Evolution of Goo

5 - Incompatible Squad

Lilith followed the group like she were a slave as they entered the wall. Made of much rougher material, the wall was battered from battle as it creaked shut behind them. Leading the group into an odd-looking room, Joseph had everyone stripped.

Even the necklace shed been given was taken from her as she continued to look forward in confusion. Above them were sprinklers as scorching hot water fell down onto their skin.

”Wash the filth from your bodies! ” Joseph yelled to the group.

Joseph was standing to the side, ensuring none of them attempted anything fishy. His eyes were pasted on Liliths perfect body. Unable to hold in the lust, his pants pitched a tent. The others groaned in pain while Lilith uncaringly scrubbed her body down with her hands.

”Since the waters not hot enough for some of you, Ill make it hotter! ” Joseph said sinisterly as he walked over to a valve on the wall and turned it up.

*Ahhhhhhhhh* Screams filled the room.

Lilith still uncaringly scrubbed her body down as if nothing had changed as her skin turned red from the heat. She even started beginning to lose health due to the extreme heat.

[Health: 80/100]

Joseph made the others suffer while he watched Lilith continue scrubbing. He didn understand what was wrong with her, leaving them all burning for five minutes. Eventually, Joseph shut the water off as he threw six sets of white jumpsuits exactly like the one Lilith was wearing on the wet ground before them.

They all put on the jumpsuits simultaneously as Joseph tossed Lilith her necklace back. Putting on the necklace, the others seemed to realize Lilith was causing them pain. She was the only one not screaming from the pain of the scorching water. Hatred filled their gazes as they looked forward.

Leading the group out of the showers, Joseph led them into another room, except this time, a large rusty mechanical eye was mounted onto the wall. Much larger than what had scanned Lilith earlier, Lilith assumed this was a much older version of the scanner.

This time, Joseph left the room, shutting the door so the others couldn escape as the red beam penetrated their flesh. Pain struck them as the five curled up into balls from the intense pain. Lilith, however, was unaffected as she patiently waited for her body to be scanned. An hour passed as the five nearly passed out from the immense pain. When it was all over, Joseph opened the door as he looked toward the five on the floor and Lilith, who was still unaffected.

Joseph was completely astonished at Liliths pain tolerance. No normal creature could endure this much pain without flinching. Shaking his head in disbelief, he waited a few minutes for the five curled up in balls on the floor to gather their bearings. Their hatred for Lilith grew every second.

Joseph then led them into a small conference room where a man looked at a screen with their reactions to the hot water and scanner. His eyes were pasted on Lilith as he looked at the screen intensely.

*Creeeeeeaaaaaaaaakkkkkk* The door opened.

Entering the room, Joseph led the six to the side, where he had them all look toward the man.

e relieved of your post! ” Wilson stated, holding his hand out.

Handing Wilson the communication stone, Joseph put his hands to his side as he saluted.

”Yes, sir! ” Joseph yelled as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

Wilson looked over the six as his eyes stopped on Lilith.

”My name is Sargent Wilson! You may address me as sir, nothing more. ” Wilson yelled.

Silence filled the room as he looked over the six with a grimace.

”When I speak to you, you scream, Yes, Sir! ” Wilson yelled over the six.

”Yes, sir! ” The six yelled.

”Louder! ” Wilson yelled.

”Yes, Sir! ” The six yelled as loud as they could.

”I want this tone when you speak! Nothing less!! ” Wilson yelled.

”Yes, Sir! ” The six responded.

Wilson started pacing as he looked at everyones physique. Lilith was the only one with an untrained physique out of the six as he looked at the mens defined muscles. When he came to Lilith, he sighed as he shook his head in disappointment.

The others noticed as they made it out to themselves to train hard.

”You have two options! Join the military and fight for our countrys honor, or become a Class 2 citizen, which is even worse than most slaves! ” Wilson said.

Approaching the first in line, Wilson took everyones answers as he arrived at Lilith.

”Military, Sir! ” Lilith yelled.

Wilson didn see any determination in Liliths eyes. A blank page for him to mold into whatever he wanted as he smiled sinisterly. He knew shed be under his jurisdiction.

”Since no one wants to be a slave, Youll be chipped and sent off to training camp, ” Wilson said.

Walking to the door, Wilson went soft on the group giving them some freedom before it was taken away.

”Line up, and Follow me! ” Wilson yelled.

Following Wilson, the six arrived at a room with twenty robotic chairs. If a mechanical monster existed, these looked like spiders with eight arms that terrified the five. Lilith was more interested in what they did as they each quickly sat in a chair.

Once they were all seated, their feet, knees, belly, chest, and arms were restrained as something was directly implanted into the back of their heads. Lilith felt a needle piercing the back of her neck in the same spot Sara showed her. As if it was attached to her nervous system, Lilith immediately noticed when it was connected.

[Virtual ID Registering]

[What is your name?]

[Name: Lilith Hecata, Race: Halfling, Gender: Female, Age: 16, Physique: Untrained.]

As if it replicates her entire body, her Virtual ID appeared as a 3D image of her naked body. With a thought, she could see the outfits at her disposal as she put the white jumpsuit on her avatar. Besides, it was a representation of her attributes, which shocked Lilith. Even her intelligence was shown on the Virtual ID.

[Lilith Hecata (Halfling)]

[Condition: 80/100]

[Strength: 0.1]

[Speed: 0.1]

[Intelligence: 0.1]

[Perception: 0.1]

Even my Health is listed on my Virtual ID… Lilith thought, completely astonished.

Wilson looked at Liliths stats and was surprised to see that she was completely useless. Something that was rarely seen, especially from races who would need a communication stone to speak. The others lacked intelligence but made up in speed, strength, and perception from living outside the city.

”This is called a Virtual Link. This is the identification that will get you where you need to go. Information starting will be restricted while training. However, if you can become strong enough, youll have the opportunity to gain military access. Even normal citizens don have the opportunity to reach this level of information. ” Wilson explained.

Lilith realized she only had permission to see her Virtual ID and nothing else. There was something called Virtual Realm, Forums, and Market. However, they were restricted.

Wilson led the six into a large hovering bus that was black armored, covered in beast claw marks and all kinds of scratches. The seats were metal and uncomfortable, as the snake-man couldn even sit. Taking off, Wilson waved off the bus leaving the six to go to the training camp without him.

The car ride to training camp was long as the five looked at Lilith in disdain. The snake-man was the first to make a move as she slammed Lilith against the wall breaking her ribs. Laughing like he had done something great, the others joined in as the two elves snapped Liliths arms. The Satyrs stomped on Liliths legs, breaking them each. The only one who didn join in was the Orc, who didn seem to care less about what Lilith had done.

[Health: 50/100]

Arriving at the camp, the doors opened to Liliths bruised body falling out. Trying to stand up, her knees were broken in opposite directions, the same with her elbows and caved-in chest. The instructor saw Liliths completely demolished state as she tried standing up with her broken limbs.

”Everyone out! Get in line! ” Denis said, pale at Liliths appearance.

”Yes, sir! ” The five shouted.

Slithering over Liliths body, smashing her into the ground, the snake man went in front, followed by the two elves and satyrs who stepped on her back. The orc was the only one who didn step on Liliths demolished body as Denis worriedly contacted someone who could do something.

[Health: 5/100]

Standing out under the sun, the five waited an hour while Denis made them wait for the doctor to arrive. When he arrived, he looked at Liliths pitiful appearance as he quickly got to work. Once her bones were healed, the doctor looked toward Denis in confirmation as he left her bruised body the way it was.

[Health: 30/100]

Lilith was unfazed as she quickly got into the back of the line behind the orc. Denis looked at Lilith like some monster. She had almost died. However, she didn scream or yell. She took it and stood up as if nothing had happened.

The training camp was massive, with four training battalions. One Battalion consists of 4 Companys. One Company consists of 4 Platoons. Meaning there are 24 Barracks for training soldiers and 2,400 training soldiers. That wasn including the 600 personnel on the island.

The sounds of yelling were heard as the group stood under the blazing heat for their orders. Denis waited until he felt the group was ready to continue over the next hour as he brought them to the barracks, where they would train for the remainder of their training.

As if appearing from nowhere, six large duffel bags with everything they were going to use in training appeared at each of their feet. After opening their bags, each wore green cotton shorts and a shirt with no undergarments. Their white jumpsuits were taken away by Denis.

They were given two sets of clothes and one canteen. Aside from that, there were other necessities, like razors for shaving, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shaving cream, running shoes, boots, and a training outfit.

Lined on each side of the windowless barracks were 25 bunk beds and 100 beds altogether. Two trunks, one on top of the other, sat in front of the beds for the two bunked. On each bed were white sheets covered by a green cotton blanket and a pillow in a white pillowcase. Neatly tucked in and squared away.

Denis instructed the six to their bunks in the back, with Lilith on the left side considering she was a girl. They were the last to arrive at Platoon 13 as they put their duffel bags into their trunks, flip-flops under their beds, and a towel over the bed racks. Denis wasn going to let them off easy, though. Once they were done, he had them get into a plank position and hold it until the platoon arrived back at the barracks.

Two hours of being in a plank position later, the platoon arrived. Lilith was still going strong with her unlimited stamina. However, the others were struggling to keep up. Entering the barracks, Sargent Kelly entered the barracks with her 94 men and women marching behind her.

Denis looked to the six as he sighed.

”This is Platoon 13. Youll be training under Sargent Kelly! Her assistants will be Staff Sargent Lary and Staff Sargent Mire. I don want to see another incident like earlier happen again. If it does, the consequences will be worse than a few hours of planks! ” Denis said as he walked out of the barracks.

”Left, Right, Left! ” Kelly yelled to the platoon.

They entered the barracks in two lines as they each arrived at their bunks. Lilith and the five were still in plank position just out of the way as they all turned to the middle of the barracks.

”You have one minute to prepare for baths! ” Kelly yelled across the barracks.

Lilith got up from her plank position and stretched her arms. Bruises covered her entire body as she bumped into her bunkmate. It was a small girl, a Rikishin at the same height as her.

”Watch it! ” Val said angrily.

Lilith was surprised, thinking back to what Sara had said. The females are supposed to be submissive and docile. Yet, this one seemed confident and even slightly domineering. Looking down, she was exactly Liliths height, with white hair and solid red eyes.

Everyone quickly undressed, covered in towels. Their clothes are in their hands, ready for the laundry sacks. Lilith followed the exact motions of her bunkmate as she saw the orc who arrived with her struggling to keep up.

Kelly slowly counted down to one as she slowly approached the orc who wasn finished preparing for showers.

”Looks like well need extra time for scuzzy today! ” Kelly yelled as looks of hate appeared on the platoons faces.

Slowly counting up, Kelly started counting as the whole platoon fumed in rage. The orc was trying to go as fast as he could but was being rushed, so he made plenty of mistakes.

”Hurry up, you **ing dumbass! ” Jordan yelled angrily.

”Ohh? We
e going to speak without being spoken to now? ” Kelly said, looking back at the platoon.

Ignoring the orc, she looked back to where she had heard the voice. She looked around at all the guilty eyes as she stopped in the center of the barracks. The orc, at this point, was standing ready for showers as Kelly looked at the room.

”Who just spoke! ” Kelly said, looking around.

”Private James, Sargent Kelly Mam! ” James yelled.

James was the most well-built in the whole platoon. Even if they forced him to do extra training, it wouldn affect him much.

”Private James, I want ten extra laps tomorrow at PT! ” Kelly yelled.

”Yes, Mam! ” James yelled.

”One and Two, gather the laundry! ” Kelly yelled.

The two men at the first bunk quickly ran into the back room, where they got large laundry sacks. One by one, the recruits started walking in a circle, putting their laundry into the sack, and eventually arriving back at their bunk.

”You have 15 minutes for showers! ” Kelly yelled.

The recruits started waddling to the showers in their towels and flip-flops. Stripping completely naked, they folded their towel, entered the showers with their soap, and quickly washed the important parts of their bodies.

The men couldn keep their eyes off the women as they lusted after their bodies. Lilith and Val were the shortest two in the platoon as they washed their bodies quickly and exited. Lilith had even brought her toothbrush as she walked around the showers to the sinks and brushed her teeth.

The bathrooms had three sections, 50 toilets on the left, 50 sinks in the middle, and a rain system in the shower room on the right that could fit 50 people. The water was boiling, making things extremely unbearable for some.

Lilith followed James, showering, brushing her teeth, and getting her clothes from her trunk. Putting her clothes on, Lilith quickly folded her towel and placed it on her racks, storing her flip-flops underneath. Paying close attention, Lilith found that everything needed to be done a certain way. For instance, no touching the floor with bare feet. You had to balance on your flip-flops and get into your socks.

Lilith mimicked James as she waited for the others to finish. This time everyone was on time with everything as Kelly once again walked out of the backroom and inspected everyone. Walking past Lilith, Kelly walked about a third of the way past the back before she grabbed someones towel and threw it in front of the recruit.

”How about you look at others examples and fold the **ing towel, right! ” Kelly yelled to the girl.

”Yes, mam! ” Jane yelled with tears in her eyes.

Continuing to walk down the center one by one, Kelly threw four more recruits towels onto the floor, telling them they were wrong, as she arrived by the showers looking back at the recruits.

”1 Hour Cooldown period until Lights out! Since our final recruits are here, the real training starts tomorrow! ” Kelly yelled as she went into the back room.

Looking at the mess left in the bathroom, Kelly looked back at the recruits with a vicious stare.

”Oh, and I better see this washroom cleaned up before cooldown. Otherwise, and extra hard PT! ” Kelly yelled.

Once Kelly entered her room, the recruits gathered into groups and started chatting while some exercise in the back. Some opened their chests and started making arts and crafts too. A few brought their scuzz brushes and started cleaning the washrooms.

Lilith ignored Val and returned to where Sargent Kelly had entered her room. Weights were lined on the back wall, and a pull-up bar that people worked out with. Lilith wasn a person of many words, but she didn want to sit around and do nothing.

Unable to even pick up a 10-pound dumbbell Lilith began bodyweight training. Her body was barely even 65 pounds. However, that didn stop her. The orc that arrived with her wanted to work out when he saw Lilith struggling without any weights at all. She had just been beaten to an inch of her life, and she was training like this.

”You strong? ” Grog asked.

Lilith ignored the man as her arms shook from the overbearing weight. Her stamina could only do her so much as she did her best to hold herself up. Lilith was weak so using her weight alone was more than enough. Exiting the room, Sargent Kelly noticed Lilith working out as sweat soaked her body from its intensity. Lilith didn appear to be lifting much. However, the determination she was showing was far more than anyone else.

Even more surprising was that Lilith had pitiful stats across the board, meaning she was doing it with minuscule amounts of stamina. Kelly was extremely impressed by Lilith when she remembered her job.

You have one minute to prepare for scuzzing! ” Kelly yelled.

The entire barracks went crazy as recruits quickly threw their stuff into their trunks and grabbed their scuzz brushes. Everyone made it on time, slipping and sliding in their socks as they looked straight ahead in front of their bunk. Arms locked out in front of them with both hands on the scuzz brush.

”When I say Scuzz, you Say Brush! ” Kelly yelled.

”Yes, Mam! ” The whole platoon yelled.

”When you say brush, brush the dirt to the center of the barracks, ” Kelly yelled.

”Yes, Mam! ” The whole platoon yelled.

”When I say wall, I want you all behind your racks touching the wall, ready to scuzz, ” Kelly yelled.

”Yes, mam! ” The whole platoon yelled.

”Wall! ” Kelly yelled as the whole platoon ran to the walls.

”Scuzz! ” Kelly yelled.

”Brush! ” The whole platoon yelled.

They scrubbed the floor back and forth for an entire hour as most grew exhausted. They weren allowed to touch the ground with their knees as they were forced to hold themselves up on a plank the entire time. Kelly didn go easy as she sent the platoon through the wringer.

By the time they were done, everyone was exhausted and ready to sleep. Recruits 1 and 2 quickly brushed the dirt into a dustpan and threw it away as it was time for lights out.

”Lights out! ” Kelly yelled.

The entire barracks grew quiet, and everyone was in their bunks. Lilith, who had unlimited stamina, didn care for sleep as she got down from her top bunk and started to work out. There was snoring, sobbing, and weird sleep noises throughout the knight.

Lilith eventually made her way in front of Kellys room and started working out again. Lilith didn care if she was going to be punished or not. She wanted to get stronger. She was going to find a way, whether the military allowed it or not. She was silent like a ghost as she did her workout until Kelly opened the door to the barracks.

Lilith was working silently in front of her door, in the zone, unable to notice Kellys presence as she did her squats. Lilith barely made a noise as her breathing was perfectly controlled. Kelly watched for five entire minutes, completely astonished by Liliths endurance. Suddenly the lights in the barracks turned on as everyone got from their bunks and got onto the lines.

Like a deer in headlights, Lilith was caught red-handed working out as Kelly looked at Lilith.

”Whats your name, recruit! ” Kelly yelled.

”Private Lilith, mam! ” Lilith yelled.

Looking back to the platoon, Kelly had a vicious smile.

”Private Lilith here spent her entire night training! You know what that means! ” Kelly yelled.

The entire barracks was silent as she looked over the recruits.

”Half-day PT, ” Kelly yelled.

Complete dread fell upon some of the recruits faces. If you couldn complete a certain week of training, you were sent back a week, and some of the recruits were repeaters. Half-day PT was complete misery to people who weren prepared. What felt like endless running and repetition of workouts. They were in store for a fun-filled day.

The recruits put on their shoes and marched to physical training(PT). Just outside the barracks was a large field. There were 25 pullup bars, 50 50-lb ammo cans, 25 lanes of 100-meter dashes, and another 25 lanes of 100-meter lunges. Around the field was a large track where the recruits would have to run.

With only one canteen of water, Lilith did 100 pullups, over an hour, into a mile walk with two 50-pound ammo cans causing her arms to break in an hour, into repetitive 7-second 50-meter dashes continuously over an hour, into constant 100-meter lunges. Initially, Jame was extremely competitive with Lilith, trying to keep up with her. His times were faster, but he grew tired. Like a mindless zombie, Lilith appeared to effortlessly breeze through the courses nonstop.

Kelly couldn believe her eyes as she questioned whether Lilith should be in this platoon. Contacting a higher authority, Kelly sent videos of Liliths performance and Virtual ID to the special platoon, wondering if this was enough to take her.

Within the next hour, a hover car arrived on the field beside Lilith as she continued her 100-meter lunges. Stepping out of the car, an old man inspected Liliths rough form and unstoppable work ethic when he looked at her Virtual ID. Despite her intelligence, Liliths stats had increased by double in a single day. However, her body was breaking down.

From what Kelly told him, Lilith was burning her life in unstoppable training. Kelly didn know Lilith was initially beaten up by the group shed arrived with, but the old man knew. Liliths flesh was completely bruised, her muscles torn, her tendons almost falling apart, and her bones broken. However, Lilith didn show signs of slowing down. If Lilith had someone to heal her, shed be unstoppable.

In a flash, the man appeared in front of Lilith, looking at her zombie-like eyes. Lilith was dehydrated, her health was slowly going down from her damaged body, and she didn want to stop.

[Health: 5/100]

”Private Lilith! ” Fu yelled, snapping Lilith out of her daze.

”Yes, sir! ” Lilith yelled.

”I think a different training regiment should be given to you. What do you say? ” Fu yelled.

”Yes, sir! ” Lilith yelled.

Liliths body was in rough shape, her outer appearance was bruised, but inside she was falling apart. Fu could immediately tell that some of her organs were failing as he grabbed her small body and brought her into the hovering car.

The car door shut as Fu started healing Liliths battered body. Flying in the direction of a forest, the car stopped at a small traditional house. Lilith was uncomfortable laying on Fus left arm bent over as he healed her with his remaining hand.

”Can you put me down… ” Lilith sighed.

”Ohh? You snapped out of your frenzy… ” Fu said, opening the door to the car.

Fu and Lilith sat on a log by a fireplace exiting the car as it flew off. Fu was astonished by how well Liliths body took his healing as he finished healing her body. It only took him twenty minutes to entirely heal Liliths body from nearly dying as he looked at Lilith in intrigue.

[Health: 100/100]

”What drives you? ” Fu asked, looking into the forest.

”I just want to enjoy life… ” Lilith sighed.

”Working this hard will kill your body… ” Fu explained.

”Then Ill die… ” Lilith responded without a second thought.

”Follow me… ” Fu said, standing from the log.

Lilith followed Fu past the traditional house into a small shed. Inside was a black outfit that was made of stretchy material. Fu brushed the dust off and handed it to Lilith.

”Put this on… ” Fu said.

Lilith immediately stripped naked and put on the outfit without any hesitation. Fu had his breath taken away by Liliths flawless body. Not a single scar or imperfection could be seen with her intense training. He wondered how someone with such pure genetics was found outside the city.

Fu noticed the communication necklace around Liliths neck as he saw Saras signature. He quickly contacted Sara over the Link to find more information. Sara gave Fu all of Liliths information to Fu within immediate contact. Sara didn think her grandfather would find interest in Lilith.

The black suit was skin tight, with only a single neck hole. Sliding into the suit with her small body, she wiggled her fingers and toes into their individual holes. Once Lilith put on the suit, it tightened around her body like it was living. The number 1 on the back of her neck appeared, indicating the suits weight. Lilith was astonished by the suits breathability. It felt like she were completely naked inside it. She could even feel the wind from outside the shed.

Fu had already read up on Liliths information as he admired the skin-tight suit on Liliths body. Her nipples poked through the thin fabric, along with the shape of her butt and slit.

”This suit can clean your body, simulate weights, and do much more… If you
e too uncomfortable with your body, you can put on your uniform over the top, but we
e the only ones in this forest. Use your Virtual ID to see what it can do. ” Fu explained.

Lilith opened her Virtual ID, which showed her avatar in the skintight black suit. Besides it, there was a weight load of 1lb. Underneath that was gravity intensity which was ordinary at 10lbs. There was cleaning, conditioning, and even a storage function to store food.

”Storage? ” Lilith asked, confused.

”There should be food and water already stored inside, ” Fu explained.

With a thought, her Virtual Link pulled up her suits storage, listing what was available inside. There were 1000 lbs of cooked meat and 1000 lbs of water at max capacity storage. Lilith pulled out one portion. A 10lb steak and 10 lbs of water. Lilith was completely shocked as she looked at Fu for confirmation.

”I already sent you proper techniques that go along with the suit… Youll train 24/7… If you don quit within the first month, Ill consider taking you as my student… ” Fu said bluntly.

”You said my body won be able to handle it… ” Lilith said, confused.

”Ill be healing you twice a day every 12 hours… ” Fu responded.

”Then Ill be in your care for this month… ” Lilith said, walking outside.

Lilith felt this Fu person was similar to Sara, who had given her the necklace. However, she wouldn complain about being able to increase her strength for free. Opening up her Virtual Link, Lilith opened up the training manuals that Fu gave her.

The first training technique was a 100-step yoga session that trained every muscle inside the body. Fu watched as Lilith completed an entire set effortlessly like she was born for it. He didn tell Lilith that the technique was nearly impossible for ordinary creatures. The excruciating pain creatures would be too much for their minds to bear. Something Lilith didn need to worry about.

[Learned 1/10000 Endless Yoga]

Lilith saw a new section inside her [Skills and Abilities]. Learned skills appeared as it showed Liliths completion of learning her endless yoga technique. Fu watched Lilith effortlessly complete the technique, unaffected by the pain as he looked at her, completely astonished.

”Don forget the suit can stimulate weights. It isn supposed to be easy… ” Fu complained.

Lilith was merely testing Fus techniques as she looked at the other technique. It was an unnamed technique that encouraged the creature to be beaten repeatedly to increase defense. It wasn only being beaten; poison tolerance and others were also included.

”This technique… ” Lilith slowly said, slightly confused.

”It uses the energy in the body… I could already tell… You have shattered meridians… ” Fu said.

”Then how do you expect me to train it if I can use energy? ” Lilith complained.

Fu handed Lilith a detailed training regiment, with designated breaks for drinking, bathroom, and everything shed do within the entire month. She was completely speechless as she looked at the completely outrageous regiment Fu had given her.

”Im expected to be able to complete 1000 lbs of weight full-day training within the first month? ” Lilith asked in disbelief.

”Ill be healing your muscles, stimulating their growth… If you complete the regiment how its written, youll be able to complete it… If you give up, you can immediately head back to your platoon. ” Fu complained.

”Can I contact you if I need healing sooner? ” Lilith asked.

”If you can last for a week, well talk terms… ” Fu complained.

”Whatever, go away, old man! ” Lilith complained.

”Ill be back in 12 hours… The regiment starts now! ” Fu said, vanishing.

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