Death Flagged Eroge Prince

My Summon Is Clyde\'s Partner!?

Alexis felt his mind ascend to heaven from her silky soft fingers massaging his hand before interlocking with his fingers. His mind began screaming warning signs. The problem with Clyde was just like Chinese protagonists; extreme jealousy, addiction to perfection, with only pure heroines. Alexis felt his body jolt when thinking this thought.

”Oh god no! its a trap, shes a heroine!! ”

He could see that he was angry. Alexis felt his heart throb, turning towards Alice only seeing her innocent looking smile as she stopped him from releasing her hand.

”Strange ”

”Strange! ”

Alexis screaming within his mind, this was a heroine. The ONLY heroine that couldn be lost from wrong choices or actions. She was now stroking his hand like a lover did. Alex, for the life of him, tried thinking back about the game, hoping his stressed mind could remember any clues.

”Nope… Nope… Eh? ”

Alice squeezed his hand, breaking his thoughts as Alexis turned to face her. Her cute finger placed upon her lips, motioned for his silence. It seemed the ceremony was about to begin, ignoring the slight increase in his heart rate from her cute action. Clydes jealous yandere face in the CG art of Alexis Van Garlands first death scene.



”Has my time come!? ” Alexis said, Alice now placing her finger over his lips, silencing him.

The mechanical voice sounding in Alexis head made him feel at ease. Because now many peoples status bars had changed in his hud. His eyes trailed over Alice, expecting to see the class Ice maiden. Seeing her status made his body shudder.

”Wrong…This isn correct. Everythings different! ” Alexis thought, even the most basic things he knew might not be true in this world.

Alexis began breathing deeper, his mind becoming unstable with all the thoughts rushing through.

Maybe this world was different. Is she not the real Alice? Or another Alice reborn… Hopefully shes from a timeline where Alexis treated her well. He still considered her his goddess even after she began dating Clyde, after all in the stories canon.


Meanwhile, Alice giggled at Alexis and his reactions. In her last life, she treated him like dirt, driving him to near insanity. Yet he still made sure her mother was returned home and given the honorary baroness title to protect her honor.

Alexis made sure she could flee the country with her family when the demons began their assaults in the capital.

With her eyes glancing at his worried face, she thought. ”I don understand why I didn notice he was so beautiful. ” Alice thought he did so much for everyone receiving nothing.

His methods never abused the power of his family, nor did he try to force himself upon her. She thought back to times hed helped their party when Clyde was too busy chasing other women to sort the correct supplies. Hed leave them anonymously, never asking for credit.

”Why? Why did you love me so much even when I drove you to death?.. ” Alice said, however her voice making no sound. To others, her mouth opened and closed like a fish.

She had only returned the moment after rejecting Alexis, honestly, if she could have returned to before the event shed have accepted. Maybe a life with someone who, although had many women, gave all of them his everything.

”Come to think about it… None of his wives seemed unhappy or blamed him. Even putting them first when the empire began collapsing, giving them his secret fortune, allowing both his wives and their families to escape before the demons captured them. ”

Once again, her eyes peering into his emerald coloured eyes, feeling her own heart racing remembering the last moments she saw his face gallant like a knight.

”The man granted such a horrible class, with the weakest strength, his body unable to use mana… Fought desperately whilst protecting the same students who mocked him. Until his very body broke down. Whilst Clyde took his harem and escaped…Despite awakening as a hero, some of them left as demons toys. . ”

Her destain for Clydes cowardice seeping through.

”Don worry Alexis, no matter which path you take, Ill be with you… This time. ”


Alexis wanted to make sure that this was still close to the game and Clyde was indeed the protagonist, holding his breath scanning Clyde and Mike.




”Eh!? ”

”What the matter, prince Alexis? ” Alice said.

Alexis was taken aback. Although things on this side hadn changed, there was an added title cuckold king. His mind was rather confused. Clyde was a literal harem king with many women in the game, maybe several of the early harem being cut away and used as toys by the demons…

But those were only the girls with low appearance score and the event was mandatory, with the forums coming to the belief they were non virgins thus never being his true harem, Clyde only wanting virgins was his lore thus they were used them as forced emotional plot devices.

”Nothing for a beauty like you to worry about, Alice. ”

”Heh… Beauty really? ” Alice said. Her normally icy face wore a faint smile.

His mind once again shocked, hed watched many videos showing her iceberg interactions with Alexis, usually ignoring him completely, never speaking his name even once, no matter which route you took. The other thing is his words! His actual speech was ”Nothing to worry about ”. Why did it become so intimate?


Meanwhile, most students were chatting loudly. Normally it could take anything from ten minutes to several hours to awaken depending on the person, Mavis could oversee the entire situation from her office. Her face filled with joy at seeing the many classes and bloodlines this year.

After checking the most hopeful talents like Alice and Clyde, with a sigh, she then checked prince Alexis, who had no expectations from anyone. The palace had already checked his qualifications before throwing him to this place, hoping hed die during training missions.

”Oh… What a headache. The prince isn a bad person. Its just a shame he was born to the Imperial family… Wait!? How is that a useless class, when did a rare job become useless… ” Mavis thought.

Her eyes shone with fierce light, she no longer looked middle-aged, her wrinkles long gone, leaving a raven-haired beauty with golden eyes and lightly tanned skin, looked to be in her early thirties, filled with extreme excitement about his ability.

”Maybe the tools at the palace couldn identify his talents correctly? Im definitely going to hide this. Hes going to be my personal student. Alexis Van Garland, son of a whore, Ill make your name rise to the top! ” Mavis said, swirling a glass of red wine whilst leaning back on her black quilted sofa.



”What are those titles… Also, why am I level zero? Even though the system said Id get details, this is all I get? ” Alexis thought. Maybe the system was just messing with him somehow, as the details popped up after he spoke.


– Drains 1-3 Shadow damage every second to the targets soul, piercing all resistance and immunities.

– Allows the summoner to summon and bind a demon sharing attributes permanently (Current: 0/1)

– Fuses with current demon, boosting attributes unlocking their special spell.


Alexis closed the interface. Now his life will be several times easier, only having to worry about his low physical attributes. However, the summoned demon sharing attributes might help with this. Whilst he was debating within his mind, ignoring the woman stroking his hand against her thigh, a loud voice sounded on the speaker.

”Good work everyone. You will be given one hour to examine your class. Please head back to the classroom before 2:00PM. ”

His classmates became extremely happy, knowing they didn have return for one hour, starting chatting with each other.

”He I got the Warrior class, I can wait to fight some monsters in the dungeon class! ” (Male A)

”Wow!? My class is alchemist… Ill probably be stuck creating potions in a dark room. ” (Female B)

”Im gonna be a wizard look, I can cast fire!! haha, ” (Female A)

Alexis didn dislike this. It reminded of his time at college before everything became so complicated forcing him to lose passion towards his hobbies. His look contained the feeling of nostalgia, with an extremely serene smite. Many women who saw his face felt attracted within an instant his face like refreshing like a beautiful painting.

Alice was happy. Seeing his class display, she felt strange, however maybe fate gave him a second chance at happiness to, after she checked most of the familiar classmates realising barely anything had changed, she paced her eyes over Clyde her childhood friend the title she saw almost made her explode into laughter.

She knew why he would have that title, despite being having a harem with several women mostly because of the charm bonus of his Hero job and title, because his male charm was depressing, which was still a compliment.

”I remember Imra, the succubus. We met her during our travels lied about being a virgin. At first she was like the other girls, head over heals for him, then after she spent the night with Clyde, from that point on she once again roamed the towns at night, began avoiding him when it was evening. ”

”Ah, I hope to one day share these stories with Alexis. I imagine hed have great joy listening… Soon hell lose his title as a prince, causing the nobility to despise and shun him further… I have to be there for him, hehe. ”

Alexis breaking free from his nostalgia. Wondered how to deal with the ticking time bomb that was now molesting his hand. Sure enough, Clyde was walking over with a furious expression. His class seemed to follow the plot of the game, giving Alexis time to escape this place.

”Oi! Stop touching her thighs! ” Clyde said, with a loud roar pacing over to Alexis like an irrate bull.

”Hmph! ”

Alice seemed to want him to burn, pulling his hand between them, pulling out her tongue to Alexis, seeing his scowl toward her.

”Are you trying to kill me, wench? ”

”I already have several death flags on my head!? ”

”How do I survive my brothers assassination attempt when the situation wasn written in the game? ”

Alexis thoughts were firing off like a machine gun, his mind trying to remember many guides and walkthroughs, only having the information of how to capture his favorite waifus and little to no plot information. He felt the weight of despair on his shoulders.

”I told you to move your dirty hand!? ”

Clyde lunged forward, trying to remove Alexis hand from Alice, however, seemed to overestimate himself. His face collided with an elbow, the pure force causing his nose to crack loudly before falling to the ground, flailing.


Everyone within the chamber was shocked, not because Clydes nose was broken, but because the one who broke his nose was Alice elbowing him as she hugged onto Alexis arm.

”Im done for… The heroine is bugged! ” Alex thought. If the protagonist hates the heroine what will happen… I still haven found out whether this world is tied to Clydes fate or not.

Clyde stumbled to his feet, fire burning within his eyes as blood poured out his left nostril, now bent nearly ninety degrees, making him even uglier, causing many classmates gloating laughter.

His sight seeming to see what his imagination desires, Clyde pointed towards Alexis fiercely, as if he slept with his mother or something.

”You vile beast!? You assault me by breaking my nose and force yourself upon my woman! This grudge will never end! ”

Clyde left the chamber trembling in anger, the fat mike following him with a grin. Everyone else was left with a feeling of confusion. It was clearly Alice seducing our Alexis… Mental health issues seemed more important to the nobles, deciding to add it to their monthly health checkup.

Alexis looked upwards, covering his face with one hand, shaking free of Alices crocodile like grasp under her pouting face, which he completely ignored.

”Ahhh, so I remain the villain to be killed… Even when Ive done nothing wrong, this crazy bitch keeps harassing me! Why did the protagonist just leave her here!? ”

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