Dark Carnage


ly today and surprise you, so lets ignore the fact that you two out rightly ignored my instructions to come home early and have a nice family dinner ”, she said to Cherry in a caring but hostile voice that made Cherry feel guilty

”oh, so the surprise is for her ”, Holland said in a jealous voice.

”don worry, I also brought a surprise for you ”,she said as she handed him an envelope. Holland slowly opened up the envelope in anticipation of what was in it, he gasped as he read the papers and his hands went round his mother instantly.

” Ive been processing the scholarship for weeks now, you
e expected there immediately you graduate ”

”mum… ”, Holland was about to start thanking his mum but he was interrupted by her.

” no need for any words baby, I already know how much you love me, now whose ready to eat ”

”Me! ”, Cherry said as she rushed to the kitchen and began setting the table.


After dinner, Cherry went to her room it was actually quite cute painted pink and white, she actually didn like the colour pink that much but found most of her things being pink thanks to her mum and dad, honestly, she was more of a blue kind of person. she lay down on her bed thinking about her plan to get Troy to host the party, asking her brother to plan it was out of the question because he obviously didn want her to get tangled up with Troy, what the hell was she going to do. She thought about it then smiled as she realized that Holland had walked into the house with a box, ”perfect ”, she said to herself as she smirked then got up from her bed, picked up a jotter and a pen and scribbled something into it as she gave a mischievous smile.


The next day was like any other day except that the grade 12 students were holding a meeting in other to pick the person who would host the party. Class A and B had already gathered in one of the grade 12 classes as Holland walked into the class with a box in his hand. He walked to the front of the class and dropped the box on the table then dipped his hand into the box and drew a small piece of paper out and read it to the whole class.

”Troy Rivers ”

Instead of the whole class to cheer like they were supposed to, they went pitch silent as they simultaneously turned towards Troy who was sitting at the back of the class, he seemed to be in shock as the book in his hand stumbled to the ground, he stood up from the chair still in shock.

”Thats impossible, I didn even write down my name ”, he said to Holland in a more harsh tone than what he imagined In his head.

” Then I guess someone wrote it down for you, well be at your house on Friday to prepare for the party ”, Holland said in a calm tone leaving Troy speechless as he glared at the whole class in disbelief. He couldn argue, this tradition had been done for years and every host had to bear it.

”Who the hell wrote my name, he said as he sat down ”

Cherry was peeping through the class window while all this happened.

”Yes! ” She whisper shouted once it has been confirmed that Troy was hosting the party. At least all her hard work last night didn go in vain, she had stayed up all night writing Troys name on different pieces of paper. She even had to wait for her brother to enter the bathroom this morning before switching the papers in the box with the papers full of Troys name, it was hard work but she managed to pull it off and no one suspected a thing.

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