats all I can be right now, ” Emily clarified. ”Friends. ”

Mayas smile disappeared in the dark.

”Sorry. ” Emily shoved on her loafers fast, putting her right shoe on her left foot.

”It doesn mean you have to leave, ” Maya said quietly.

Emily looked at her as she reached for the doorknob. Her eyes were already adjusting to the dim light, and she could see that Maya looked disappointed and confused and…and beautiful. ”I should go, ” Emily mumbled. ”Im late. ”

”Late for what? ”

Emily didn answer. She turned for the door. Just as she suspected, Maya hadn bothered to lock it.

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