Death Flagged Eroge Prince

The Heroine Is Bugged!

[Discovered Host]

[Connection established]

[Transferring to an alternate world]

[Transfer complete]

[Examining the environment]


[The Hosts body originates from the current environment]


[Host unable to use this worlds power system]

[Searching for an alternate growth system for the Host]

[system discovered]

[system Installation]

[Installation completed]


”Ugh… ”

A young man with silver hair opened his green eyes as his eyelashes fluttered from the bright light assaulting his eyes, hearing footsteps moving around him. Upon opening, he felt a strong feeling of Deja vu.

”Wasn I about to die? ” Alex said, slowly taking in his surroundings.

”Alexis Van Garland! ” Alexis heard a loud shout that sounded like an older woman.

Alexis looked toward the several slightly familiar children sitting in an old-fashioned-looking classroom. This look of disdain and mockery felt nostalgic for him. Thinking back, he was sure hed experienced this in the past, unable to remember due to his hazy memories.

He felt a hand gripping his shoulder and, turning to his left, saw a stern-looking mature woman scowling at him with her moderately beautiful face.

”Wasn Alexis Van Garland an NPC in the eroge I was playing? ” For some reason, the only memories that weren hazy and difficult to remember were of being a man named Alex Walker, a simple otaku who was dating an office lady and enjoyed playing Eroges and reading light novels in his spare time.

Alexis delved deeper into his memories, learning more about his current situation. It seemed he was in the body of a mid-game villain called ”Alexis Van Garland ” somehow. This character was renowned for his many deaths within the game, with players dubbing him the Death Flag Prince. The other shocking fact was that a girl had secretly submitted his likeness to create this character, which ended up winning one of the games competitions.

Her name was Alice. However, hed never met her in reality, feeling it was ironic she shared the main heroines name.

This coincidence always made him feel bad for the poor mid-boss Alexis who was desperately in love with Alice Snow, despite her never betraying Clyde even if he treated her like garbage.

This game was a virtual role-playing game, which gave the player almost endless freedom on how to complete and play. It caused quite the global stir despite being a game with rated 18 sex scenes, which led to a long acceptance time in various countries.

Being a single-player game meant everyone could enjoy their own story, whether playing as a villain-type hero, killing all the enemies or stealing their women as the protagonist Clyde Hurst. Or playing a paragon playthrough, staying faithful to the childhood friend Alice until the very end.

This game was set apart from others of the same genre because Clyde could never get a bad end. He would always have a good ending. However, the bad endings would fall upon the unchosen heroines deemed unworthy to him, usually experiencing gruesome fates, which sparked much debate. There was even a whole website dedicated to finding all the bad ends.

Alexis snapping out of his memory heard the middle-aged womans voice again. Honestly, she reminded him of the office lady in his real life, causing him to be attracted to her naturally.

”Alexis, you may have been royalty outside the Academy, but please understand within the Academy, you are just another student, ” Mavis said as she shook her head in disapproval.

After looking at her thoroughly, remembering she was Mavis Grey, in reality, she was a beauty and the strongest woman in the whole of Garland, her power beyond the emperor himself.

”She is still beautiful in her older form… ”

Now inhabiting Alexis, Alex felt a sense of despair. He would have to face countless death flags, and his only abilities were that of a low-class thief. In this game, a thief wasn a combat class and was more of a supporting class used for non-combat activities. At first, this caused an outcry among the players who enjoyed assassin-type gameplay before the developers revealed the hero could learn the assassin and rogue classes, which ended all complaints.

”Alexis Garland, quit your mumbling and return to your seat! ”

Mavis shouted, causing his ears to ache slightly. But following his secret crushes, words sat down quietly to everybodys shock.

”Wouldn he normally make a big fuss about how hes the third prince, and she cannot order him around? ” Said a fellow student in a calm voice.

”Yeah… Its bizarre! ”

Alexis ignored the gossip, seeing his empty desk in the back row, slowly pacing towards the desk honestly. He wished to escape this nightmare and wake up in Marias arms, ready to go to work the next day. The surrounding nobles began to gossip and insult him.

”Hahaha, that idiot third prince confessed to the class goddess. ” (Male A)

”He deserved to be shot down that hard ” (Male B)

”Just a toad wanting to eat swan meat ” (Male D)

”Having divine looks is nothing if you
e trash. ” (Male C)

Alexis Van Garland was the third son of the current Garland Emperor Eldred Van Garland. Like his older brothers, His father placed many expectations upon him. His eldest brother was talented with diplomacy and governing, and his second brother was talented at magical studies; thus, the hope he would be a gifted military leader fell upon his shoulders.

The Garland Empire had reigned for over 2000 years, thanks to its highly advanced pedigree and bloodline, crushing all human competition in direct warfare over the millennia. It was now aiming its vicious jaws toward the beast empires and demon continent.

Sadly, Alexis was born with an incomplete bloodline which caused his class to be a non-combat thief class, which caused the king great embarrassment during his grand unveiling ceremony at the age of 13. However, having a class considerably better than none, a member of the royal family with the class hief became a stain upon Eldreds face.

Because of this embarrassment, Emperor Eldred stripped his title as prince and exiled him to the Silvan Academy, hoping hed never have to see Alexis again.

As for the games main scenario, it should begin one year from the current scene. After a failed confession towards Clydes childhood friend, the pair form a rivalry that continues to escalate from a minor rivalry to bitter enemies.

Because their feud grew large during unrest in the Empire, in two years now, Alexis will be forced to graduate from the Academy early.

As he began falling into a dark path, choosing to use anything in his ability to grow stronger, falling into a half-demon. Only to snap out of his obsession after watching the demons decimate the Royal family and his dearest second brother, who used to take care of him.

The prologue starts with the confession scene and ends with the beginning of the demons invasion into the Garland empire, exacerbated by his eldest brothers betrayal.

Alexis lay on his desk, looking at the beautiful scenery outside the window, thinking, Soon, death and decay will fill this Academy. Silvery blue petals floating from the large willow trees landed on his oak desk, bringing a relaxing floral scent, only for him to swipe his arm, flinging them outside.

”It looks much creepier in real life… ”

His eyes focused on the source of conflict, the forsaken lands filled with horrifying miasma, terrifying monsters and countless horrors buried in the soil. Hoping hed never have to set foot in that place whilst living as Alexis Van Garland.

The game described the very air to smell foul, slowly eroding a persons lungs, whilst the constant storms of black thunder could strike a person several times depending on luck.

”I don think Ill be able to change my fate so easily… ”

All he could use currently was the games basic UI. No Goldfinger, no grandpa and no cheat, making him the hero of the world. Why would the world need to create two heroes, especially when his character was akin to a demon lord near the end of the game. Although hed help several of the abandoned heroines during some routes, which in addition to being incredibly handsome, made the female players want a Clyde x Alexis route.

This Academy was built as the first fortress to defend against an invasion from the demon army located beyond the forsaken continent, this city faced conflict on a near daily basis, and the casualty rate of its guards and knights was extremely high. However, thanks to the excellent work of the church, many people still applied, hoping to earn Solanas love from their devotion.

Alexis snapped out of his thoughts. Once again, the milf teacher Mavis was repeating the same intro speech which would doom Alexis as a thief for the rest of his life.

”Now, everyone, welcome to first-year class A of Silvan Academy. During this term, you will awaken your bloodlines and talents, then form small teams of up to four to explore the novice dungeon within the Academy, ” Mavis said, causing some commoners to be excited.

Alexis was wondering, is this just a game? Or is it a reality based on the game whilst he listened to her long introduction, some of which was new information never detailed inside the game.

He dug inside his backpack and extracted a glass board. This gadget resembled his android tablet. The tablet was used to check class timetables, take notes and train basic mana manipulation in the form of minigames. Alexis wrote goals for himself to determine if this was just a game-like setting or the game itself.



1. Learn a way to improve my inferior strength.

2. Gather information on the worlds races compared to the game.

3. Stay away from the protagonist and Alice.

4. Try to meet some of his favourite heroines/villains.

5. Depart from the Empire.


The majority of class introductions were concluded. The group would soon transfer to the awakening room. Alexis put the mana board away, remembering that everyone was free to see what their peers awakened, which resulted in more pressure and rivalry.

The repetitive tapping of his finger on the desk imitated the games opening song. Not being used to the centre of attention, the image of him resting his chin on his palm whilst silver hair cascaded over his shoulder was a delightful sight for many women and some men.

His tapping became energetic as he zoned out, captivating the onlooking girls as they began to gossip. Even Alice became curious. In the game, she barely spoke to Alexis once after rejecting him. Now Alice took the initiative to show interest, watching him. She was now profoundly absorbed.

”Even if hes trash, hes so good-looking. ”

”Couldn he just be used as a lover? ”

”Id pay for him to live as my little white face. ”

”Fuck!? Stop attempting to seduce my woman! ” Clyde frowned as he observed Alice staring at Alexis while making an irritating tapping sound.

Clyde raised his hand in an attempt to draw Miss Greys attention. He wanted to get Alexis in trouble once more.

From the start, he found this attractive trash prince unpleasant. His confession to Alice caused his blood to boil. How dare a talentless waste approach his woman.

Mavis turned towards the slightly handsome Clyde, honestly wondering what his issue was. She thought maybe her explanation was difficult to understand.

”Whats the matter, Clyde? ” Mavis said.

Clydes eyes brightened, feeling special because the teacher had remembered his name without his need to tell her. He was showing a prideful smile.

”Miss Grey, student Alexis persists in making distracting noises disturbing your explanation! ” Clyde said while raising his nose and brimming with pride.

Mavis was disappointed. Two males were having a pissing fight for no reason, she had heard the tapping too, but it was more of a gentle ambience if anything was making her explanation flow smoother.

”This kid has some issues… ” Mavis thought.

As Mavis shifted her view towards Alexis, she felt her old heart begin to race. His silver hair flowed around with the wind like waves of brilliant silver light. His glimmering emerald eyes shimmered, causing a beautiful scene to appear in her mind as he held her in his arms in her secret garden under the moonlight.

Hes only a tenth of your age! Mavis chastised herself in her mind snapping out of her imagination.

When Alexis looked up, he noticed that the majority of the women in the room were staring at him. Some with longing, others with lust. Alexis was confused, wondering what was going on. He looked towards Miss Grey and saw she, too, had the same look.

”Et Tu, Teacher? ”

Alexis felt relieved as Mavis pretended to cough, her eyes returning to normal, snapping the other girls out of their strange states. They couldn deny that his looks were among the most attractive any of them had ever seen, and they came from a variety of races, including elves, dwarves, and beastkin.

”Could you please try to be quieter, Alexis? Some people find it extremely distracting. Please, however, try to concentrate. Today is critical for everyone, including you! ”

”Yes, Miss Grey! ”

Her explanations continued, eventually bringing up the Garland empire, bringing thoughts turned to his father, then to his older brother, leaving him even sadder.

His eldest brother Zelos Van Garland would betray his father at the end of this year. Secretly he would join up with a demon noble, slowly allowing their kind to invade the Empire under the promise he would rule afterwards.

Then, on a night two years later. The demons would attack the capital, killing all males and using the females as toys for pleasure and sick rituals. Alexis, too far from the capital, only heard the news of his uncle and brother Delus Van Garlands death, the only family members to show him love and care, ignoring the fact he was a simple thief during the game.

His second brother, from what he remembered, wasn a bad person. However, he was too kind and believing, ultimately murdered by the eldest brother during the demon invasion event.

But, honestly, what can I do? My ability is the most basic type of thief skill, my physical growth is low, and my mana is approximately zero. Alexis thought, wishing to save his kind brother and uncle.

”Am I obligated to sell my body to a wealthy noblewoman for money? ”


The time for entering the awakening chamber had grown closer as he was stuck considering possibilities. Alexis heart began to beat faster. Perhaps only Alexis was suffering from the despair of knowing he was fated to be useless.

The faint scent of lavender washed over him as he felt someone standing beside him. He turned his head, meeting a visitor who shouldn be there. His desire to leave intensified, wishing to avoid clashing with Clyde so early on.

Alice, with her beautiful silky straight blonde hair down to her plump buttocks and her glowing purple eyes filled with mana, forced him to swallow his saliva in awe, peering lightly down towards her impressive mountain peaks.

”I sincerely apologise for my harsh rejection of you. You appeared to be another noble who wanted to have fun with commoners like me. I hope we can resolve this misunderstanding and begin as friends! That melody was also absolutely beautiful. Did you make it? ”

Alexis was looking for a way out, listening more intently and becoming perplexed. Alice should despise all nobles because her gorgeous mother was raped by one, who claimed her right from the first night. Her father became twisted from this point on, believing his lovely wife would visit the noble several times later, betraying him only to become more intense with the birth of Alice.

His doubts grew as Alice grew up beautiful and capable of using mana, causing his doubts to grow more profound as both he and his wife were unable to use mana. His actions caused an irreparable rift in their family, resulting in her father attacking the nobles guards, brutally murdered like a dog, and his mangled corpse hung in the village square.

Because of her fathers actions, the villagers sold out her mother to appease the nobles rage, and she became his mistress and was kept deep within the manor.

”Now that everyone can enter at the same time, youll all have a unique experience, and I hope you find what you
e looking for. ”

The audience witnessed a large double door open remotely. The room filled with smoke, revealing a large chamber filled with hundreds of expensive-looking seats covered in leather and runes. The most enthusiastic students rushed in, claiming seats against the walls.

”Lets go, Alexis! ” Alice exclaimed as she reached for his hand.

Alexis was still thinking about how different Alice from his remembrance was from the one here. As Alice drew him into the Awakening chamber, she wrapped her soft and warm hand around his, barely able to complain before having to sit beside the strange Alice.

Clyde was standing behind them. When he saw Alice holding another mans hand, with clenched fists, attempting to reach the seats beside the pair, his body began to tremble violently. Unfortunately, several girls surrounded Prince Alexis, forcing him to sit beside Mike, the stinking fat student.


[Foreign energy discovered]


[Using power to turn on the system]


[Summoning System Activated]


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