Egoist: Variant

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May 9th, 3019

7:20 A.M.

Cambridge Training School

”Alright guys stop arguing Im almost done, Ill go up in a second to present this thing ”

”Is it good? I-I still haven started mine ”

”Then start right now you idiot! ”

”Shut it Dave, how much have you done? ”

”I already submitted mine online! I can actually relax ” David immediately pulls out his phone and starts playing Mega Crush Goons.

”Oh Ill pull out mine ”

”Thats what she said ”

Max and I stare at David ”W-why would she day that? Dave…are you into traps? ”

”What no! You know what I meant! ”

”So you are into traps! I knew it! ”

”Shut it! Or Im telling on you and that g- ”

”Ok ok! Ill stop ”

I finish typing the rest of my presentation, turn to Max and put my hand on his shoulder ”Max its ok we all know ”

”Huh?! ”

”Nah, Im just kidding but pay attention to me when I go up, this is my Greatest Work! My Magnum Opus ”

”Ive seen you in the locker rooms theres nothing Magnum about you ” David chimes in.

”Hey! Im a grower not a shower ”

Max looks at me ”What are you guys talking about? ”

”None of your business, now shut it! Im going up ” I raise my hand.

”Professor Im finished ”

”Hm? Oh Kris good, now come on up! Everyone stop what you
e doing, Kris is about to start his presentation on Egos, Ranking and the Classification system. ”

The other students immediately start talking.

”You better do a good job! ”

*snort* ”Teacher pet. ”

”Shut up, what if he purposely messes up and we can finish up our presentations? ”

”Common hurry! ”

I walk to the front and set my papers down, ignoring then others I then set up my papers and take a deep breath moment of truth I think to myself

”Kris you may now start ”

”Thank you ”

I clear my throat and start ”My name is Kris Real, Im 16 years old, and today I will be starting my presentation on Egos, how a users strength is measured, and the classification system of Egos ” Out of the corner of my eye I see Professor Cranston putting a thumbs up.

Alright I guess so far so good?

”So Egos, what are they? It can be quite the complicated question if you ask me, and the answer can vary vastly depending on who you ask. Some people believe they are a side effect of ones own way of thinking, of ones true self if you will, some believe it depends entirely on your heritage, bloodline and that their ancestors are responsible and must have had a hand in it. The most accepted answer and what most people believe is that an Ego is the manifestation of ones Imagination or personality. What we can all agree is that an Ego is a miraculous thing.

The correct term for it is Ego Soul Core. You see, in ancient times people didn have Egos but many beasts did, sometimes a beast would form a core in their body, and when our ancestors found them they promptly put them to use in powering their weapons or armor to defend themselves. Over time people began to see themselves as one with the core when they fought and thus the first Users were born.

They began developing cores in their bodies becoming much stronger than their peers and their abilities became more complicated than what the beasts used. People called them many things, Core student, Ego Manifester, Soul Magician, etc. Eventually we came to call these abilities the Ego Soul Core of a person and the ones who wielded those abilities as Users.

I would like to mention that in present day, not everyone forms an actual core when they awaken, some still do but most can now awaken their Ego without one. Where the core went, is still a debate.

For a human to awaken their Ego we have determined that there are three main ways.

The first is thought talent; a person must be at the very least 13 years of age, and have a well developed mind and fitness, at which point they can naturally awaken their Ego.

The second is through hard work, this person will need to increase their mind and bodys strength. They MUST reach the peak of health and fitness in strength, agility and mind. At that point they have as high as a 90% chance in awakening their Ego.

The third way to awaken is through sheer luck not everyone works hard for their strength, some just wake up one day and then find out they became a User. Others use rare items to increase their chances but once again one must have high luck in order for it to do so.

Now lets talk about the E.S.C.I. It stands for Ego Soul Core Index and is the modern way to measure strength among individuals. An Egoist is a User licensed by the local government to assist in hunts, dealing with criminals and other missions. The local authorities want to make sure the Egoists they hire have the strength necessary to complete the tasks they assign, and thats where E.S.C.I. comes in. ”

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