”Today we will be teaching you to unlock and control your elemental abilities. The more you learn how to control them the most likely you are able to survive in a battle. ” Yaunda the academys best mage told us in a sweet but strict tone.

”To unlock your powers, think of you and your dragon as one. Then think of your elements as a flood being held back by a gate. Now open the gates and let your powers rush into your bodies like a surge. ”

Thinking about what she said I remembered my fight with my brother and how I happened to have used fire and so I did the same only this time it was me and Azur.

She was right the gates looked like floodgates and opening it wasn easy. It was like a gigantic door fit to be opened by giants themselves being opened by a puny human.

After my last power struggle with the door, I finally opened the gates and my powers came pouring on me like I was just beneath a waterfall. My eyes closed I heard gasps and shocked whispers, so I opened my eyes to see what was going on.

First off, I was floating in the air encased in a golden stream of light. Why? Few seconds later I back on my feet. As soon as I landed on my feet, in the corner of my eyes I saw my siblings come closer to ask me questions but I was saved by the teacher signal of the end of class.

I bolted away from the field to avoid be questioned by my siblings, and besides I needed to find out what just happened and my first stop was The Main Library.

Greeting the Librarian Kai, whom Ive grown used due my frequent stops to the library.

I searched for all books on elemental abilities and dragon riders history. It felt like starting from point one cos Ive already read some of the books there.

After hours and hours of research I found out the different Elements there was and how to control but I still came short on why I was floating in air when I unlocked my Powers.

The list of elements and their abilities.













The basic element was more easy to control but the further your adaptability and capability to one of the basic elements the greater your abilities.

I guess that explains Jacob

The rare elements well speak for itself they were rare to unlock unless you were of royal blood. But I then saw something which was worth my time. A rider could control more than one element but not more than three.

” Azur which powers do you think I have? ”

”I don know but there is only one way to find out ” she said giving me a knowing smile.

I waited till dinner before I carried out my plan. I went to the fields but only this time deeper so as not to get caught. And so, my personal training began.

I aimed my palm towards a tree that I was facing.

Nothing happened.

I willed myself to try harder. Again. Nothing.

Soon, fifteen minutes of trying passed. I groaned as I kept trying and falling and every time.

Why is this so hard?

I yelled knowing people couldn possibly hear me but if people were watching me then they would think I was crazy for yelling at myself.

”Sophie I think its possible for you to control your powers if try to be one with the elements ” Azur said.

”But I don even know what my powers are? ” I say with a frustrated tone.

”At least its worth trying ” she said smirking looking like she would know it would work.

A wave of realization spread across my face. She was right. I keep letting my frustration and anger get the best of me. I was overwhelmed with everything going on the past months.

”I think you need to calm down and focus ”

I needed and took a deep breath and exhaled, trying to calm myself. I then focused on the elements around me. The subtle wind blowing my hair around. The whistle it made as it passed my ears. The scent of the forest surrounding the area. The way the blades of grass bushes against the exposed skin on my legs. I took all of that in one final breath before I aimed my palm towards the tree. I let coldness overwhelm me. Ice emerged from my palm and hit the tree spot on, making the root covered completely in ice.

I was pushed by the force. I fell back on my butt but smiled nonetheless. I jumped back up and cheered. ”I did it ” I yelled.

After hours of training I was exhausted and out of energy. I don know what time is so I went back to my room quietly.

After few hours of sleep, I was wide awake in the possibly most boring class in the whole academy. ALCHEMY the class speaks for itself and the teacher is at another whole level of boring.

I rushed out of the class to avoid any question from either the teacher or students. I was blooming with excitement because of my next class MAGIC AND SPELLS.

”Class we will pick up from where we stopped last class. I assume everyone here has unlocked their powers but don know what they are right? ” Mrs. Yaunda asked.

”Yeah ” everyone answered.

”In order to know what your powers you will need to come touch the Orb like before at your entrance exams. ” She said pointing to the orb standing on a pedestal directly at her back.

Murmurs and few glares were exchanged between the students until it quieted down. She went further to tell the class how the powers are in correspondence to the colors.

Fire- Red

Nature/ Earth- Brown

Water- Ocean Blue

Air- Transparent

Ice- Gray

Lightning- Yellow

Shadow/ Darkness- Black

Light- White

Crystal- Violet

Time- Indigo

After explaining that to us she also included that the brighter your color glows the greater your affinity to the element.

Most people were called and only quite a few had high affinity to one of the basic elements and still no one had a rare element.

Soon, one of the twins was called to touch the orb. As soon as she touched the orb, it lit up in a very bright violet color. Crystal, I mean it was obvious considering the shape and kind of dragon she had. And with that I knew which twin it was Jane.

I was happy for her but at the same anxious about my own result. Eliza was soon called and ended up with lightning and time making her the first person with double elements.

After that the rest were called and only a few ended up with rare elements and some with double elemental powers. And finally it got to my turn. I walked up to the teacher and did what she asked me to do in order to get it over with.

As soon as I touched the orb I received the same tingling sensation and cold feeling from before, then it became warm and instead of my initial blue it started showing the colors one by one each as bright as daylight until it became a myriad of colors.

Once again I managed to sweep everyone off their feet as I was responded to with by surprised, shocked and evil glares from all angles.

The whole academy was bursting with life at dinner. Finishing my meal rather quickly I rushed to my room to get some shut eye before my training.

I opened the door to my room and for some strange reason it was eerily dark and it gave me chills. Ignoring whatever it may I wander off to the shower to bathe before going to bed. I got out of the bathroom to be greeted by the twins staring intently at me.

”Okay, I know we haven talked for a while but I think its time to talk ” they both said at the same time which gave me chills cos it was awfully terrifying.

”What do you want to talk about? ” I asked them but I knew the answer to my question already.

” Well how about you start from the Beginning ” this time it was Jane who spoke.

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