The movie is playing, and Shao Cixin and Wen Zhihan are looking at each other.

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One is in a daze.
The other is calm.

Shao Cixin was the first to look away.

She raised her hand and scratched her chin in confusion, then leaned back and began to recall the events of her previous life.

Thinking about it this way, she realized that she had never asked who proposed the marriage, always thinking it was the elders who had proposed it.

The marriage partner is someone she likes, and it can also help her family’s company, so she didn’t care too much about the details; this led her to neglect a very important point at the time –

Now Wen Zhihan is in charge of the Wen family, so the person who talks to her father is Wen Zhihan, so it was Wen Zhihan who proposed the marriage…

But why did Wen Zhihan take the initiative to propose these conditions?

Shao Cixin couldn’t figure it out.

She didn’t want to dwell on it too much.

What was she sullenly thinking about all day long by herself? The answer was sitting next to her.
Why not just ask directly?

Shao Cixin opened her mouth and naturally produced a little change in her name.

“President Wen.”


Wen Zhihan took his eyes off the screen and turned to look at her.

When their eyes met again, Shao Cixin couldn’t help but stare.

In order not to disturb others, they both consciously lowered their voices and even leaned towards each other unconsciously so that the other could hear clearly.

As a result, without knowing it, the distance between the two of them has become intimate, so intimate that Shao Cixin can smell the perfume on Wen Zhihan, light and gentle, like her.

Shao Cixin realized that it was inappropriate, slightly moved her body, and pulled away.

She also realized that it was inconvenient to talk here, so she boldly made an appointment with Wen Zhihan.

“President Wen, are you free? If you don’t mind, can we grab a cup of coffee after the event?”


Wen Zhihan didn’t refuse.


The event ended successfully, but Shao Cixin still has to participate in an interview.

Remembering her agreement with Wen Zhihan, she turned around and looked for her figure.
As if sensing something, Wen Zhihan, who was talking to the director, also turned her head toward Shao Cixin.

Like being attracted by gravity, in the crowd, they found each other at a glance, looking at each other across the distance.
Shao Cixin raised her finger and pointed at herself, indicating that she would stay for a while.
She forgot that she still had to do a 20-minute interview, so she had made an appointment with someone else… she felt guilty.

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But Wen Zhihan didn’t mind.
She smiled at her politely, nodded to indicate that she knew, and then lightly opened her lips and mouthed “go” to her.

Shao Cixin saw Wen Zhihan say this to her, and she was suddenly relieved.
Wen Zhihan doesn’t blame her, so Shao Cixin calmly accepted the interview with peace of mind.

Wen Zhihan retracted his gaze.

The director suddenly asked curiously, “With so many people, who are you talking to?”

Wen Zhihan smiled, and her eyes lit up when she heard this.

“My junior sister.”


When Shao Cixin came out after the interview, she found a professional-looking woman standing outside, who was not smiling.

– Wen Zhihan’s assistant, Guan Yan.

When she saw her suddenly, Shao Cixin was shocked.

What the hell, why is Guan Yan here?

“Miss Shao,” Guan Yan asked politely, “is the interview over?”

Shao Cixin nodded.

Guan Yan: “Are you able have coffee now?”

Shao Cixin: “?”

Guan Yan: “President Wen is still waiting for you.”

Shao Cixin: “???”

Wen Zhihan is still here???

Shao Cixin was shocked, and hurriedly followed Guan Yan to the cafe.
Under the guidance of the waiter, they walked all the way to the last private booth.

As soon as she opened the door, Shao Cixin could see Wen Zhihan sitting at the table, sipping her coffee calmly.

The long and slender fingers passed through the mug’s handle, the knuckles well defined, and the skin so white it seemed to be glowing.

When she lowered her head, her long eyelashes cast a faint shadow over her eyes.

She was as beautiful as a carefully drawn painting, even just sitting there.

Guan Yan and the waiter left together, to not disturb the two of them.

Shao Cixin sat opposite Wen Zhihan.

Wen Zhihan calmly put down her coffee.

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Shao Cixin looked at the coffee, then at her, and she couldn’t help but say, “I thought you had left.”

She was planning to make another appointment with her next time…

Wen Zhihan was calm and composed: “It’s only twenty minutes, it’s not long, and I happen to be free today.”

She crossed her hands and placed them on her legs, gazing at Shao Cixin with soft eyebrows.

After a while, she spoke quietly, like an old friend: “Miss Shao, it’s been a long time since we last met.”

Wen Zhihan was one year older than Shao Cixin, and after she graduated, they never saw each other again.
They only had a brief encounter in their high school years.

This meeting wasn’t even a reunion, because they were never friends.

Shao Cixin responded, “It’s been a long time.
I didn’t expect Miss Wen to still remember me.”

She was sure that Wen Zhihan would forget about her after graduation.
Just like how Shao Cixin forgot about her, how one would forget about an unimportant person.

“Miss Shao is not so easy to forget.” Wen Zhihan said meaningfully with a smile.

Shao Cixin was pulled back to high school by these words.

In high school, she did leave a deep impression on Wen Zhihan…

But a lady shouldn’t mention her past courage! There’s no need to bring up the past anymore!

So she decisively stopped Wen Zhihan before he could bring up the past: “President Wen, give me some face and don’t bring up the past, thank you.”

Wen Zhihan smiled lightly and had no intention of mentioning Shao Cixin’s days as a student.

She asked, “What do you want to talk to me about over coffee?”

Shao Cixin immediately got to the point: “I’m curious, why did President Wen propose a business marriage?”

Wen Zhihan was calm: “I admire President Shao’s character, and sympathize with his experience, but there’s no need to help those who are unrelated.
It just so happens that you’re with Wen Yu.”

Shao Cixin was stunned.

Wen Zhihan looked at her eyes directly: “I know you like Wen Yu very much.”

Shao Cixin calmed down when she heard this.

The affair between her and Wen Yu was not known by either party’s parents, otherwise Shao Cixin would not have been so confused when she proposed the marriage.

But as for how Wen Zhihan knew, she had no interest in asking, nor did she think it was a big deal.
She just didn’t expect it to be the opportunity for Wen Zhihan to propose the marriage.

Shao Cixin smiled: “So President Wen wants to take advantage of the situation.”

Wen Zhihan did not deny it.

That was what she thought at first.

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Shao Cixin’s words took a turn: “It’s a pity that Wen Yu and I have already broken up.”

Wen Zhihan’s hand froze slightly as she reached for her cup, but her face showed no emotion.

Wen Zhihan seemed very gentle, and Shao Cixin was calm and candid in front of her.
She was too lazy to even lie.

So Shao Cixin was very honest and said, “She has someone else in her heart and can’t tolerate me, and also makes me tired of liking her.
It’s undignified.”

“Since that’s the case, what’s the point of continuing? I’ve lost all interest in her.”

Wen Zhihan lightly touched her coffee cup with her fingertips, and held the cup handle.
Her eyes were lowered.

Shao Cixin couldn’t see the emotions in her eyes, but she only heard her say lightly, “It’s her fault.”

It seemed like she was comforting her.

“That’s why I won’t marry her,” Shao Cixin said.

Wen Zhihan took a sip of coffee and nodded slightly.

“But I need this union,” Shao Cixin said, looking at her with burning eyes.

The Wen family had truly helped the Shao family through difficult times in the last life, and they had become the Shao family’s most trusted partner.
If they could get the Wen family’s help again, why would Shao Heng need to take the risk of finding other help?

Now the opportunity was right in front of her.
No matter what, she wanted to fight for the Shao family.

Wen Zhihan raised her eyes.
Her blue eyes were like dazzling jewels, clear and transparent.

She vaguely guessed what Shao Cixin meant, but she still asked, “What does Miss Shao mean?”

Shao Cixin leaned forward, her hands folded on the table, her eyes bright and shining: “We’re all adults, so we don’t need to beat around the bush.”

“Senior sister,” she deliberately changed to a more intimate title, “I want to marry you.”

Before she said this, she had already thought of the next lines in her heart and how to express her sincerity.

When begging for help, people always have to say some good words and make some promises.
Otherwise, why would Wen Zhihan agree to her so easily? But the result was that she didn’t get a chance to spit out a word.
She just heard Wen Zhihan say calmly, “Okay.”

Shao Cixin: “?”

Wen Zhihan smiled and said, “I’ll marry you.”

Shao Cixin: “???”

Wen Zhihan saw her dazed and shocked expression and found it funny, so she laughed and asked in a warm voice, “I’m just doing what you asked me to.
Why are you so surprised?”

“You agreed too quickly,” Shao Cixin said in disbelief.
“To be honest, I think it was a bit hasty.”

Wen Zhihan: “?”

Shao Cixin: “Hasty enough to make me suspect you.”

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Wen Zhihan: “…”

She was amused.
“There’s no need to suspect me.”

Gently swirling the coffee in her hand, she spoke calmly.
“You and Wen Yu broke up, and I’ve already proposed marriage to your father.
A person can’t go back on their word, so if that’s the case, I’ll just have to take matters into my own hands.

“And I believe that once the Shao family recovers, it’ll be a great partner for the Wen family.
From my perspective, this deal is not one-sided.”


Not one-sided? Wen Zhihan is the one being taken advantage of here.

Shao Cixin doesn’t understand the way these businessmen think.

“Are you really willing to marry me? Do you really think this deal is not one-sided?”

Wen Zhihan looked at her with a smile and spoke softly.
“Miss Shao, I like beautiful people.”

Shao Cixin understood.
She’s thankful that she at least has the face to make Wen Zhihan marry her for her looks.

Since Wen Zhihan has already said all this, she’ll have to show some sincerity too.

“Since this is a business deal, there’s no need to talk about feelings.
I know that when deals involve emotions, it gets complicated, so President Wen, you can rest assured that I will not cause any trouble for you.

“Stories like ‘marry first, love later’ are just trashy plots.
They definitely don’t exist.
I don’t even want to think about love anymore, I really don’t!

“After we get married, we’ll just go our separate ways.
We’ll have nothing to do with each other.
You can be with whoever you want.

“Of course, you’ve helped my Shao family, so you’re my benefactor.
If you have any requests, I’ll definitely try my best to fulfill them.”

“How about it, President Wen? Are you satisfied with my sincerity?”

After she finished speaking, Shao Cixin added a pleasing smile.

Wen Zhihan quietly listened, and after a while, slowly put down her coffee and said, “It seems like you were deeply hurt by Wen Yu.”

Shao Cixin didn’t deny it.

She thought it was a mutual love, but it turned out to be one-sided.
Her wife cheated on her after marriage and showed no remorse.
In the end, it was all a charity, and how could pain like that not be deep?

Therefore, she really couldn’t entrust her heart to another person so soon.
The wound also needed time to heal, and it might even never heal completely…

Wen Zhihan laughed lightly, not dwelling on this question, and instead asked, “Where does Miss Shao’s ‘as much as possible’ range?”

Shao Cixin replied concisely: “Not breaking the law, not harming heaven and earth, not making me give up my career.”

Wen Zhihan nodded, her beautiful sapphire eyes curved like a crescent moon on the horizon, and her tone was as gentle as the wind.

“Don’t forget what you said today. 

Junior Sister.”

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