Egoist: Variant

(4) Rankings and Classification

May 9th, 3019

7:45 A.M.

Cambridge Training School

”E.S.C.I. measures the three main attributes, them being, Vitality, Agility, and Constitution. Also called stats for short.

Lets start with Vitality, it measures a users Health, Stamina, and other energy, depending on what your Ego does it can also have unique effects. I assume I don have to explain health and stamina to you so, Ill start with other energy and the unique effects I talked about ” I see David raise his hand. ”Yes? ”

”What if we DONT know what those mean? ” He says and smiles at me. I think to myself Oh so we
e doing this now, I guess

”Fine, Ill start with stamina, it is the measure of how much stress your body can endure continuously and dictates how much rest you need between such strenuous activities. ”

”And Health? ” He asks.

”Health is related to fitness and how close you are to death, the lower your health the closer you are to it, obviously, it can also increase your lifespan, does that answer your question Mister Gale? ” I make sure to emphasize my last words to him. Doing my best impression of Professor Cranston ”Oh Im not sure, can you elaborate Mister Real? ” he replies back.

”Sign No! Moving on ” He looks at me and frowns. I just smirk at him.

”Where was I…Yes! Now I shall go over the other energy and unique effects I talked about. This applies to most Users but especially to those who control the elements and other energies. You see the higher your Vitality the more you will be able to use those abilities, at an intermediate level of vitality your quality of energy will also increase, and at higher levels your control over your own vitality will begin to increase as well. At that point you may gain abilities that are not necessarily related to your Ego. ”

I see Max raise his hands…both of them, and starts to lean forward a bit, clearly making a show to get my attention. ”Haha, Yes Mister Paine? ” I say in a lighter tone.

”What kind of abilities WOULD you get? ” I already know where this is going, and I can already imagine him complaining that it is too hard to replicate what I said.

”Well once you get to that point you can manipulate your Vitality in many ways, enhancing your strength and forming near invisible shields and projectiles is the most common form, you may also enhance your Ego but keep in mind you are still far away from that point even Rank As struggle and not until Rank S would you be able to become proficient in such abilities ” I see him put his fist on his mouth and become thoughtful. Oh I guess he really was hoping to try it

”Now about the unique effects Vitality can bring, Truthfully I can fully elaborate on this depending on your Ego it can be many things at the lower stages it won affect you much, but starting at intermediate you might gain or increase abilities based on auras or any kind of Intent, among other things. ” I look around and no one says anything this time.

”Now onto Agility, it is simple and straight forward. It is merely a measure of attack speed and movement speed as well as flexibility and sometimes Reflexes though not always, since you CAN increase them separate from each other.

And lastly is Constitution, it is a measurement of physical strength, defense and resistance to adverse effects. What do I mean by that? Let me explain. Adverse effects encompass anything from poison and mental attacks to energy attacks and long term injury, its really a wide category of things it encompasses and if I explain more than that I will not finish any time soon, Questions? ” I see Max and David look at me but they don say anything. I do see Jacob in the back frowning. For a bully that makes everyone have to put up with him he sure has low patience.

”Now I shall properly explain how the Attributes or stats under the E.S.C.I. define rankings. Let us start with the lowest rank, rank F or F-Rank as it is written. For a User to be classified as F-Rank they must have 10 points across all stats as well as having already awakened their Ego obviously.

Now how do you measure how many points ARE in each of your stats? Well thats a great question, but to be honest I don know, what I do know is that to get them measured you can go to the school nurse, any shopping mall or an Egoist Agency and they will most likely have testing facilities on site for public use. If you go to an Agency they will and do have the right to keep the information for the Global Census, the information kept is safe and secure from prying eyes. ” Cranston looks impressed, thats a first but he better be, I didn pull an all nighter for this mid-term for nothing.

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