Dragon Riders (Age Of Supernatural)

Appearances, Sightings and Weird Dreams.

Janes POV

I turned around at the row of eggs, all different colors, shapes and sizes. I wandered through the rows and examined all the eggs carefully. She said it would choose me …. what did she mean? I walked past an egg that looked like it was made of diamonds, it shook slightly as I passed it. I whipped my head around and stared at the egg and picked it up gently. I cradled the eggs in my hands, I felt it shake again and something moved inside. I took it back to the headmistress and she smiled tightly.

”Well, well … look who picked the crystal dragon ”. She recorded it with my name in her book. ” Take your seat and wait for further instructions… ” she patted me on the back and I headed to my seat cradling like it was my baby.

About half an hour goes by until Eliza is called she sighted and went up to the stage and climbed up the small set of stairs.

After fifteen minutes later she came back holding a pure white dragon egg. Before knew the egg ceremony was over but the weird part of it all was Aurora wasn called to select an egg which seemed a bit strange.

Once the ceremony was over, the headmistress turned to the crowd of teenagers. ”This concludes this year dragon egg ceremony. Now please return to your dorms and dinner will be brought to you tonight. Take great care of your eggs, they will hatch within two days. Good day everyone… ” The headmistress said as she marched off the stage.

I took deep breath and kept my egg safe in my arms, guarding it from anything or anyone. ”cmon guys lets head back so we don get caught in the crowd … ” I said.

They both nodded and followed me out the door and up the stairwell. ”This is so cool… ” Eliza said quietly as she cradled her egg.

”Yeah, it is… ” Aurora groaned. I noticed a stand that Im guessing is meant for your egg resting on the bed side table. I put my egg in it slowly and let my tired arm relax.

With nothing else to do we decided to take a nap.

2 hours later.

I woke up to sound of a soft knock against the door.

”Dinner! ” called a female voice through the door. Apparently Eliza was already awake and went to get the door. I set up, the room darker now, the soft light from the setting sun coming through the windows. I put my feet on the floor and watched as Eliza carried our meal to the table.

”Whats for supper ” I yawned.

”Well… I got stir fry and you got… ” she opened my tray. ”cheese and potato soup and a croissant ” she smiled at me.

I stood and come to the table and pulled out a chair gently not wanting to wake Aurora. ”Hmm. How did they know…? ” I smirked at her. We both started eating happily but then the question for the egg ceremony hit me in the head again. ”Eliza don you think its weird that Aurora didn get an egg…? ” I asked her in a curious tone.

”Well it did seem weird but thats not all the weird stuff that has happened lately ” she said with confusion written all over her face.

”What happened? ”

”Well turns out Aunt Taylor is alive and shes asked Jacob to step down from the throne as he is too young to rule. She also told him to come back to the academy to finish his training. And before she left she told him that shes only going to be the queen for the time being that the True Queen is Coming ”.

”So does this means Jacob is coming back to the academy? ” I asked with excitement.

”Yeah tomorrow I think ”. She replied.

Auroras POV

I woke up to the sound of chattering and loud whispers.

I was half awake when I heard ”So does this means Jacob is coming back to the academy ” a voice which sounded like Jane asked her sister.

”Yeah tomorrow I think ”. Eliza replies her.

On cue my stomach started growling as soon I smelt food aroma in the room.

I walked to the table where the two sisters where having dinner. I grab the untouched tray of food which I could only guess was mine. The sight of the food was enough to make mouth water. My dinner was Chicken Strips, chips and milkshake.

After Dinner, I took a stroll around the academy grounds while talking to Azur. ”I wish I could see you now and know how much youve grown ” I tell her. ”Patience me anima Its only a matter of time ” she replies back.

After the stroll I went back to my room to find the twins sleeping. I don know but I have this weird urge to protect them. Keeping my thoughts to myself I soon fall asleep and let my dreams take me wherever it wants to.

The next morning was beautiful one at Theron academy, the sky was clear of clouds and filled with the chirping sound of birds. Dragons were stretching and taking off for early morning flights, while students groaned at the sounds of their alarms going off signaling for the another day.

It was the second day of the new school year, and most of students were starting off with a nice cup of coffee to awaken themselves. The fourth year students were preparing the cafeteria for an orientation long overdue and their laughs seemed to spread all over the school, it was a calm morning.

Aurora and her roommates were dressed for the day and were walking down the halls comparing schedule. Aurora first class was with Jane and it was her least favorite class.


”Good morning class ” A middle aged brunette greeted the class. Aurora sat at the front with Jane. The teacher waited for few more students and then locked the door, not allowing the late ones to enter.

”Today we will be talking on the Dragon War ”. The teacher began. ”First tell me what you know about the war. ”

A student with green hair spoke up. ”The war the cause of the death of over one-thousand dragons and riders causing for an alliance with the other kingdoms. ”

”Good anything else. ” The teacher said. Next a red haired female student spoke.

”I heard from my parents that we fought an unknown force, and we completely obliterated them! ” She yelled in a pumped up voice. Others agreed with her and began to shout out other alternate answers and what they had learned since they were children.

”Alright thats enough raise your hands unless you want to get demoted of points ”. The teacher said. The class went silent and all eyes were on the brown haired teacher. Jane raised her hands and the teacher pointed to her. ”Miss Jane, what do you know? ”

Taking a deep breath, she started to speak.

”If I know my history, the dragon war, was otherwise nickname as sacrifice. The war was responsible for the death of the Queen and brought about the creation of geo crystals we use today.

Immediately the sentence was uttered Aurora knew the truth about the death of the queen wasn true but she couldn say anything.

Mrs. Lennons the teacher smiled and did a little clap. ”Yes thats right, because we were losing the war, our brightest minds came up with a super crystal battery that could increase a mage or riders magical energy. The teacher walked over to a chalkboard and picked up a white calk piece.

While in the middle of a history lesson and its first place of affiliation, the bell rang and everyone headed out of the classroom, Taking a homework sheet from the teachers desk.

Very soon classes for the morning were over in a flash and it was lunch. She walked to the cafeteria in hopes to meet her roommates but no such for her. She entered the cafeteria and took her food and sat an empty table.

Because of her merge with Azur her hearing, sense and eyesight were heightened. Using her heightened hearing she was able to pick up conversation going on in the cafeteria.

”Hey, did you see the prince this morning? ” One of the students said to her friends.

”Yeah, him and his sisters I think Elizabeth and Jane were rushed out of the school for an important meeting in the Palace. ” Another said.

Then everything clicked in place in Auroras mind. Elizabeth and Jane were her sisters thats was the reason why she had the urge to protect them and why their names sounded so familiar.

After lunch the rest of the day went as a blur and since her roommates/sisters were gone due to an important meeting, she had spare time to read a little and learn about elements and history about dragons.

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