FALLEN (Sequel)

Love and Hate

Stop this and move away from her!, I will not hurt, but don do this again, cause I know where you live!, Mark added warning the guy whos now running his way out without even fixing his pants that is down his legs.

Mark saw Kochiko in her poor state still sobbing. He scanned her mind and checked where she knew the guy. The man is a recruiter and he helped Kochiko to be able to enter the modelling agency. He makes out with her and also use her to get clients for money. Poor Kochiko!, Mark said very sad.

Hi!, are you okay? Mark asked Kochiko fixing her self up and trying to stand up to thank Mark by bowing to him. No, don worry, you were hurt, just rest and Ill be here and stay with you for a bit. Sleep now!, the angel added smiling at Kochiko.

Who, whooo are you?, Kochiko asked gladly. Im Mortha, an angel and I heard you were in danger so I came to help. Do I know you from somewhere?, she asked looking at his face thought very bright, he is still seen visibly since he is just 5 feet away from Kochiko lying down the bed.

Yes, well, I have seen you before, now go and call your manager and trainer. They need to know about your recruiter. Okay!, and Ill get going to help other. See you around Kochiko!, Mark added smiling and he disappeared in front of her. Kochiko was mesmerized and surprised he knew her name. Well he is indeed an angel. Oh I need to contact Harry and Benj!, they need to know what that ** Gordon did to me. I need to file a complaint with what he did to me, Kochiko said while calling her manager, trainer and the police.

Gordon Gonzalez was convicted of frustrated **** and sexual harassment. He and Kochiko fought on trial after trial until he was imprisoned. There were many girls who he also used for money and sex trade. Kochiko went back to Japan for vacation. She rested there to forget and heal of the trauma she experienced in her recruiters hands.

Mark was glad while he saw what happened through his power of senses and mind. Now he flew from left to right, north, south, east and west. He helped many and gave inspiration to men, women, the youth and families. He was tired and his powers needed replenishing so he decided to go home to Belle. He missed her so much too and he wants to kiss and be with her immediately.

Oh Mark, what are you doing now? Where are you? Do you miss me? I miss you so much!, Belle said while lying on bed. Its pretty late at 11 p.m. until she fell asleep. Mark left for several days and Belles family started to ask questions. For some reason, Kochiko came home for a vacation and now its definite. She will be back in L.A. after a week or two.

Mark flew down in front of Belles house. He has his own key on the garage. He knows that Belle and everyone is already asleep. He was so tired anyway, so he needed sleep and recuperate from all the power escaping him due to the issues, problems he needed to solve for the humans he encountered in the past few days.

Belle has no idea Mark is already home. Mark is on the bed sleeping soundly without even changing his clothes that is so dirty and worn. Shita, on the other hand came down the garage and opened Marks room. She is just curious about Mark thou she knows he is still out somewhere. But with her great shock…Oh my! Mark is already home, he is so stinky, uh uh, I need to tell Belle, shell be so happy, Shita added running out of the room back up the first floor. Belle just woke up and heating breakfast. Belle!!!!!, ha, ha, haaah!, Mar…MArrkkkk is home!, Shita said catching her breath and very excited. Huh!, Don lie to me, its bad to lie, Belle said not believing the little girl. No…Im telling the truth, go see for your self!, Shita said trying to convince Belle. Okay, If you
e telling the truth Ill buy you a delicious strawberry short cake later, hehe!, Belle added touching Shitas nose by her point finger. Eat your breakfast and prepare for school, call Ojichan to join you too. Ill be right back and check up on Mark. Shita agreed nodding her head.

Belle, didn know what to feel, but shes so excited. Her heart is beating fast. But shes scared at the same time on how to approach Mark. She still has the reservation that she shouldn fall for this angel for she knows hell be gone or go back to where he really belongs in the future.

Belle saw Mark and out of pitty, she hugged him though he is laying flat on the bed, his back revealing the dirt, torned top and bruises. Where did he go and how did this happen to him? He is an angel..but? Belle now teary-eyed, tried to wake Mark but he didn budge. He must be pretty exhausted from the flying, Belle told her self. She then took Marks shirt off, even his pants and underwear. Her face turning red seeing the whole handsome body of this masculine and hot angel in front of her.

She went to the bathroom on the right side of the bed and got a pail with water and sponge to clean Marks body. He is still asleep and he can feel the lightest thing Belle is doing for him. She then tried to lift Marks body to clean his front side. After a heavy lift she was able to do it and gently touched using the sponge Marks face, neck, down to the chest, erhmm!!, Belle clearing her throat while blushing seeing Marks naked body. He is so beautiful and….when she is about to reach his private parts, she looked on the other side and continued cleaning that part including his torso. She is about to head down Marks legs when…

Hi!!!Mark said in a soft voice holding her right hand. Hiyaaa!!! Mark, Im so sorry, did I wake you? Ah, I just wanted to clean your body cause you
e so tired and….Belle said out of embarrassment still looking on the other side. No its okay, look at me Belle!, Mark added feeling happy and loved by Belle. Thanks!, I missed you so much and I love you, Mark pulled Belle close to him and hugged her so tight she can breathe. Then Mark looked at Belles face and touched it. Now he is looking on her lips, Belles was so stunned with what Mark did. But she looked into his eyes and saw his affection, the color of his eyes now turning to golden yellow. He kissed her lips gently, then his tongue came out. Mark saw the idea of kissing using the tongue with the couple he helped while they were doing it. The guy had a heart attack, so he rescued him by trying to prolong his breathing until the ambulance came to give him first aid. As an angel he can mess with nature and the cycle of life. Only God can do that and he can only protect, support or inspire. But he can change the course of life or death and nature.

Belle was surprised how Mark knew how to kiss like this but she accepted. Mark then touched her breast and continued kissing her torrid now. MArrrkkk..ha ha ha!, Belle is now burning up, her body is feeling the extreme sensation Marks kisses and touches give her. He then kissed her neck, Belles bossoms, now exposed since Mark unbuttoned her top without knowing it. Belle, Be….lle, I, I, wait, ahhhhh!!!, Im so sorry, Belle, I didn know what Im doing, I just really miss you and….Mark added confused looking at Belle as If scared for disrespecting her. Oh Mark, I missed you too, and its okay….I love you too…Belle said reassuring Mark she is happy to see him and its okay. So, I should get back up and breakfast will be cold. Fix your sexyyy, ah er…self. Ill wait for you on the table, okay, Belle said teasing while she button her blouse. Mark smiled back and saw he is naked, covered it with the sheet instantly. Oh dear!!!, Belled said still blushing and feeling Marks kiss all over her, while walking back up for breakfast.

Ojichan and Shita went to school and me, well, on a dreamy state thinking about how Mark desired for me. How did I get so lucky? But haaaa!! I hope this feeling and Mark won leave me. He is the one I am praying for for a long time. Haay! Mark, Mark, Maa….

Yes, Belle!!! He he!, Mark said on a plain shirt and fitted, worn out jeans, looking at Belle while she is calling his name seated on the breakfast table. Ha ha!!! Sit now and eat…Belle became serious and hid her shame looking at the other side.

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