Chapter 23 – Three Years

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Shao Cixin doesn’t know why Wen Yu insists on adding herself back into her life.

She’s already been hurt enough, and her heart won’t be happy again just because Wen Yu is getting close to her.

What happened between them was both a mistake and a thing of the past, with nothing worth holding on to.

Now that the both of them have parted ways peacefully, can’t they just go their own way?

She’s really a trashy woman that’s hard to understand.

Putting away her phone, she took a covert glance at Wen Zhihan.

Wen Zhihan was sitting on the sofa, looking calm and collected, elegant beyond compare as if nothing could disturb the tranquility of her heart.

Looking at Wen Zhihan like this, Shao Cixin gradually calmed down.

—Whatever, I’m not afraid of that scum woman Wen Yu anyway, hmph!

Wen Yu knew that Shao Cixin wouldn’t go back on her word in front of her elders.

She also knew that Shao Cixin wouldn’t block and delete her on WeChat, because she would tell on her to the elders.

It was a bit low and childish, but if it meant getting her wife back, then it was worth it.

She was at peace with it.

Shao Cixin was, after all, a professional actress, and she was very good at controlling her expressions.
Wen Zhihan couldn’t tell that she was unhappy from looking at her face.

But she couldn’t tell that she was happy either.

The person who used to love her so much was indeed so hurt that she couldn’t be moved by her anymore.

“Dad, mom, I just haven’t had a chance to show Cixin around the house yet, I’ll take her to look around some more.”

Wen Zhihan put down her teacup and stood up, reaching her hand out to Shao Cixin.


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Joanna had no second thoughts, patting Shao Cixin on the back: “Go on, go on.”

Shao Cixin didn’t hesitate, taking Wen Zhihan’s slender and beautiful hand in hers.

They walked up the stairs side by side, their backs looking intimate together.

Not having to face Wen Yu, Shao Cixin let out a big sigh of relief and turned her head to Wen Zhihan with a heartfelt smile: “Thank you.”

Wen Zhihan’s smile was gentle: “Consider it thanks for the gifts Auntie prepared for me, and also thanks for making my parents happy.”

Shao Cixin, seeing this, asked: “How was it? I, Shao Cixin, did pretty well, right?”

She had made Wen Xingyun and his wife so happy, and she had done so well—surely the goddess would praise her?

Wen Zhihan lightly brushed her hair back and smiled: “Good, but it doesn’t seem like your character the same?”

She was referring to the “love her so much I can’t breathe” part.

Shao Cixin was straightforward: “I changed it.”

Wen Zhihan: “To what?”

Shao Cixin: “Little Sweetie.”

Wen Zhihan paused for a moment before laughing out lightly.

To her parents, that was indeed really sweet.

Shao Cixin didn’t have a choice.
Her previous character just wouldn’t work.
It was better to just focus on making Wen Xingyun and his wife happy.

The two of them arrived on the second floor.

Even though the play was over, their hands never parted.

Wen Zhihan’s voice was soft as she introduced the house’s layout to Shao Cixin.

Shao Cixin understood, but that didn’t stop her from pretending she didn’t.

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Shao Cixin now feels like she is acting in the act.

Wen Zhihan is both performing for others and herself.

Life really is all about acting skills.

Gradually, there was no one around them.

Wen Zhihan explained seriously, forgetting to let go of her hand.

Shao Cixin didn’t notice this either, and she waited until she finished speaking before remembering they were still holding hands.

Wen Zhihan let go of Shao Cixin’s hand and said softly, “Sorry, I forgot.”

Shao Cixin didn’t mind.
She didn’t dislike Wen Zhihan.
Holding hands wouldn’t make her lose face, and they were getting increasingly proficient at it now.

Or rather, Wen Zhihan was getting more and more proficient at initiating the hand-holding.

Shao Cixin’s eyes turned, and she looked at Wen Zhihan’s ear.

——But her ears wouldn’t turn red now.

“Wen Zhihan,” Shao Cixin said, “You don’t seem to be shy about holding hands anymore.”

Wen Zhihan’s expression was calm, and the smile at the corner of her lips didn’t diminish: “I’m used to it.”

Shao Cixin sighed regretfully: “Ah… what a pity, oh.”


Wen Zhihan: “Don’t be regretful about such things.”

After the housing tour, the two returned to the balcony and sat for a while.

After a little more rest, Shao Cixin was about to leave.

She didn’t plan to stay overnight so as not to trouble Wen Zhihan.

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Leaning on the back of the chair, recalling Wen Yu’s behavior just now, Shao Cixin couldn’t help but ask: “What does your sister want to do?”

Wen Yu is using the Wen couple to support herself, making Shao Cixin so scared now that she doesn’t dare to block and delete her.

She doesn’t want her parents to know that she has been in a relationship with Wen Yu.
There is no need, it is also troublesome, and they might suspect her “love” for Wen Zhihan.

Wen Zhihan looked at the afternoon sky and, after a while, said, “She must have regretted it.”

Shao Cixin wanted to refute this time, but after thinking about it, she didn’t refute it after all.

-Damn it, she also started to suspect that Wen Yu regretted it.

But isn’t that too cheap?

When she liked her so much, Wen Yu didn’t see her.

Shao Cixin completely let go, and now Wen Yu misses her, comes back, and asks for reconciliation.

Moreover, she is already married and is someone else’s wife.
Asking for reconciliation is like prying into someone’s corner!

There’s no ten-year brain aneurysm that can do this???

“She’s really strange.”

Shao Cixin objectively and rationally evaluated her and hugged her chest with both hands.

“But anyway, I won’t like her anymore.”

Wen Zhihan heard this, turned to look at her, and then moved her gaze away, saying lightly, “That’s good.”

Shao Cixin faintly felt something off: “Your words… is there something else that you mean?”

Wen Zhihan said calmly, “Cixin, this marriage can’t end too soon.
You can treat me as a goddess, but you can’t use me too obviously, understand?”

Shao Cixin blinked.

Yes, Wen Zhihan tolerates her treating her as a goddess who saves the suffering and the needy, but it doesn’t mean that she really abandons the secular world and becomes a goddess.

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The person in front of her is essentially a successful businesswoman.
Every move she makes must be carefully calculated, and there are things she can’t tolerate.

– For example, if her wife eloped and divorced because of her younger sister, who couldn’t get along with herself.

“Don’t worry, I understand.” Shao Cixin said.

Wen Zhihan nodded, and after a moment of silence, she turned to look at her and said, “Perhaps we should set a minimum time limit for this marriage?”

Shao Cixin: “…… For example?”

Wen Zhihan smiled.

“Three years.

“If there are any changes in the meantime, we’ll discuss it then.”

Shao Cixin was stunned for a moment, blinked, and quickly reacted: “Okay, I’ll do as you say.”

After all, she has already sealed her heart and fallen in love.
What’s the difference between one year and three years with Wen Zhihan maintaining this superficial marriage?

Moreover, Wen Zhihan’s personality is so gentle that they will get along well.

Then Wen Zhihan received a work call and temporarily left the balcony.

Shao Cixin was alone on the balcony, waiting for her to return.

After sitting for a while, she was bored and got up to look at the scenery in the distance.

The mountains are green, and the clouds are beautiful.
The autumn wind also feels warmer.

Just then, footsteps came from behind.

Shao Cixin guessed it was Wen Zhihan and said while turning around, “Did you finish the call?”

But she suddenly had no words when she saw the person’s face.

The person standing at the door of the balcony is not Wen Zhihan, but Wen Yu.

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