Emmitter Of Doom

Chapter 3: Fateful Encounter.

lso wanted to make a deal ”.

” Whats it about? ”, I turned and asked picking up my bike.

” Sometimes it gets pretty lonely around here and it would not hurt to have some company,if you could come around more often I can help you with your training,I may not look it but I am an expert in fighting,there are no downsides right? ”

I scanned him from his top to bottom and didn find anything to trust about this guy, without wasting time I hopped on my bike and started paddling the fastest I could leaving that Julius guy in a cloud of dust,or so I thought until I crashed into him further up the path,I was sent flying and landed on my butt, but I was overcome with shock rater than pain, how was he able to move from behind me to before me in an instant?

He walked up to me who was still seated on the floor trying to figure out what had just happened,as he looked down at me, I saw a purple glow in his eyes, then my eyes drifted to see my bike cramped like a cola can from crashing into him.Was his body that firm?, Then it dawned on me that this man was not ordinary.

”So whats it gonna be kid?,make a choice before you speed off ”. Now that my bike was destroyed, speeding of wasn an option again now Id have to play by his rules.

”I agree to the proposal, train me, and Ill be your companion ”,I said with a shaky voice and tears welling in my eyes.

”Great, henceforth you
e my first student, and you first lesson is; Don Be A Wuss!! ”,he screamed the last part, ”and don be controlled by your fear, always be in charge of your emotions, got it!? ”

”Y-Yes sir ”, I replied in a small voice.

”You shall call me Master onwards, now get of your butt and follow me, training starts today ”.He led me back to the wooden cottage…

”Before anything, you don have a pulze ability right? ”, He asked.

”Thats right, even though my pulze level is high ”.

” I see, well every student taught by me must inherit my mark of approval ”, he said walking up to me.

”Mark!?,but I don want any mark I said backing away ”.

”Im not really giving you a choice here, now take that shirt off ”.

Master put his hand to my chest and I instantly felt a sharp pain, after that, there was a steaming purple mark on my chest.

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