Chapter 18 – Are you embarrassed?

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It doesn’t matter what you have to say; it’s always best to say things in person.

This includes apologies.

Wen Yu wanted to apologize to Shao Cixin for her foolishness and for disappointing her.

At the very least, she wanted Shao Cixin to know that she was aware of her mistakes so they could move forward.

The moon was bright tonight, and the autumn breeze was gentle, just like the nights she spent with Shao Cixin.

Nothing would happen back then, and Shao Cixin would lie next to her and read a book or play with her phone, quietly accompanying her and responding to her when she needed it.

It was beautiful, moving.

But she didn’t know how to cherish it and only realized how much she regretted it after losing it.

Fortunately, she still had a chance.

Life could be restarted, and so could love.

But before that, she had to go home.

Her parents were coming home tomorrow and they said they didn’t need her to pick them up at the airport, they just wanted to see her when they got home.

Wen Zhihan still had work to do and couldn’t stay home all day, so she would come back in the evening.

Meanwhile, her work every day is to play and have fun, be happy, and time is naturally abundant, so she has to be at home, regardless if she wants to or not.

So in order to see her parents sooner, she said goodbye to Bai Rui and drove home by herself.

Shao Cixin finally finished her work for the day and got on the bus home.

On the way, she didn’t forget to gossip with Liang Xuefei about Wen Yu’s attempt to add her back as a friend.

[Shao Cixin]: I really don’t understand what she’s thinking.

[Shao Cixin]: I guess she’s going to say something useless and unpleasant again.

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[Shao Cixin]: She’s so poisonous, she can kill people with her words.

Now, when she thought about the comments Wen Yu made when she cheated in her previous life, she felt sick to her stomach.

She even wanted to open Wen Yu’s head and take a look inside to see if it was full of the entire earth’s seawater.

She and Wen Yu met in college.

Wen Yu was very polite and reserved around strangers, and she was very misleading.

She was fooled by her back then.

Now she regretted it, she regretted it so much.

[Feifei]: Baby, I have a question.

[Feifei]: Are you really, really, really not interested in her anymore?

Liang Xuefei was afraid that Shao Cixin still had feelings for Wen Yu, even though she said she was over her.

How could someone like that be worth missing?

Shao Cixin raised her eyebrows.

[Shao Cixin]: Cub, do I look like an M to you?

[Shao Cixin]: She’s so wishy-washy, who would want to like someone who’s like that!

When Liang Xuefei saw this reply, she was relieved.

[Feifei] That’s right! You don’t like her, I’m just relieved you won’t get hurt by her again.

[Feifei]: Let her be by herself.
She doesn’t deserve you, you already have a goddess wife!

Shao Cixin was awakened from her dream.

That’s right, she already had a goddess wife.

They were discussing how to be affectionate with each other in front of their families, and about Wen Yu adding her as a friend… should she tell Wen Zhihan about it?

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She should, she needed to discuss it with her.
After all, they had to act in front of Wen Yu.

As she thought about this, she sent a message to Wen Zhihan.

[Shao Cixin]: Are you there?

No reply.

That means she’s not there.

Shao Cixin then continued chatting with Liang Xuefei.

——Let’s talk when she’s free.

At home, after taking a shower, she stood in front of the mirror and started her skincare routine.

After a while, Wen Zhihan replied.

She lowered her head to unlock her phone, and the other person replied with a few words: [Just busy, what’s up? ]

She asked Wen Zhihan if she could voice call her.

Wen Zhihan said she could.

Shao Cixin dialled the phone and did her skincare routine while talking on the phone, saving time.

After hearing the familiar voice from the receiver, Shao Cixin didn’t rush to open the topic.
Instead, she talked to her warmly first: “President Wen, are you still busy at this hour? Haven’t you gone home from work yet?”

Wen Zhihan’s voice was warm, and she laughed: “I’m at home, I was just dealing with work, I didn’t look at my phone.”

“Our President Wen is really busy.
You’ve worked hard, you’ve worked hard.”

Shao Cixin said while patting her face in the mirror.

Looking in the mirror, she suddenly remembered that she hadn’t worn her new pajamas yet.

With the belief that “clothes should be worn after they are bought, and every beautiful piece of clothing should not be neglected”, she quickly finished her skincare routine, washed her hands, and went into the bedroom.

“I have something to tell you,” she took out her new pajamas, held the hem of her clothes in her hands and removed her clothes, “Wen Yu applied to be my friend today.”

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The fabric rustled and her voice became unclear as she took off her clothes.

Wen Zhihan didn’t hear clearly: “What?”

She asked again: “What are you doing?”

She had previously heard her patting her skin, and her voice suddenly became unmuffled after a series of footsteps and rustling.

Shao Cixin said plainly: “Changing my clothes.”

The response she got was Wen Zhihan’s silence.

She didn’t know if it was silence or embarrassment.

Shao Cixin laughed: “What’s wrong, Sister Wen? Are you embarrassed?”

Wen Zhihan: “…”

Shao Cixin shamelessly said: “It’s okay, you can’t see anyway.
Besides, we’re legal wives.
Even if I change my clothes in front of you, it’s no big deal, right?”

Wen Zhihan replied with a soft “Hmm”.

Shao Cixin suddenly found it interesting that she was so thin-skinned.

How could she be embarrassed even to hear someone else changing their clothes on the phone?

Sure enough, she was a pure goddess, and that character setting couldn’t be changed.

After changing clothes, Shao Cixin felt that she should bring the topic back to where it was.
She spoke clearly: “Wen Yu sent me a friend request today.
Do you know what she wants to do?”


Wen Zhihan didn’t know what Wen Yu wanted to do.

“Did you agree?”

Shao Cixin brushed her hair out of her clothes: “No.”

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Wen Zhihan thought for a moment and provided a possibility.

“She might have regretted it and wanted to win you back.”

Shao Cixin couldn’t help but laugh: “Regret? No, she won’t regret it.”

Wen Yu didn’t have her in her heart at all.
If she had any feelings for her, she wouldn’t have said those words at the beginning.

For Wen Yu, Shao Cixin was just a tool to vent her anger.

Wen Zhihan smiled softly and didn’t continue this topic.
She said, “Go to bed early.”

Shao Cixin put her clothes away and climbed into bed: “You too, goodnight.”

Wen Zhihan: “Goodnight.”

After hanging up the phone, she put down her cell phone.

Wen Zhihan got up and walked out of the room, preparing to go downstairs and get a drink of water.

But just as she entered the living room, Wen Yu came back.

Their eyes collided in the air, and both of them were indifferent.

They never cared about each other’s whereabouts, and they were too lazy to ask about each other’s lives.
As long as the other person was still alive, it was fine.

“You’re back.”

After saying this, Wen Zhihan withdrew her gaze and turned away without changing her expression.

Wen Yu watched her back for a moment and then withdrew her gaze and walked towards her own room.

Even after being reincarnated, she still couldn’t bring herself to face Wen Zhihan, her older sister.

Because in the previous life, their relationship had utterly deteriorated…

Wen Zhihan slapped her after Shao Cixin’s car accident.

– That was the first time Wen Zhihan had ever hit her.

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