The news of the Wen and Shao families’ marriage alliance spread quickly, especially within the business community.

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Many people who were waiting for the Shao family to collapse were dumbfounded.

Even today, they still can’t figure out how the Wen family’s eldest daughter operates.

She is always out of control and incomprehensible, far from being as gentle and harmless as she appears on the surface.

Bai Rui doesn’t care whether Wen Zhihan is really harmless or not, she is just confused.

How did Shao Cixin get together with Wen Zhihan?

How could it happen so suddenly?

This is just a business marriage, right?

She really wants to see Wen Yu’s expression now.

What is the mood of the person who swore that Shao Cixin would regret it and beg to get back together?

She actually feels that Wen Yu has been a bit hard to read recently.

Wen Yu has obviously been distracted from Tian Jiahe’s affairs lately and doesn’t seem to be fully present, and her thoughts can wander sometimes, so she doesn’t know what’s going on.

Her thoughts returned to the original topic.

Bai Rui looked at the clear and conspicuous headline on her phone screen and couldn’t help but sigh, “This person, Shao Cixin, has something about her.”

Just as she finished sighing, Wen Yu called her to go for a drink at the usual place.

Human happiness and sorrow are not the same.

Wen Yu couldn’t feel the slightest bit of happiness for her sister’s wedding.

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That was Shao Cixin, the Shao Cixin who said she liked her so much!

When she saw the headline about the two families’ marriage alliance, she even had a moment of doubt- why not me?

Yes, the person who was supposed to marry Shao Cixin, should have been her.

Shao Cixin’s love should have belonged to her alone.

It’s funny to think that when Shao Cixin was enthusiastically pursuing her, she only had eyes for Tian Jiahe.

When Shao Cixin left, she started to feel uncomfortable without her…

And why did it have to be Wen Zhihan, why did it have to be Wen Zhihan?

She drank one glass of wine after another without restraint.

When Bai Rui arrived, she was already drunk and incoherent, mumbling to herself.

Bai Rui leaned in curiously and heard two words- Cixin.

As they say, wine will tell the truth.
Bai Rui finally understood why she had been feeling so down lately.

“Good job,” Bai Rui said as she sat down next to her.
“You only know you regret it when the person is gone.”

Wen Yu opened her drunken eyes slightly.

Bai Rui patted her shoulder: “Do you still know who I am?”

Wen Yu slowly parted her lips and said two words: “Cixin…”

-Okay, she’s completely drunk.

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Bai Rui stood up and rolled up her sleeves, preparing to take the person home.

But Wen Yu didn’t want to go home, she didn’t want to see Wen Zhihan.

Bai Rui knew about her conflict with Wen Zhihan and had no choice but to take her back to her own place for the night.

Fortunately, Wen Yu didn’t vomit and fell asleep as soon as she lay down, which was a relief.

Bai Rui looked at her sleeping face and couldn’t help but sigh: she was too careless in her choice of friends…

She hadn’t even had a drop of alcohol!

It was past eleven in the morning when Wen Yu finally woke up. 

She sat up with a headache, and opened her eyes in confusion. 

Everything around her was both familiar and strange, and there was an eerie feeling everywhere she looked. 

Had she…died? 

She sat there in a daze, looking at her hands helplessly as memories flooded her mind. 

After Shao Cixin’s death, she married Tian Jiahe.
She had thought that their life together would be wonderful, full of love, but she quickly realized that she had been wrong. 

Tian Jiahe was not as gentle as Shao Cixin, nor did he care for her the way Shao Cixin had.
All Tian Jiahe ever did was pick fights with her and belittle her, saying that she was not as good as Wen Zhihan. 

Their days were filled with nothing but exhaustion.
Shao Cixin would never have treated her like that, always putting her first. 

Shao Cixin was the one who had loved her the most, and there would never be anyone who loved her as much as Shao Cixin had. 

She started to regret marrying Tian Jiahe, and even unconsciously started comparing him to Shao Cixin in conversation, which only served to anger Tian Jiahe further and intensify the conflict between them. 

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Eventually, during a fight, she lost her balance and fell down the stairs.

 At that time, her body was very weak, and she died from the fall.

She was plunged into a dark abyss.
She vaguely remembered that she had been there for a long time, but she couldn’t quite remember what it was like. 

It felt like a dream. 

A dream from which she would never wake up. 

So what the hell was going on now? 

Where was she?! 

Just as she was pondering this, the door opened and Bai Rui walked in.

Raising an eyebrow, she said, “Second Miss Wen, you’re finally awake.
You can have dinner as soon as you get up.

Wen Yu was looking at Bai Rui’s face in a daze, and she couldn’t speak.

She remembered that this was Bai Rui’s house.

But how could she be at Bai Rui’s house?!

“How did I get here?”

Bai Rui crossed her arms and leaned against the door, looking at her: “You drank so much that you lost your memory?”

“You called me out to drink yesterday, and you didn’t want to go home after drinking, so I brought you here.”

Wen Yu was even more confused after hearing this.

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That’s not right, she thought.
She used to only drink with Shao Cixin, who was always understanding and easy to talk to.
Why did she suddenly start drinking with Bai Rui?

She asked what the date was out of habit, and she was both surprised and happy when she heard Bai Rui’s answer.

Now it was the time when she and Shao Cixin were supposed to get married!

There was still a chance, she still had a chance to hold onto her relationship with Shao Cixin!

So she asked eagerly, “Where’s Shao Cixin?”

Bai Rui thought she was really confused and explained kindly, “She left you.”

Wen Yu: “?”

Bai Rui: “You said she would regret it and come back to you.”

Wen Yu: “Did she regret it?”

Bai Rui: “No, she became your sister-in-law.”

Wen Yu: “???”

Who became my sister-in-law???

The author has something to say: Hahahaha.

Finally got to the scene I wanted to write!

Everyone must understand the summary now, hahahaha.

TL Note: Hehe I left you on a cliffhanger.

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