Chapter 24 – What do you mean?

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Shao Cixin didn’t want to deal with Wen Yu, they didn’t have anything to say to each other anymore, but now that they’ve bumped into each other, there’s no way around it.

“Is something wrong?” Shao Cixin asked calmly.

She stood in the sunlight, her long black hair fluttering in the breeze.
Her delicate features looked like they were dusted with a layer of gold powder.
At first glance, she was radiant and beautiful, so beautiful that people couldn’t avert their eyes.

Wen Yu walked onto the balcony and looked at her fresh appearance.
Her heart couldn’t help but flutter.

She must be blind.
How could she not have noticed how good she was in her previous life?

Fortunately, there was still a chance.
They were both still alive.

“I’m sorry.”

She finally said those three words.

This completely threw Shao Cixin off.

Wen Yu, this person, was actually apologizing to her?

In her previous life, she didn’t even apologize when she cheated, and now she knows to apologize after they break up?

What is this person thinking?!

Shao Cixin didn’t respond.

Wen Yu knew she was in the wrong and kept her posture low.

In front of her, Shao Cixin was always a sweet person, always accommodating to her.
Now that she wasn’t speaking, she must be really mad at her.

So she apologized: “It’s my fault, I was blind in my past and didn’t realize how good you were.
I’m sorry Cixin…”

Shao Cixin raised an eyebrow.

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Wen Yu looked at her with deep eyes: “So… give me another chance, ok?”

Shao Cixin heard this and immediately took a step back.

Wen Yu: “?”

“Sister-in-law,” Shao Cixin said seriously as if facing a great enemy, “this is not a story where the older sister-in-law and younger sister-in-law make up!”

Wen Yu: “…”

Why is Cixin acting like a comedian?

Shao Cixin was not only serious but also speechless and shocked.

Wen Yu, this woman who made the earth-shattering and ghost-crying statement of “helping you fulfill your dream,” is now apologizing to her?

Not only that, but she also wants her to give her another chance??

This really opened her eyes.

The world is really full of surprises!

But no.

Even if they were not sister and sister-in-law now, it wouldn’t work.

If it’s Wen Yu, it won’t work!

Wen Yu’s eyes showed a hint of confusion at the moment because she was too confused about her.

In her impression, Shao Cixin had always been cute and pleasant, with pleasant and sweet words, and she didn’t match the word “shady”.

But Shao Cixin is now… like a comedian.

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Recalling the taste problem at the dinner table just now, Wen Yu’s impression of Shao Cixin suddenly began to waver.

She seems to be not as familiar with her as she thought…

Shao Cixin didn’t care what she was thinking in her heart.
She looked at the time and was about to leave the balcony to say goodbye to the Wen family.

As soon as she moved, Wen Yu followed her with her eyes and called out to her softly, “Cixin.”

The current Shao Cixin will not be moved by a few affectionate “Cixin”s anymore.

“Hey, don’t call me that.
You should call me sister-in-law now.
Don’t get our relationship mixed up.” 

After Wen Yu heard it, she frowned and asked, “Why are you like this too? You don’t even like her.”

Shao Cixin asked back, “How do you know I don’t like her?”

Wen Yu: “You just broke up with me not long ago.
When did you have time to like her?”

Shao Cixin smiled slightly: “Of course it was love at first sight.”

Wen Yu stopped.

Shao Cixin smiled slightly and pulled out the deeply in love character setting for her.
Wen Yu was stunned.

“You don’t understand.
Since I met your sister again, my heart has been out of my control.
It will only jump and sing for her.


“I like her too much.
I want to marry her and make her belong to me forever.
Fortunately, she is single and likes me too.


“Oh Wen Zhihan, my destined wife~”

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“… “

Wen Yu was speechless and looked at her silently.

How long did Shao Cixin chase her? The deep love of the past can be transferred to another person so easily?

Did she really let her go so quickly, without any attachment?

Why did everything change after she was reborn?

Is it really necessary for God to make her trials so difficult?

If she had come earlier, before they broke up, none of this would have happened, right?

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but feel resentful.

Why couldn’t it have been earlier?


But at this moment, she remembered something extremely important.

– Shao Cixin didn’t have any feelings for Wen Zhihan when she saw her in her previous life!

If it was destined, how could Shao Cixin fall in love with Wen Zhihan in this life when she was indifferent to her in her previous life?

Most importantly, Shao Cixin’s eyes when she looked at Wen Zhihan were not as affectionate as when she looked at her.

Wen Yu’s mind was a mess as she stood there, trying to analyze everything.
Ultimately, she came to a firm conclusion: Wen Zhihan and Shao Cixin were fake.

Thinking of this, she calmed down a lot.

“Cixin, you don’t need to act like you like her in front of me.

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“You don’t forget, we talked about it, I know what you look like when you like someone, I’m not stupid, I can see it.”

Shao Cixin was overjoyed.

Yes, Wen Yu was not stupid.
Shao Cixin was the stupid one.

Otherwise, how could she not realize that her wife and her ex-girlfriend had been cheating on her for so long, and how could she give her true heart to a scumbag?

“Wen Yu,” Shao Cixin said slowly, her hands crossed over her chest, “whether I like or dislike Zhihan, what does it have to do with you?

“You figure out your own shit first.
What face do you have to point fingers at others here?

“Besides, breaking up means two people are split, don’t you understand such a simple principle?”

After saying this, she didn’t want to deal with this ridiculous person anymore and walked straight past her.

But when she was about to pass by, she was grabbed by the wrist.

“Cixin,” Wen Yu looked at her earnestly, “I really know I was wrong…”

“It has nothing to do with me,” Shao Cixin said coldly, shaking off her hand.
She was no longer interested in this person, “I’ll say it again, my wife is Wen Zhihan, not Wen Yu.”

Her words stimulated Wen Yu, and she suddenly felt sad and unwilling.
She blurted out, “If I hadn’t come late, the person who would have married you would have been me!”

As soon as the words were spoken, Shao Cixin stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at her.

All sorts of thoughts rushed to her head at this moment, and she headed straight for the answer.

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely serious.

“What do you mean?”

She couldn’t be…reborn as well, right?

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