Evolution of Goo

3 - Lilith Hecata

Darkness enveloped Azazel as he noticed a box in his vision.

[Would you like a second chance?]


Yes, Azazel thought without question.

[Choose a difficulty.]

[Easy] [Medium] [Hard] [Impossible]

Impossible, Azazel said without a care.

[Impossible Difficulty will make surviving nearly impossible. Are you sure?]


Yes, Azazel wasn even sure if this was real or a dream.

[Choose a type of being.]

[Undeath] [Corrupted] [Living]

Corrupted, Azazel thought in response. Hed always been a little corrupted.

[Corrupted beings are despised by both the living and the dead. Are you sure?]


Yes, Azazel thought without hesitation.

[Choose a size.]

[Tiny] [Small] [Medium] [Large] [Huge] [Gargantuan]

Tiny, Azazel didn want to be too big.

[Tiny creatures are often devoured by their larger kin. Are you sure?]


Yes, Azazel knew runts were often killed off but didn care.

[Choose a realm.]

[Realm of Undeath] [Realm of Chaos] [Realm of Living]

Realm of Living, Azazel thought.

[Corrupted are killed on sight in the Realm of the Living. Are you sure?]


Yes, Azazel didn know why it kept asking if he were sure.

[Choose a curse.]

[Infestation] [Lycanthropy] [Vampirism]

Infestation, Azazel thought.

[Infested creatures are volatile and often go insane. Are you sure?]


Yes, Azazel thought, wondering when this questionnaire would end.

[Initiating Transfer Process – Realm of the Living]


Like a spiraling rollercoaster, Azazel felt his mind spinning rapidly for a few minutes when he felt everything stop. A small tear opened up in an F – Rank dungeon as Azazel fell through onto the infestation-covered ground.

[Transfer Complete] [Infested Grounds F1]

Azazel had been reborn into a tentacle-shaped goo. The infested ground appeared like flesh that had turned into a paste over time and reeked of rot, emitting a red miasma-like mist. The infestation was a collection of hundreds of millions of infested spores turned to paste combined together in a single mind.

Everything in an infestations territory was a sentry, from the ground to the eyes watching. These eyes are suspended from the ceiling from flesh strings or impaled on a large spike of flesh. Blinking every so often, the eyes would help the mind understand what it was against.

Azazel had arrived at the base of one of these flesh spikes as he tried moving his body. With his sluglike movement, he found pieces of something entering his goo. Unable to tell if he was moving, the pieces eventually filled his goo to the point where he couldn move at all.

What is this? Azazel wondered as the flesh entered his goo.

Azazels goo felt nothing but satisfaction as the flesh absorbed into his goo. He didn understand what he was, what was entering him, or where he had arrived as he patiently dissolved away what was inside. Surprisingly when he was absorbing something, time for him seemed to move faster.

Unknown to Azazel, he had somehow managed to position himself underneath the spike as it slowly dissolved down into his goo over the next 24 hours. The spike Azazel was absorbing was miniature compared to the others around as it slowly seemed to vanish.

[Absorbed Living Flesh]


Once the spiked eye had been absorbed into Azazels goo, time seemed to stop as he felt something changing inside. Something corrupting him, changing his body for better or for worse.

[Do you accept your new life?]


Yes, Azazel thought without hesitation.

Suddenly, the pain from the slime mold returned to his goo as he felt it continue to combine into his every cell. His goo quivered in pain so unbearable it collapsed under its own weight as he lay there, hoping for it to end.

[Integrating… 1%]

[Corrupting Host… 1%]

Thoughts of violence filled his mind as he felt something slowly creep inside, like a cold chill sneaking into the depths of his soul, making its home within.

[Integrating… 5%]

[Corrupting Host… 10%]

The whispers grew louder as they planted themselves in Azazels very soul. Whispers of evils from his past life filled his mind, springing a new hatred for humanity that changed how he viewed the world. Hidden in the depths, they attempted to corrupt his body and soul. Even his goo started turning darker every second.

[Integrating… 10%]

[Corrupting Host… 20%]

Taking hold, Azazel listened to nothing but the truth from the whispers. They didn speak in harsh tones and spoke gently as he listened carefully as the cold chill worsened each second.

[Integrating… 20%]

[Corrupting Host… 40%]

Azazel had listened to all the voices had to say as he stared at the silent darkness. Something had changed. He felt almost no remorse for violence as his mind repeatedly experienced Gregorys inhuman torture.

[Integrating… 40%]

[Corrupting Host… 80%]

Azazel replayed past memories, yet he didn understand why humans were so volatile. The slightest wrong could spur a war over what hurt feelings. The more he replayed his past. The more distance grew between them.

[Integrating… 50%]

[Corrupted Host]

[Infesting Host… 1%]

Azazel felt something different inside of him, corrupting him permanently. His goo had turned black from the corruption. However, that was when things got worse. The infestation had started to form, like tiny spores in the center of his goo, eating away his every cell.

[Integrating… 60%]

[Infesting Host… 20%]

The pain was different from the burning sensation before, cooled down by the corruption. Instead, it felt like his body was turning into something else, forming an entirely different organism that was eating itself away.

[Integrating… 70%]

[Infesting Host… 40%]

The pain worsened as Azazels black goo appeared to be boiling on the outside. If he were a creature with organs, he would have died already from immense pain and organ failure. However, instead, his goo took the brunt struggling to adapt.

[Integrating… 99%]

[Infesting Host… 99%]

At this point, Azazels mind could barely keep awake from the immense trauma he had felt over the past day. Insanity, violence, terror, pain, lust, and a feeling of something unknown hidden within constantly barrages his mind when everything suddenly stops.

[Infested Host]

[Integration Complete]

[Calculating Difficulty Rewards]

[Dificulty: Insane]

[Being: Corrupted – Nearly Impossible]

[Size: Tiny – Nearly Impossible]

[Realm: Living (Hostile) – Nearly Impossible]

[Curse: Infestation – Nearly Impossible]


[Status Recieved]

[Shop Recieved]

[Quests Recieved]

[Skills and Abilities Received]

[Meridians Shattered]

Azazel was completely changed. Unable to feel pain, it was converted into pleasure. His empathy had completely disappeared, and his mind jumbled with infestation and corruption. His goo wasn in any better shape, once a tentacle-shaped goo. Now appeared like his goo was festering in rot from the infestation. Even his color had changed pitch-black from the corruption.

Unlike the letters from before, the notifications vanished. Azazel could feel something engraved into his soul as he carefully inspected each section.

[Status] [Skills and Abilities] [Quests] [Shop]


Name: (Nameless)

Race: Goo

Cultivation Talent: (Shattered Meridians)

Physical Stats: (Locked as Goo)


[Goo] Level 1

[Morph] Level 1

[Absorption] Level 1

[Corruption] Level 1

[Infestation] Level 1

[Tiny] Level 1


Azazel was confused, looking at all his skills as he tried looking closer at each individual one.

His [Goo] skill allowed him to better manipulate his goo, giving him the potential to unlock his physical stats.

His [Morph] skill was self-explanatory. It allowed him to morph into any creature he absorbed. However, the morph had to be born and grown like any other creature. However, something interesting was the replication of a creatures every cell. He could grow into an exact clone of the creature he absorbed.

His [Absorption] skill allowed him to absorb basically anything. However, the limiting factor was the amount of goo he was made of and the speed at which he could absorb the thing in question.

These three skills were easily controllable, unlike the remaining three he was about to examine.

[Corruption] could allow a creature to obtain power. This power, of course, had a cost, which was the creatures sanity. Normally creatures couldn stay alive long enough to become fully corrupted. However, if they somehow made it. Insanity would follow, destroying everything in their wake.

[Infestation] was something far worse than corruption. A curse of affliction that would not only eat away at a creatures body but transform them into something different. Starting with skin sores, followed by rotting flesh. A creature would slowly get eaten by the infestation until it eventually became a deformed monstrosity called infested, whose only goal is spreading the same infestation they were afflicted with.

[Tiny] was something interesting. Azazels body would be significantly smaller than its normal counterpart, regardless of its morph and race. Even goo, which was normally a creature of a few thousand pounds, was a small tentacle, barely even 1 pound.

Azazel then examined the shop where he saw his absorbed mass, which was the currency, where he could purchase the morph of the creatures, he absorbed. Slightly confused, Azazel thought [Morph] could be freely used without a care, but he couldn be more wrong.


Absorbed Mass: 5 lbs

[Morph – Living Flesh] 5lbs


Lastly, Azazel opened up his quests as he questioned what they even were in the first place.

[Recieved Quest: Escape the Infested Rift]


Escape the Infested Rift

Arrive on Floor 3 (1/3)

Living Flesh Killed (0/?)

Flesh Heart Killed (0/1)

Rewards: Not Calculated


Unable to see, Azazel wondered if he could gain eyesight from the living flesh creature he had absorbed. Everything he absorbed was imprinted into his soul, so he knew he absorbed an eye. He just didn know how Living Flesh was born.

[Morph – Living Flesh] [-5lbs]

Morphing, Azazels goo grew smaller until he formed a microscopic spore. Already on the ground, the spore was stuck as if it were glued into the infestation permanently. Azazel wiggled his body which was now a spore, as he violently tried to escape.

Why fight, young one… The Infestation asked gently and slowly.

Azazel heard a soft feminine voice permeate his mind as he stopped moving. He couldn see anything, as he thought he heard a voice.

I want to grow stronger… Azazel responded, unsure if it could hear him.

The infestation grew silent as it decided on this interesting spore.

Hmm… Do as you wish… The infestation said gently.

Azazel felt the infestation release his spore as he slowly collected the spores around. Azazel was surprised by how complicated the living flesh was. A collection of spores turned into a creature over a long period of time. These spores ate away at the flesh of other living creatures, duplicating themselves and creating more living flesh.

Azazel was vicious, collecting as much living flesh as he could. To his surprise, he had limitless endurance as he never grew tired of collecting away. An entire day passed as hed formed a creature the size of a marble.

An eye is beside you, little one… The infestation said gently.

Azazel wondered why the infestation was soo agreeing with him absorbing its flesh. It was even helping him find an eye so that it could see. Blindly rolling around in circles, Azazel eventually found the eye the voice spoke of.

When his flesh combined with it, he could control the eye in his flesh and even move it around freely. Poking out the top of his body, a large flesh tentacle with an eye was hanging from the ceiling above Azazels blob of living flesh, staring directly at him.

Hmm… Ill leave you on your own from here… ” The infestation said as the tentacle disappeared into the flesh above.

Azazel was shocked by what he was seeing. He was in a large tunnel of smooth flesh ten by ten feet high. He was barely even the size of a marble as he looked around the room. Azazel felt like the infestation was misunderstood. It was so much bigger than living flesh. It was a collection of spores.

A group of living flesh was walking around the cave floor as Azazel examined their appearances. Two looked like fleshy dogs with an assortment of teeth inside their mouths, drooling constantly. The one leading was a humanoid with two legs, an almost bulbous body with a large tentacle of flesh for an arm. The dogs each had three eyes, while the humanoid only had one.

Azazel held his position as he watched them pass through the tunnel without care. With his insignificant size, a creature the size of a human could squash him without even trying. Waiting a few minutes for them to pass, Azazel tried similarly manipulating his body.

Hours passed as Azazel grew in size, absorbing the flesh around. The spores that made up his living flesh, even he couldn see as he grew to a point where his body stopped growing entirely. Since he was a human before, he took on the exact shape of a human. However, he couldn replicate their size.

At this point, he had the shape of his past well-built self, aside from only being smooth red flesh. He found two humanoid eyes discarding the other, and his teeth were found with the bones left over from some horned humanoid creature. His size reached an astonishing 1-foot height as his eyes and mouth were much bigger than they needed.

I wish I could hear… Azazel sighed, sitting on the ground, looking at the tunnel.

Suddenly the tentacle of the infestation grew out of the wall once again as it looked at Azazels 1-foot body resembling a human almost perfectly. It was confused as to why Azazel stopped absorbing the living flesh around. Don all creatures want to be stronger?

Your… Body… You should eat… The infestation said, talking to Azazel like her child.

Azazel sighed as he looked at the large tentacle in front of him. Never would he have expected this infestation to be so friendly.

I can grow… Azazel responded.

No need to grow… The infestation sighed.

If I can grow, then why eat? Azazel asked.

See… The infestation said, pointing toward the cave floor.

A humanoid creature grew from the flesh as it grew bigger and more deformed. The larger it got, the larger and thicker its limbs were to keep standing until it eventually collapsed under its own weight. The tentacle, with an eye, seemed slightly depressed as it looked back at Azazel.

Eating makes us stronger… The voice said mournfully.

Azazel tried to understand the infestation as he looked at his status.


Name: (Nameless)

Morph: Living Flesh (1ft)

Cultivation Talent: (Shattered Meridians)

Health: 100/100

Stamina: ∞

Strength: 0.1

Speed: 0.1

Perception: 0.1


I don understand? Azazel sighed.

Eat and see… The infestation said, watching over Azazel.

Standing up, Azazel formed a tail that dragged along the ground, eating away at the living flesh beneath him as he started working out. The tentacle wanted him to be stronger, and working out was the only way he knew how.

Never feeling fatigued, Azazel continued absorbing flesh and working out for the next 8 hours as he absorbed more than 1000 pounds of living flesh. Working out, Azazel ran nonstop, dragging his tail across the ground as the living flesh absorbed inside his body.

The infestation watched him pace around the tunnel, absorbing the surrounding flesh, not growing. Astonished, it was completely taken away by how something could have such a unique ability. Some creatures had unique skills at birth, but being small was something only a few creatures could benefit from.

Even more so was Azazels unique body. The infestation knew Azazel was living flesh, exactly the same as the spores it was spreading. Only one thing was different. Azazel was an entirely different type of infestation. The infestation could tell Azazels body had something eerie, mixed with corruption lying dormant within his body, something that even its kind couldn hold a candle to.

The infestation watched Azazel carefully as it created another creature of living flesh that appeared in front of Azazel.

See strength… The infestation said as it sent a large human-shaped living flesh to Azazel.

Azazel ran as fast as he could and leaped into the air as he used his large tail to smash down on the humanoids head. As if his tail were a blunt weapon hitting a watermelon, it exploded, sending living flesh everywhere. The living flesh became almost useless and walked aimlessly, unable to see without its eye.

Interesting… Azazel said, looking at his stats. Eating increased all his stats significantly.


Name: (Nameless)

Morph: Living Flesh (1ft)

Cultivation Talent: (Shattered Meridians)

Health: 100/100

Stamina: ∞

Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Perception: 1


(One point is equivalent to an average medium size adult creature untrained.)

What is this health… Azazel wondered when suddenly information filled his mind.

Health was the life inside a creatures body. Even the undead had an undead undeath. Once it reached 0, the creature would be considered dead. Azazel didn just learn health, though. There was also something called stamina which affected living.

Stamina was the fatigue of the body, but not any physical damage. Like health, once it reached 0, the creature couldn do anything. Their bodies would collapse from exhaustion. This, of course, meant undead and infested creatures had the upper hand regarding endurance. However, the living made up for this difference with intelligence and speed.

Unlike the living, most infested and undead creatures lacked intelligence, as Azazel noticed the stat missing. Only when an undead or infested creature became strong enough could it gain its intelligence, similar to the infestation Azazel heard speaking to him.

The living, however, was entirely different. Each creature was born with intelligence that could be trained over their life. This intelligence made the Realm of Living one of the most dangerous realms.

Azazel didn know, but speed was normally locked at 0.5 for most undead and infested creatures. Similar to his locked stats as a goo. He didn know that his living flesh was already two times the speed of the larger infestation.

I see now, eating makes me stronger… Azazel responded, bowing to the eye in respect.

The living is here… I need to go… The infestation said gently, retracting its tentacle in the flesh above.

Azazel wondered if this had anything to do with escaping the infested rift as he dragged his tail along the ground absorbing the living flesh. He dashed through the tunnel, where he found a large cavernous area with a hole at its center. Like flesh bridges, they allowed the living flesh creatures to travel throughout the infestations hive.

Its a hive… Azazel immediately recognized as he looked around for the living creatures he had heard about.

Unable to hear, Azazel couldn tell if anything was around when he suddenly saw a group of flesh creatures slowly running into a large tunnel. Following in pursuit, Azazel followed the creatures hiding against the walls of living flesh as he saw a group of 10 humanoids.

A massive fat man, 9 feet tall, dressed in silver knights armor, took the brunt of the creatures with his large shield. Three swordsmen dressed in lighter knights armor were slicing away at the fleshes eyes, completely blinding them from seeing.

Two archers were shooting the eyes of the living flesh from the back in light leather armor. The remaining four, dressed in mages robes, patiently waited behind the archers. Azazel didn know what the humanoids dressed in mages robes were wearing, nor did he know why they were doing nothing.

The infestation was watching above, repairing the broken, living flesh creatures with what eyes were available in the area. Azazel watched as the infestation resurrected the living flesh creatures repeatedly until all the eyes in the area were destroyed. The living flesh alone didn have intelligence, so what remained were creatures aimlessly walking around waiting for slaughter. An hour passed as the group completely destroyed the flesh creatures returning them to the flesh ground.

They know the fleshs weakness… Azazel thought, watching the knights finish their slaughter of the living flesh.

Do you not fight? The infestation asked softly in mourn.

Azazel had no empathy for the infestation. He had his sights on a tiny female, the mage dressed in golden robes healing the knights one by one. Their exhaustion seemed to fade away as their vigor reappeared. Questioning this world, the green light shined like a beacon to Azazel, forcing him to understand that this world was completely different from his past.

The healer visibly became exhausted after fully healing the four knights. Her appearance grew pale, barely able to stand as she held herself up from the flesh below.

*Pant Pant* Anna struggled to stay on her feet.

”Thanks, Anna! ” Deen said to the healer.

”Lets get moving… We don know how many floors there are… ” Steph said arrogantly, looking at Anna in disdain. One of the mages who were standing around the entire fight.

”Lets wait for Anna to regain her mana… ” Seth, one of the knights, said wearily.

”We brought four mages, and three of us are standing around… ” Steph said arrogantly.

”I-its fine… L-lets go… ” Anna weakly stuttered submissively.

”Whats it hurt? There aren any more eyes around… ” Jim, one of the knights, said uncaring.

Continuing past Azazel in the large tunnel, unaware of his presence in the flesh wall. The group continued until they arrived at the large cavern. Seth could almost sense Azazels lingering presence as he wearily watched their surroundings.

”Anna, don get too far behind! ” Seth yelled back wearily.

Anna trailing far behind the group was a sitting duck for Azazel to hunt as he watched the group completely ignore her presence. Arriving beside Azazel, Anna leaned against the wall, out of breath, barely able to stand as she was physically on top of Azazels flesh.

*Pant Pant Pant* Anna panted, leaning against Azazel.

Opening his eyes, Azazel stared at Anna, who was looking toward her group. In the wall, high enough to see her face. She was a 4-foot tall halfling with fair skin, pale from exhaustion. Completely unaware of Azazels presence, she went to take her hand from the wall when Azazel grabbed it.

Looking toward the wall, she saw Azazels red eyes glowing as she became terrified. Quickly grabbing Annas mouth, Azazel pulled her into the space he had created inside the flesh for whoever was stupid enough to fall prey to him.

Her group was soo busy thinking of how they would get to the second floor they didn notice Annas sudden disappearance. Inside the flesh wall, Azazel pushed Annas face into the flesh and completely crushed her neck, killing her instantly. With the teeth he had found from the horned humanoid, Azazel completely devoured Annas body quickly and efficiently until nothing was left but her clothes.

[Absorbed Halfling]

[Hidden Quest Completed]

Azazel was surprised by the sudden notification as he quickly opened his quest.


[Hidden] Absorb your first humanoid.

Absorbed humanoid. (1/1)

Rewards: Quick Morph (Unaffected by Tiny)


He looked at a new consumable skill he could purchase in his shop. Quick morph allowed him to become an adult creature without needing to wait through the excruciating growth process. However, the one he received allowed him to morph into a creatures full size, unaffected by his skill, Tiny.

Ill use this when I leave here… Morphing takes on the creatures stats… Azazel sighed.

Placing his hand onto the flesh wall, he sent his eye through, trying to get a look at the groups position. Staring back was Seth, the knight who had been weary from the beginning as he slashed Azazels eye in half. Azazel only saw Seth, a thin 510 knight covered in silver armor. Tearing open the thin layer of flesh Seth had cut, Azazel slammed his small body into Seths chest, using his tail as his jumping force.

[Health: 90/100]

*Agh* Seth grunted from the impact.

Like a heavy boulder, Azazel slammed Seth onto the ground as he quickly took off running. Arrows were sent flying as the two archers fired a single arrow each. Hitting Azazel in the chest, he felt the arrow pierce his body as he continued running away from the group into a nearby tunnel.

[Health: 85/100]

”Seth! ” Jim said, running over to Seth.

*Pant Pant* Seth was struggling to breathe.

”Did you see that thing! ” Seth panted in a panic.

Arriving at Seth, the remaining eight looked down at Seths terrified expression. Deen looked toward the hole where he saw Annas golden robes covered in blood from Azazels feast as he grew pale in terror.

”I hit it in the chest… ” Sarah said, trying to soothe Seths mind.

”What happened? I thought we killed all the eyes! ” Howard, a mage, said, confused. He was growing pale when he noticed Annas bloody clothes.

”Living Flesh isn that fast! What was that thing! ” Vick, an archer, said, trying to understand.

”I told you we should wait for Anna to regain some mana… She could barely walk from healing us! ” Seth said, completely lost in anger.

”Then why didn you stay beside her! ” Steph complained.

”Y-you Bitch! ” Seth yelled, completely losing his mind at the woman who had gotten Anna killed.

Seths eyes became bloodshot in anger as he stood up from the ground and slashed his sword, attempting to kill Steph.

*Clang* Deens shield rang from hitting Seths sword.

”We need every person here to stay alive, Seth… ” Deen sighed.

”Without a healer, we won be able to finish the dungeon. ” Jim sighed.

”What a bunch of idiots… Im waiting for the next squad… ” Beck, a knight said, irritated, sitting on the ground.

”Jims right… Without a healer, well be overrun by living flesh… ” Tom, another knight, sighed.

”If two knights can defend me, Id rather wait too… ” Steph sighed arrogantly.

Seth and Deen looked at Steph like a monster as the remaining people set up camp in the large tunnel. Azazel was still running deeper and deeper into the tunnel as he pulled the arrow from his chest. To his surprise, after running for ten minutes, he arrived at a large, spiraling stairway of flesh.

Still dragging his tail against the floor, absorbing the flesh. Azazel ran down the stairs without looking back. Going down the spiraling stairway, Azazel eventually arrived inside another tunnel. Considering it was a hive, that was what he expected as he noticed his quests notification.

[Infested Grounds F2]

He had arrived at the second floor inside one of its tunnels as he continued dashing through. He first noticed the number of living flesh creatures as he approached the smallest dog. Looking at Azazel with its single eye, Azazel could tell that the creature had no intelligence.

Completely crushing the creatures eye, Azazel wanted to see if only crushing eyes would be considered killing an entire living flesh. His theory turned out true as he immediately saw the notification appear.

[Living Flesh Killed (1/?)]

Slaughtering every eye he passed, Azazel arrived at the same hole from the cavern above. There were three floors, and this hole connected them as he looked above. The second floor was slightly different from the first, with fewer tunnels but more creatures. Azazel could see the third floor below. However, he knew he would receive better rewards given the more eyes he killed.

Azazel was like a wild beast, as he slaughtered every eye on the second floor when the infestation showed itself. Azazel had crushed its eye earlier as the flesh hung over it.

Why? The infestation asked mournfully.

I want to leave this place… Azazel responded.

Hmm… Do you think you can? The infestation said slowly in thought.

If I kill the heart… Azazel responded honestly.

Only the living can leave this place… The infestation mourned.

If I could become a living creature and escape this place, would you let me kill the heart? Azazel asked.

Hmm… The infestation was in deep thought.

Azazel paced around in circles for the infestation to gather its thoughts.

Could you take me with you? The infestation gently asked.

Isn the heart your heart? Azazel asked.

The heart keeps our kind alive in this place… The infestation said gently.

Then what are you? Azazel asked.

The infestation you see is my body formed over thousands of years. Sealed away inside this rift, I destroyed my core to form the heart. The heart beats so the living flesh can survive. Otherwise, wed eventually rot away into nothingness. The infestation said calmly.

Sealed away? Azazel asked, confused.

In the chaos realm, our kind is hated. Like you, I wanted to become stronger as I devoured any creature I encountered. As I showed you before, my body collapsed under its own weight, forming what is known as infested ground. When creatures entered, I freely infested their bodies as they slowly died, creating more living flesh for me to use. The infested grounds I controlled as the years passed started getting larger and larger until a great mage appeared. The mage told me I had killed millions as a large crystal appeared from nowhere. One hundred more mages surrounded my infested grounds as they channeled a large array sealing my body inside. The infestation said.

Then how did you manage to form a heart? Azazel asked.

Our kind can use magic. However, I found an artificial core amongst some of the corpses I consumed. It became my core, imbuing my body with earth magic. My body was nearly impossible to hurt as it slowly infested anything that tried attacking, eventually absorbing their energy into the core. When I was sealed, the core which had become mine pulsed in disobedience. As if it knew I would die, it compressed a massive amount of my flesh into the tunnels you see now forming the heart. The heart keeps me alive, and I am the infestation… The infestation mourned.

How would I take you with me? Azazel asked, confused.

Like you, I have an original spore. If the spore somehow managed to get inside a living creature that left… The infestation said gently, in excitement.

When the heart dies, you die, right? Azazel asked, confused.

I don know… but our kind can survive as long as we have living creatures to infest. The infestation said, unsure.

Looking around the tunnels, Azazel felt the deal wasn too bad.

Its a deal then… But I want to kill all the eyes… Azazel responded.

Grab my tentacle… I can make the process much faster… The infestation said gently as Azazel grabbed on.

Carrying Azazel down to the third floor. He was shocked to find how deep it was. It took them four minutes to arrive at a 25 by 25-foot room. A grotesque red heart beat as six massive veins pulsed into the infestation.

*Thump… Thump…* The heartbeat vibrated through the room.

This is the heart… Ill gather the remaining eyes… The infestation said as all the eyes in the hive sunk into the flesh and traveled to Azazel.

One by one, thousands of eyes appeared on the flesh walls of all different shapes and sizes. Azazel waited for confirmation from the infestation when suddenly, a petite womans body appeared. Laying on a bed of flesh, her body was completely naked with nonexistent breasts as she lay dead motionlessly. Her thin body unwithered after at least a thousand years.

This creature died long ago… Yet it never became infested… The infestation said as it continued gathering its eyes.

Azazel quickly hopped off the tentacle as he approached the woman. She was completely Azazels type. She was 4-foot with long smooth white hair, with a perfect slender body. Her pale white skin matched her heart-shaped face and luscious lips. Using his fingers, he opened her eye, which was still glowing blood-red. Then opening her mouth, she had perfect white teeth in every way.

Azazel had fallen in love with the corpse at this point. Devouring her body, he had an exact copy forever engrained in his soul as the infestation watched Azazels flesh absorbing away the creatures body. Unable to devour the creature after thousands of years, the infestation watched in awe as Azazels flesh absorbed it without even needing to infest it.

[Absorbed Bruxa]

Im ready… The infestation said, after gathering the thousands of eyes in the hive.

Have your original spore somewhere where I can see it… Azazel said as he began to mercilessly crush every eye in the room.

One by one, Azazel crushed every eye the infestation had presented him. After an hour, he smashed the last remaining eye. The infestation created a hand beside the heart with a small marble of flesh.

Lying on the ground, Azazel completely ignored the halfling from before as he morphed into the Bruxa he had just absorbed. His body shrunk, smaller and smaller, until it eventually formed the embryo of some demon.

Over the next hour, his body became a replica of the woman he lusted for. However, unlike the woman, there were some slight changes. Her teeth had two long sharp fangs, which the woman must have shaved down. Suddenly she could feel something, like a mark being placed on her forehead like some bloodline brand. However, it was transparent.

[Morph – Bruxa] [Used Quick Morph(Special)]

[Gender Assigned: Female] [Name Assigned: Lilith Hecata]

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