Dark Carnage

Don\'t Provoke me

she felt herself shivering and shaking in fear and she couldn explain why. He rose her head to meet her eyes and a single gaze in her eyes increased the amount of fear she felt by 200 percent.

”Theres one advice I can give you miss Keller ”, his devilish smirk turned into an evil grin.

” Do not provoke me ”, he said as he left her trembling in the fearfully cold atmosphere he left behind and actually contemplating on wether she should write another article or not. She was about to give up but due to her astonishing determination she decided that she was going going to get to the bottom of Troys mystery even if she didn write an article.


”Cherry, I expected more concentration from you since you came late to my class ”, the teacher said as he hit Cherrys table and it caused her to jerk as though she was being woken up from a really interesting fantasy. The teacher noticed that she had been In her normal thinking position for a while now and had to snap her out of it. The tip of her pen was always on her chin when she was thinking.

” Cherry, you
e one of my A students, I don want your grades to drop because you
e busy thinking of what next to write in your paper ”

”Im sorry Mr forger ”, Cherry apologized as she looked at the board.

”Speaking about grades, oi noticed youve got a problem in one subject In particular, physics ”

Cherry wasn surprised about this, her home room teacher was also a physics teacher and for some reason she really didn get along with the subject.

”Ill be assigning you to a grade 12 tutor, its for you to decide if you
e talking the lessons on school grounds or at home ”

”Understood sir ”

Cherry tried to focus for the rest of the class but couldn , she was busy in her mind trying to find the perfect way to unravel the mysteries of Troy Rivers. She suddenly smirked after a while of hard thinking because she had finally gotten an idea that had ninety percent chance of working.


Every year the grade 12 students held a party at the beginning of the blood moon week, it had been a tradition for years and no one even knows how or why the tradition started. Sometimes, they invited grade ten and eleven students and with her popularity rate she was definitely going to get invited, plus, her brother was head of the students council and he knew the tantrum she was going to throw if he didn put her name on the invitation list. The grade 12 students usually picked the house of the student they would throw the party in and they were probably picking the students house this week because the blood moon was next week. Now she just had to find a way to make the party fall in Troys house.

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