Chapter 22 – Dirty

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Shao Cixin was under the care of Wen Zhihan, and she ate a happy meal.

After lunch, she accompanied the Wen elder couple to sit in the living room and chat.
Both sides exchanged contact information.

Joanna was delighted with Shao Cixin, her daughter-in-law, holding her hand and looking fondly at her.

Wen Xingyun was also satisfied.
He smiled, put down his cell phone, and said, “I will go back and find your father to have tea and ask him how he taught his child to be so attractive.”

Shao Cixin chirped, “Okay, my dad also wants to have tea with you.

“He is good at making tea.
If you try it, you will not be disappointed.”

Wen Xingyun: “Oh? Then you will call your father later and help me set the time.
I can exchange it with him for a meal.”

He had already wanted to meet Shao Heng before, and he had just returned, so he wanted to set a date for the meeting.

There is no need to talk about tedious work.
Just talk about family life to close the relationship between the two families.

Since they have become in-laws, they are naturally closer.

Shao Cixin said enthusiastically, “Okay, I will help you ask later.”

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At this time, Joanna asked, “When do you plan to hold the wedding?”

Shao Cixin was stunned.

Wen Zhihan’s hand stopped as she was drinking tea.

Wen Zhihan and Wen Yu looked at her.

Shao Cixin felt embarrassed and raised her hand to touch her nose.
She pulled her mouth and said, “We don’t plan to hold a wedding for the time being.”

Joanna was surprised: “Why?”

On the way back, they even thought about how to hold the wedding, where, and who to invite.

But the children don’t plan to hold a wedding at all??

Wen Zhihan followed up and said softly, “I am busy with work, so I don’t plan to consider this for the time being.
I will make up for it when I am free.”

Joanna looked at her daughter.

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Wen Zhihan smiled softly: “We have been recognized by the law, which is enough.
The ceremony is not important.
We can make up for it at any time.
Dad, mom, you don’t have to worry.”

Joanna knows that Wen Zhihan had her own ideas, so she doesn’t say anything.

She knows every move of her daughter from childhood to adulthood.
She doesn’t need others to tell her what is right and wrong.

Wen Yu listened and suddenly felt a little proud in her heart.

She felt that she was better than Wen Zhihan as a wife.

At least she gave Shao Cixin a good dream wedding.

Wait for her and Shao Cixin to reunite, wait for them to get married.
This time she will give Shao Cixin a more grand and memorable wedding!

However, the primary task is getting Shao Cixin to add her back.

It’s inconvenient without any contact information, and when Shao Cixin doesn’t want to see her, she can’t even say “I’m sorry.”

But how can she get Shao Cixin to add her back…

At this moment, Wen Xingyun spoke up: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t do it now, just do what you want.
As long as our two families are harmonious and you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

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“Little Yu, you have to get along well with your sister-in-law.”

Wen Yu: “…”


A word that was once worlds away from her but now lingers around her.

It’s just too harsh and heart-wrenching.

The sister-in-law herself felt pretty comfortable.

Whoever loves Wen Yu can have her.
She’s Wen Yu’s sister-in-law now; there’s no way they can be together anymore!

Then she saw Wen Yu suddenly take out her phone and lock eyes with her, with a friendly smile on her face.

Shao Cixin: “…”

Suddenly, she had an awful feeling.

Sure enough, she heard Wen Yu say: “Since we’re going to get along, let’s add each other’s contact information first, it’ll be more convenient to communicate in the future.”

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Wen Zhihan slowly raised her eyes and looked at her sister across from her.

– What does she want to do?

Shao Cixin was speechless.

She would never have thought she would use this trick…

She must have known that she wouldn’t dare to turn her face in front of the Wen Xingyun couple!

Wen Xingyun and Joanna knew nothing about the two of them, and they were looking at them with great kindness at the moment.

“Add it, add it, get along well and help each other out.”

Wen Yu extended her phone, and the screen showed a QR code.


Shao Cixin gritted her teeth and scanned Wen Yu’s QR code with a blank expression.

She felt that her friend list was dirty.

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