Cekaj Layla!, nemoj to raditi! (Wait, don do that!), Mark shouted while a woman is about to jump at a hilltop in Istria, Croatia. Numerous houses can be seen nearby her home. Layla T. lost her husband due to an accident that was reported to be a deliberated killing of her billionaire partner. She was being accused to have murdered him but the truth is, Ivanov has lung cancer since a chain smoker and was terminally ill for six years now. She needed to consent in his last dying wish to be there with their friend doctor to perform ”euthanasia ”. Layla can disclose this traumatic and sad event for the T. Family is one of the tycoon families that has absolute power over the Croatian market.

Layla, you still have your daughter and she needs you. Everything will turn out fine. Tell them the truth. Ill be there to support you. I know Ivanov left you the company and his billions along with his debts, but you will manage to clean his mess. Just wait for another year, you will resolve every little issue and revive the greatness of T. Company.

Layla suddenly woke up as if she was hypnotized and fell down on her knees crying, asking for forgiveness. Mark was tapping her back and whispering a prayer for her comfort.

Hvala vam! Layla now as if reborn with an absolute feeling of strength and determination to revive their company and her daughter even if shes on her own. She believes that shes not alone. Ivanovs spirit and her angel will help her with everything, She is so sure that she wanted to run to her daughter and hug her with all her heart.

Haaa!!!, I have been in everywhere in the world. I feel so tired now. Last stop is Croatia. Wow, I was able to visit and help out 5 countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Croatia and 15 cities naming Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Wellington, Hamburg, Berlin, Rome, Venice, Istria, Dovrovnik and more. I think thats enough for the two weeks. I need to go home now, Mark thought while flapping his wings for the take off from Ucka Mountain. Faster than the speed of light hes home with Belle and her family. He fell in front of the Sun house and its already evening.

A neighbour called out to Ojichan to advise that there is a man lying in front of our house. The Hatchin family, is very sweet and concerned. Mr Hatchin is a retired army man and served Japan in the wars since his father was one of the Imperial Japanese Army during WW II. Grandpa haven talked much about what war he faught for but having his wife Mrs. Hatchin is enough war he needed to face every day because of her armalite mouth, so Ojichan says. Ojichan woke me up and asked for help carrying Mark to his room. I turned on the garage parking metal frame and we slipped Mark through. He was really heavy but I can see that he got thinner. His face, very pale and his body cold as ice. Ojichan advised me to heat water and we need to give him a soft and warm bath. Ojichan took off Marks clothes including his underpants, for all was wet and icy cold. Though I know hes an angel and won get sick, I still worry for him.

Poor Mark!, I thought almost crying for his sakes. Ojichan said that I need to clean his body up and put the covers for him provide enough heat for his body to have that normal temperature. So I continued to clean Marks body not minding whether I see his private parts. I just worry about his condition and I hope he wakes up soon. While waiting for him to recover, I didn realize I have already fallen asleep beside him. My head resting on his chest.

Mark woke up and saw Belle sleeping soundly on his chest. He was so happy to see her and brushed her hair gently so as not to wake her up. Belle, I missed you so much and I was scared not being able to see you. I thought I would die of sadness and despair because of the people I helped and reached out to save. But only you can save me, your love, your smile and your whole being, I miss and always desire to have and be in forever. Haaa!!, Mark thought deep in his heart, feeling that need to touch and be touched, love and be loved, to be in Belle and her in him. Marks eyes changed colour to golden yellow and as if magic, light is covering him and Belle who is wiping her eyes to clearly see Mark in his glory glowing like a grand god in gold and glitter. Ma…aaarrkkk!!??

Hi Belle, thanks, I feel great…I missed you!, Mark said going back to his normal self, now sitting in the bed with the covers around him. You are my strength and love Belle, and I love you so much, you give me the power the world couldn give me. Like a charm and the sun, your light covers, warms and give me energy, especially making love to you, Mark added caressing Belles face and hugging her tightly without even thinking he Is totally naked behind the covers. Yes, I love you too Mark, you are my angel and my love forever, I added hugging him too and now initiated to kiss him on the cheek then the lips. Mark then kissed Belle, not able to control his feelings for Belle. He groped and kissed her mouth deeply and hungrily.

Mark, I have missed you really!, are you hungry? Belle asked while resting her half body on Marks chest. Now, they
e both on the bed. Belle didn mind Marks nakedness under the covers. Im famished alright, I want to eat you!, he said kissing my neck and biting it jokingly, then licked it and kissed it again until the kiss turned to not being able to control and went down my chest. Mark touched my breast with his left hand cupping it, now slipping his hand under my shirt and massaged my breast repeatedly. I was huffing and moaning while he does this. I decided to take off my shirt so he can have full access of my body. Mark didn waste time, while hugging me with his right arm from the waist to my back, his other hand is continuing its exploration of my breast. His mouth is still kissing me on the lips and tongue all over my mouth crevices. Ahhhh!!, Marrrrkkkk! Ha, ha….ha…what I can only reply from all this.

I love you Belle and missed you so bad….I wanted to do this for the month I was out and all…Mark whispered in my ear. Now he uncovered his body and laid me on his bed my back flat onit, still touching my breast. He sat and unbuttoned my shorts and took it off, then licked my leg and waist, then my stomach and chest. I in return, kissed him on the chest and bit every bit of his muscles and abs until he cried and moaned in pleasure as I place myself on top of him. I wanted to give him the love I wanted since he was gone for a long time. Mark was unaware because he was so into the kisses I gave as if hypnotized him ( the mortal me, hihi!).

Then I reached and held his private part and mouthed it. I blew him away as I repeatedly went in and out for a couple of times until he almost burst into flames. He is now heated up and wanted to be in me so with is strength carried me on his lap and placed his on mine. I groaned a bit for its been a long time I felt it inside me. I don remember his so big and uncomfortable now. But Mark was careful and he breathed on me with hot breathes that made me sweat more than ever.

Without taking his out he laid me in bed flat on my back and slightly quivered with the tingly feeling of his on mine. Then Mark moved in and out again and again faster and faster until it didn hurt anymore. I was moaning, groaning and wanting to die right now with exquisite desire and ecstasy. My God this is heaven, I think. Mark and I were sweating profusely and couldn stop the moaning. Our breathing were shallow but we
e almost there. And then the bonfire exploded to enormous flame hotter than hell I would say. Haaa..hahhh..haaa!! We both said in a whisper. I love….you, the only words we are able to say, now…

What a sexy and romantic day this is, unforgettable indeed. Mark was quietly dozing off and me, just looking at how beautiful he really is. I hope I can have you forever, be mine, Mark, my angel.

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