Emmitter Of Doom

Chapter 1: \'Matox\'.

nce scientists made extensive research on the meteor only to find that the meteor radiated an unknown form of energy whose wave length was almost the same as the new cells of humams that had evolved. This energy was called PULZE (Planet Life Upgrading Zeus Energy). Scientists say that it should have been PLUZE but people say pulze is much better and sounds way cooler so pulze is what stuck around. But not only humans evolved, animals that recovered from the matox disease also grew to become hideous beasts full of power and strength, they were even stronger than humans about ten times the strength of a super-human, they gave gained a little intelligence and in terms of size and speed you could say a hamster could grow into the size of a truck. These evolved creatures were called demons. Over the years both humans and demons continued to evolved,each generation stronger than the old until the point where humans begun able to control certain natural and even official phenomena. These new abilities were called pulze-abilities or P.A for short.

Due to all these development ,every country wanted to gain control over the Zeus-meteor and this led to world war over the possession of the meteor. After seven years of intense battle,the war finally ended and the meteor was divided into six pieces and so was the world. Six zones were created each possessing a meteor piece ,they were basically the new countries of the world. Constantly war broke out between the zones until the demon war. Weirdly the new intelligent and evolved animals banded together to get rid of the human race, demons worldwide gathered under the leadership of 12 of the most powerful demons,they declared war on humans and when the war begun demons were wining due their overwhelming power, thats when six heroes took over and fought the war to the victory of the humans, the demons fled to the continent of Australia and settled there,they agreed not to attack the human race or be seen on the human continent. Hence the continent of Australia gained its new name Demon continent. After the war the six heroes disappeared so people say they were only myths, through the war with demons, humans were able to come together and started a new system of the world. The man who played the most part in the war against the demons was made king of the world, he was known as world monarch, Commander Roland Neqx. Six ministers were chosen to administer to the six zones each having a piece of the Zeus-meteor. After a long time, the world gained peace under the rule of Roland Neqx and his prime ministers…

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