Emmitter Of Doom

Chapter 7: Sudden tournament.

dent to partake in it,but unlike previous years the competition among the year thirteen students this year is high,so eight of the best candidates have been selected to take part in a tournament starting next Monday to select the best student in this school… ”,

Mr Ross had to go silent in the middle of his announcement because the class was getting noisy with chatter, people were making guesses as to who the eight could be but I already made a list of the possible eight in my head.

”Now,quiet down everyone,I was just about to mention their names! ”,Mr Ross raised his voice,the class grew silent either in anticipation or because of Mr Ross angry look.

”This is eating into my quiz time ”,he said with a sign and then proceeded. ”They are Ashraf Ghunney, Chloe Stevenson, Philip Nyusi, Mavis Tenor, Rex Roland, Francis Grovel, Lacey Elvan and lastly Brian strider. These students should prepare for the tournament on Monday,now lets get to the quiz ”.

Basically every name I had in mind was mentioned but the last one… ”excuse me sir ”

”Whats the matter Brian? ”

”How is my name among the eight best in my year,clearly there are tons of people better qualified than I am ”.

”Actually you are wrong. Up to a few months ago you were among the students who were below average when it came to battle classes,but suddenly you started to show the most growth over the past months, you may not realize it but youve proven to be the student with the best combat skill and physique plus you
e flexible in battle and switch to new tactics depending on the situation on ground due to your smarts, and this has qualified you to be among the eight. Whatever, you
e wasting my precious quiz time ”.

The rest of the day was filled with normal classes, and when I made it back home I spent my time reading till I passed out into Saturday. I woke up with a nagging hunger in my stomach and just as I was planning my next course of action,Vanelope walked in with some creamed coffee and snacks.

”Whats all this, ”I asked raising one brow.

”You didn eat anything yesterday, so I figured youd be hungry ”

As my personal maid she was sure good at her job, she knew the most about me, even things I didn tell her, it makes me feel like shes watching me and reporting to my father,the maids hired by my father are not ordinary in the first place.

At the sight of the food my stomach let out a loud growl and my mouth started to water.

”See I was right ”

”Guess I can hide stuff from you, then why don you join me then youve not had breakfast as well ”.

”If my master wishes I will gladly join him ”.

”Yh, put off the maid act while you
e at it ”.

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