Egoist: Variant

(2) Presentation

May 9th, 3019

6:29 A.M.

Cambridge Training School

”Ah! ” *Thud*

Max and I get up from the floor and look around. We are already in the classroom, Professor Cranston gives us a knowing look.

”Sigh, Late again? ”

”N-no! we
e here on time! No one else is here! ”

”Kris, Ive met Aldrick, remember? I already know ” Max and I look at each other and just Sigh.

”Yo, you guys late again? ” We hear the other students arriving from the cafeteria after getting breakfast. I look to see who said that and then I see him ”David! you
e here! ”

”Of course I am! Where else would I be on a Wednesday morning? ”

”Sigh, Sarcastic as always I see ”

”Max and I waited on you! don tell me you forgot? ” Max looks at me and just starts laughing.

”Wait did you actually- ”

”No! uh yes? well…maybe ” David joins Max and laughs at me. *RING* ”Lets talk about this later. The bell rang, they are gonna take our seats! ”

”Oh! Come on Dave hurry! ”

”Coming ”

As we take our seats in the back we start talking about our plans for today. ”Kris, where is your backpack? ” I look at them and reach for my right. ”Its right he-huh? ”

”Kris, did you leave it at home? ”

”What? No! I had it on me before Aldrick threw us, where is it? ” I look around and I don find it. *knock* *knock*

Professor Cranston sees through the door, looks at me and smiles. oh no I thought to myself. Somethings wrong here.

”Come in! ” says Cranston.

*Tap* *Tap*

I would recognize those eloquent footsteps even in my sleep. ”Young Master, I believe you forgot something? ”

”Uh, maybe? ” *Thud* I jump as a heavy bag lands on my desk.

”Ah! uh why yes! thank you Aldrick ”

”My pleasure Young Master, by the way Miss Melinda says happy birthday to you ”

”Tell her I said thank you, and ask her if the thing I asked for is ready. ”

”The thing you asked for? ”

”Yes that ” Aldrick looks suspicious of me before a portal appears behind him.

”Very well, Ill take my leave then ” He waves at me as he steps through and it closes.

”Well with That out of the way ” says Cranston ”I hope you all remembered the assignment I gave? Its due tomorrow ” The class immediately starts complaining.

”Whats the point? we
e all making a presentation about the exact same thing ”

”Yeah can we choose something else ”

”Silence! ”

”… ”

”I don care if its about the same thing or not, it is important that you all know these things! ”

”… ”

”Now if Kris here makes a good and proper presentation, I could, possibly, maybe extend the due date to next week ”

The class all turn to look at me, some with hope in their eyes, and some with anger just wanting to make me stand up and do it already. ”I what now? ” David next to me start cheering for me.

”Yeah Kris you can do it ”

”Common please? I haven even started mine… ” says Max, me and David turn to look at him

”Really again? How many times have we told you to do your homework! Life isn all about sports! ”

”Well I- ”

Cranston interrupts us ”Enough! Kris, are you coming up or not? ”

”Can I do it tomorrow? ”

”Sure but Im not pushing the deadline if you do! ” Everyone stares at me.

”Ok but let me finish it, its not ready yet I just need some uh finishing touches? ”

Cranston looks at me before ”Sigh, fine! The rest of you, you get one extra free hour ” Everyone starts talking to each other before getting interrupted ”For studying! You hear me? get off your phones and pick up your books, just because I pushed the deadline doesn mean you don have to do it so get working! ”

Most students listen to him, some pretend to work and others outright ignore him. ”What did I do wrong in my past life to deserve this? ”

”Yo Kris so about our plans ”

”Wait, Im actually gonna finish this, otherwise I don think I can stand up to the entire classroom. ”

”Hey don worry you got me and Dave to have your back, right Dave? ”

”Sure but if the School Cop gets called Im bailing ”

”Thanks guys now let me get back to this, Im close! ”

”Really Dave? Even if Mister Reagan gets involved I don think he can handle us! ”

”Max hes a Rank B, Im the highest Rank out of us at D-Rank don be stupid! ”

”But- ”

”Dumbass! You
e an E-Rank and Kris is still an F-Rank. Do you really think we stand a chance? against a B-Rank? ”

”Uh well if we work together- ”

”If we work together what? Youll restrain him with your hair? Ive already used my Ego to see ahead, hes gonna slap you both then throw you in the detention room for at least 3 days straight, you want that? ”

”… ”

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