Egoist: Variant

(5) Presentation End

May 9th, 3019

8:12 A.M.

Cambridge Training School

”Now lets review 10 points across all stats for a total of 30, WITH an awakened Ego will grant you F-Rank, What about the rest? Well it is slightly different and it goes like this. For E-Rank and above you need total points rather than minimum points, so if you have 9 or less points in one stat, as long as your total is 50 you can directly skip F-Rank and become an E-Rank though keep in mind it isn always possible and rather rare for such a case to occur. ” I see Cranston point at the clock above the door. Oh its almost time better hurry

”Alright so Ill just list all the ranks and the point total needed, D-Rank is 90 points total, C-Rank is 150 points total, B-Rank is 220 points, A-Rank is 300, S-Rank is 400, SS-Rank is 520, and the legendary SSS-Rank is 660 total points.

Users with an unusually strong Ego may skip ranks without meeting the total point minimum. And for those in between who are lower rank but CAN fight stronger Users comfortably will be signified with a plus mark between parentheses at the end of their rank. For example E-Rank(+) ” I stare at Max and he looks around showing a big grin to everybody.

He sure loves the limelight ”When an Egoist is given a task a threat level may or may not be attached to their mission statement. The threat levels are as follows. Common Threat which should be enough for a rank F or E to handle. Great Threat which is for D or C. Storm Class Threat for B and A ranks. Disaster Class Threat which is for the S and SS ranks, and lastly Extinction Level Threat which is for SSS and above to handle.

Now you may be asking SSS and above? And yes you heard me right, in fact during the past years there have been many unusual individuals with strength that surpasses the capabilities of normal SSS ranks but its still unknown whether it is a Rank above SSS or just a User with a really strong Ego. ”

I glance at the clock again. Still got time ”Now how do you increase your stats? Well thats simple once you have an Ego it is for the most part an automatic increase of strength as you age, but you must also train hard to increase your strength on your own otherwise you will stagnate and grow weaker instead ” I look at my papers and glance at the Professor, he gives me a thumbs up again.

”Now for the last part of my presentation, the classification of Egos. There are 6 Main groups an Ego may fall under namely the Vanguard Group, Summoning Group, Alteration Group, Support Group, Spy Group, and lastly the Variant Group. Each of these have sub categories or Classes that a Users Ego will belong to.

Mind you these classifications may be subject to change as time goes on, I will only give some examples and a small summary so no questions until Im finished. ”

I look and no one says anything. ”Good lets begin with Vanguard, this group is for Egos with strong combat abilities for a battlefield, those who can take the Vanguard in a team hence their name.

The two main examples being Energy Class and Elemental Class Egos. While similar they are much different. An Elemental Class Ego as its name states controls the elements all around us and some people can awaken fictional or unorthodox elements. This Class tends to have all the associated attributes of their element. Energy Class on the other hand deals with unique energies or frequencies that can be used and manipulated by them but they don get many or sometimes any attributes of such energy.

Summoning Group deals with those who can make creatures or items appear at will around them. Armament Class Ego falls under this category and can summon items, weapons and armor depending on their Ego. Then theres Avatar and Minion Class. The difference between the two is numbers and strength while a Minion Class Ego can summon several smaller creatures and Avatar Class Ego gets a single but strong summon.

Alteration, this group deals with mostly physical and genetic changes in their body. Examples are Mutant Class Users whose Ego tends to permanently manifest on their body reducing activation time of their abilities greatly but changing how they look forever. Race Class Users whose Ego may change their bodies at will and gain the abilities of a specific race some can even awaken fictional races as well. Attribute Class is simple, it can greatly enhance one or more attributes on the body and it isn restricted to just the 3 main ones.

Support Group is a well respected group due to their usefulness and necessity in a team. Theres the Healer Class which can greatly increase survivability in a team, and the Enchanter Class which is able to inflict Enhancements on people as well as curses, amplification of abilities and restrictions, depending on what their Ego is of course. ”

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