Chapter 14 – Carelessness

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It’s early morning and the sun is shining brightly.

Shao Cixin, who worked until early morning yesterday, had to leave her warm bed to wash up and go out to work.

Sitting in the car, she yawned, her eyes wet with tears, and listened to Rong Ya’s itinerary for today.

“Today there’s an audition, then an interview, then nothing else.
There’s a little bit of work to do on the weekend, with a few shows to go on.”


“Hey, you look so tired.
Why don’t you go home and take a nap this afternoon?”

Rong Ya pinched her face and thought of the engagement ring she had bought two days ago.
Her gaze fell on her fingers.

Empty, not a piece of jewelry in sight.

“Not wearing a ring?”

Shao Cixin turned her head to the side and closed her eyes: “No, I don’t wear one for work.”

Rong Ya was curious: “Really? President Wen doesn’t mind?”

Shao Cixin opened her eyes and looked at herself in the car window, then closed them again: “No, she doesn’t mind.”

Wen Zhihan didn’t say that she had to wear her wedding ring all the time.

Besides, they hadn’t even gotten their marriage license yet, so she wasn’t legally her wife.
Why was she in such a hurry to wear a ring?

Just as she was thinking this, she received a message from Wen Zhihan.

[President Wen]:  Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau this afternoon

Shao Cixin: “?”

Why did I just think of her and she sent me a message? Is she monitoring me here???

Then two more new messages came.

[President Wen]: The Civil Affairs Bureau is closed on weekends, so I was thinking of getting the license today

[President Wen]: If you have any new plans for this afternoon, we can go next time, it’s no problem

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Shao Cixin suddenly realized that Wen Zhihan always explained the reasons to her very seriously and gently.

The more she got to know Wen Zhihan, the more she felt that Wen Zhihan was gentle and considerate.

Wen Zhihan in her previous life was also like this.

Even if Wen Zhihan and Wen Yu were not on good terms, she would not involve Shao Cixin, who was Wen Yu’s wife, and she was always very good and friendly to her.

Wen Yu was not as generous as Wen Zhihan.
She especially didn’t like the people around her to get too close to the people she didn’t like–even if it was just a little bit.

Pulling her thoughts back, she replied to Wen Zhihan: [Sure, let’s make an appointment and bring our ID books to meet]

It’s a bit magical.

Shao Cixin thought as she typed.

In her previous life, she was curious about what her future sister-in-law would be like, but she didn’t expect that she would become that sister-in-law in this life.

Fate is really beyond words.

Wen Zhihan sent a time over.

Shao Cixin replied “OK” and turned to Rong Ya: “Don’t schedule anything for me this afternoon.”

Rong Ya: “?”

Shao Cixin straightened her clothes and said playfully: “I need to go get my license with President Wen at four o’clock.”

Rong Ya understood and joked: “Yes, Mrs.

Shao Cixin turned and looked at her, then turned back and didn’t correct her.

It’ll happen soon anyway.

“By the way, you don’t have to work next Tuesday, I need to go home and see her parents with Wen Zhihan.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve already arranged it for you.”

“That’s good.”

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“There’s one more thing,” Rong Ya stretched out her hand and patted her shoulder, interrupting her yawn, “the new assistant the company arranged for you has arrived.”

Shao Cixin heard this and suddenly wasn’t so tired anymore: “Where is she? Why didn’t she come and see me?”

Rong Ya smiled: “She’s waiting for an interview.”

Shao Cixin was curious: “Is she experienced?”

Rong Ya nodded: “Yeah, they said that the new assistant is experienced, efficient, reliable, and you can rest assured.”

Shao Cixin raised her eyebrows and looked away.

I hope so.

If this assistant doesn’t work out, she’ll really consider asking her dad to recommend a reliable assistant from the group.
Otherwise, she’ll be too tired worrying every day if her assistant will be able to handle things.

They saw the new assistant soon.

The new assistant was a girl named Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu had a bun hairstyle, was pretty, had a sweet smile, and was like a little sun.

Shao Cixin liked this person with a lot of charisma and had a good first impression of Lin Mumu.

During the audition, Lin Mumu arranged everything neatly and even helped her analyze the character and provide useful suggestions.

Shao Cixin was very satisfied with her.

Why didn’t she meet someone like this earlier!

At four in the afternoon.

Wen Zhihan went to pick her up on time at Shao Cixin’s apartment complex.

After getting in the car and fastening her seatbelt, Shao Cixin looked over at Wen Zhihan and saw that he was wearing a ring, so she took her ring out and put it on.

She said, “It’s hard work, you’re the driver every time.”

Wen Zhihan didn’t mind: “It’s more convenient to drive myself.”

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Shao Cixin nodded, and didn’t say anything.

Since she was reborn, she hadn’t touched a steering wheel.
If it wasn’t for Rong Ya coming to pick her up with a driver, it was the driver arranged by Shao-heng that picked her up, or even Wen Zhihan driving her.
There was no need for her to drive.

She didn’t want to drive either.
The incident of dying in a car accident made her have more or less have an aversion to driving now, and it was dangerous for someone like her to drive.

The car started and drove to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

On the way, Shao Cixin took the initiative to take on the responsibility of livening up the atmosphere.

She couldn’t just sit there and not say anything, that would really be too much to ask of Wen Zhihan.

Wen Zhihan was very considerate of her and would respond to whatever she said.
She was gentle and considerate beyond comparison.

They talked for a long time and Shao Cixin even brought up the new assistant on her own.

“My new assistant arrived today,” Shao Cixin said with a smile, “she’s a very likable girl, she’s efficient, and I’m quite satisfied.”

Wen Zhihan turned to look at her smile and also softly smiled: “It’s good that you have a new one.”

Shao Cixin leaned back in her chair and took a long breath: “I hope she won’t let me down.”

The entrance to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Shao Cixin looked at the scene and felt it was too familiar.

In the past, she was also a person who was full of expectations for marriage.

Then she yawned under her face mask.

Now she is just a heartless killer who was a little tired and had her heart locked up against love!

Wen Zhihan asked, “Are you tired?”

Shao Cixin did not deny it, and yawned again: “I finished work too late yesterday and woke up too early today.
When you came to pick me up, I just woke up.
So now my head is still a little bit not clear.”

Then he said, “But don’t worry, when I take the marriage photos, I will be very refreshed and beautiful.

“Let’s go, go in.”

This is the first time she’s getting married, and Wen Zhihan is not familiar with the process.

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Just when she was about to ask the hall staff, someone next to her pulled her.

“It’s okay, don’t ask,” Shao Cixin said under her mask and rubbed her eyes.
“Just follow me.”

Then Wen Zhihan was led by her through the entire process.

The documents and proofs that should be submitted were submitted, the marriage registration application form that should be filled in was filled in, the photo was taken, and the whole process was covered.
Except for someone who recognized Shao Cixin and wanted an autograph, which caused a little disturbance, there was no deadlock in any link.

Although this person is tired, she is still familiar with the process and very reliable.

Wen Zhihan looked at the marriage certificate in her hand and was still had no reaction.

She only felt that Shao Cixin was not as skilled, as if it was not the first time she came here.

Back in the car.

Shao Cixin put the marriage certificate in her bag.

Until this moment, she had a little sense of becoming Wen Zhihan’s wife.

From today on, she is the rightful Mrs.

She took off her hat, tidied her hair, looked at the time, just five o’clock, just the right time for dinner.

With red lips slightly open, she was about to ask Wen Zhihan what he was going to do next, but the other party’s voice fell into her ears first.

“Cixin, can you answer a question?”

Shao Cixin’s face was full of relief and she said lightly: “What question?”

Wen Zhihan said directly: “Why are you so familiar with this process?”

Shao Cixin froze.

Wen Zhihan looked at her and said softly, “You’ve… been here before?”

Shao Cixin: “…”

–  I messed up, I’m so tired that I forgot I’ve been reborn!

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